Happy Anniversary

snow-day-tomas-head-croppedMy Dear Love Tomas,
As I sit here at the computer at 5 in the morning, I am full of gratitude for my life.

You are such an integral part of the contentment and true happiness I feel daily, moment to moment. My life is becoming a flow of love and joy.

We began with so little in the way of material things, we accumulated a lot more, then we gave it mostly away and traveled for two years. Now we have found our new home in the country of our birth and we are once again starting with very little in the way of material things.

However, the balance sheet of our wealth is enormous — our coffers of love and appreciation of life overflow in unending abundance. These are the true acquisitions we have grown together in our 12 years of marriage. Like the wealth of the Leaver cultures in the Ishmael books we have been reading, we have invested in the kind of wealth that can never be lost or taken away.

You and I have tended and nurtured our selves and each other — daily, hourly, moment to moment — for over a decade. We have been diligent, vigilant and persevering. The fruits of our inner labors have appreciated and are now being appreciated by the people we have come to share our lives with — the Lost Valley Residents — as well as our bounty of friends and family.

I hope you can feel the magnitude of  my appreciation for YOU — the valiant and devoted partner who has been at my side for nearly 13 years but who stood with me 12 years ago this evening to speak our vows of spiritual commitment to our connection with Source first and then to each other.

We laid a solid foundation for our partnership to flourish. We have stood firmly and securely on that foundation through all these years, through times of challenge and times of great ease. Always we have navigated our life together in unity and harmony.

I have learned to trust you, listen to you and allow, accept and even appreciate the differences between us. My edges have softened in your care and love. I am a better, healthier and more open person for living and growing with you. You continue to make my life easy and many things are possible with your support that I would not even consider doing without you at my side.

Thank you for bringing me to Lost Valley. I know we chose this together but I could not have come without your full support. I believe it is the “larger playing field” I requested that afternoon in our Gold Beach home. It has taken us a while to find it; it has taken a while for us to be truly ready to have this experience. Just as it took a while for us to be ready to have each other.

Thanks for the journey — continuing ed, our walk about — that has brought us Home. I look forward to spending our next years here, together, learning and growing in ways we can’t possibly imagine at this point. I feel the potential for the greatest growth yet, here on this land with the people who will be here with us, working and playing together.

Happy 12th Anniversary Tomas!

alia-head-shot-closeI remain,

Your greatest fan and loving partner, your wife, Alia


8 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. Congratulations upon your anniversary.. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful partner Alia, Your heart I see is so large, and I will enjoy following your posts.. I may not always arrive on time, Life as you know is made up of so many things which take up time.. Its the quality of the time spent and given.. Which I know you appreciate just by reading the above post..

    Wishing you both a Blessed day..
    Sue 🙂

    • Thank you Sue — appreciating the comments I see of yours on the mutual blogs we visit. Our anniversary was duly celebrated by a self-hosted potluck dinner with our community mates that evening. Afterwords we watched part of a YouTube video about a school in Russia that was built and then run by “children.” It is an inspiring piece that I may choose to post sometime. Hugs to you, Alia

  2. Thank you everyone for your loving wishes. We enjoyed a community potluck Saturday evening and shared a potent video segment about a school in Russia that is featured in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series of books, often known as the “Anastasia” books. Perhaps, I’ll feature that in a post one of these days. Blessings and love to all, alia

  3. My Love,

    Your words express very eloquently our present state on all levels of our being. When we spoke our vows to each other on this evening 12 years ago in the presence of a loving community of friends at the Peace House in Ashland, Oregon, we put our connection to the Essence in each of us first. We have been true to these vows and I deeply appreciate this. In this way you have supported me by sustaining a space that allows me to dive more and more deeply into that understanding – together with you. We, together, have created a space of Peace on Earth that is with us wherever we go, and now it is here in this loving community at Lost Valley. Thank you! Happy Anniversary, Dear Alia, My Best Friend and Lover!

    with all my Love,


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