Year 2017 — Living Heaven on Earth!


Photo by Bryan Hill

Happy New Year!

Each year since I began to blog in mid-2012, I have amended my “About” page to include my thoughts and forecasts about the year ahead. The byline or tagline for New Earth Paradigm changes each January to reflect the progress I see that we are making in Human Conscious Evolution.

This year — in spite of all odds — I am placing my confidence in my/our ability to LIVE Heaven on Earth.

Does this mean that everything is going to be perfect? That no “bad” things will happen to anyone anymore anywhere on the planet? No, absolutely not. What “Living Heaven on Earth” means to me is that enough humans have gained the requisite skills to live in a way that reflects those heavenly qualities of kindness, generosity, unconditional love, openness and trust. And we are implementing those skills daily.

On December 1st, Tomas and I moved to an intentional community where these skills of compassionate communication, sustainable living, and governance by consent with equal representation of all residents is practiced daily. You might call it a social experiment. In my short experience the experiment is working. 60 people (adults, teens and young children) are living in harmony, peace and co-operation with one another. It is not that everything is perfect; it is that we agree to work out any disagreements to mutual benefit and satisfaction.

Within this context I propose to Live Heaven on Earth. I believe there are many groups all over the world that are doing something similar. Collectively, we are making a huge impact on the state of the planet. And I believe that the Planet is in partnership with us and that Divine Source has ordained that this is the direction of forward movement, however slow it might seem.

With this background, I present here the amendment to my “About” page for the New Year.

Year 2017 — As we stand on the threshold of this new year, it appears that humanity is experiencing more chaos, uncertainty and polarization than ever before.

2016 brought huge shifts in government; populace uprisings (Kingdom of Hawai’i on Mauna Kea and Standing Rock in North Dakota) the supposed War on Terror; the conflicts in Syria and the Ukraine; the beginning of the end of the EU; and victories with regard to the banning of GMOs and the herbicides that poison our food.

Many people in the United States are still reeling from the outcome of the Presidential election and look with trepidation to the inaugural ceremony in January — when they expect the very worst possible scenario of governance to begin to play itself out.

For all the gains that we made during 2016, the general sense is that we made little or no progress and that we may, in fact, have regressed. At least that’s what the MSM (fake news) would like us to believe.

However, the old agenda isn’t working so well any longer. More and more people are “waking up” and beginning to THINK for themselves, trust their intuition and make their own choices based on INNER guidance.

In the face of all this — I changed New Earth Paradigm’s byline for 2017 to: “Living Heaven on Earth!”

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio

Yes, I believe there are movements of consciousness “afoot” that go way beyond the happenings on this little planet and not one of us knows the Big Picture. We grab onto a tiny piece of our version of the Great Vision and try with all our mind to make it the Whole — to no avail.

The only thing I know with all my heart is that The Light Has Won this epic battle. God’s Plan will NOT be thwarted; we will be delivered — not by saviors or rescuers — but by our own rising consciousness and free-will intent!

As I step into 2017, I do so with the faith that this Fifth Year of the New Galactic Cycle that began on December 21, 2012 WILL bring us to the very moment of the merging of Heaven and Earth.

How will this happen? I have no clue. I wait in wonder, in receptivity, in humility for that moment of Divine Grace. It is done!



7 thoughts on “Year 2017 — Living Heaven on Earth!

  1. Despite the chaos, uncertainty and polarization occurring, I believe a critical mass of conscious people are evolving themselves and our planet so that the Light will diminish the darkness. Love, Peace, Justice will ultimately prevail…

  2. You and I are indeed in a place where we have begun living Heaven on Earth 24/7. This has been our intention since our paths joined over 12 years ago. Thank you for being a steady partner with me on this journey.

    in love


  3. This is such a wonderful amendment, acknowledging the shadow yet remaining open to the Divine will. The more we think we know, the more we realize that the big picture is way beyond human comprehension.

    Thanks for showing us the way by living your values and spreading light.

    with love, Linda

    • You’re welcome Linda — we are all helping one another to remember that which lives inside each of us but what we forgot we carry. Let 2017 be the year that the lights get turned on FULL within us — at least some of us! Alia

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