Weekly EVENT Meditation — Update


Alia’s Comments: Our numbers are growing and momentum is building for COmpression BRA(eak)through or COBRA. Just after last week’s EVENT Meditation, Cobra posted this update on our planetary situation. I found it most encouraging.

Many people are aware that there has been a “shadow government” controlling all aspects of life on our planet. This group is sometimes referred to as “The Powers that Be,” The Illuminati,” or the “Cabal.” Whatever the name, this group of powerful and wealthy elite has infiltrated every aspect of human society for millennia. If the power of this group is threatened in any major way by any individual or “outside” group, that person or organization is quickly thwarted by ridicule, bribery, blackmail, threats of death or in cases such as John F. Kennedy (who was proposing disbanding the Federal Reserve money system and giving the job of printing money back to Congress as originally intended by our Constitution) assassination. These tactics have kept most of the population under control for a good long time.

Fewer people are aware that there is an “Alliance” that has infiltrated the Cabal-run governments, national security agencies, the military and the Pentagon, NATO, The Vatican and most religious organizations — in short, every group the Cabal controls or keeps tabs on. This “Alliance” involves what Cobra refers to as the Light Forces — beings dedicated to liberating our planet from the clutches of the present controllers and giving the People of Earth our rightful place as determiners of our own lives and future. Continue reading

2016 — Welcoming Heaven on Earth


Welcome to this New Year, 2016!

As some of you long term readers may have noticed, the bi-line on my blog changes each year. Last year’s focus was on presenting evidence of Heaven appearing on Earth. We saw progress in the fields of free energy, cities, regions and countries saying NO to GMO foods, innovative materials and approaches to building homes and living more sustainably and numerous instances of small groups and individuals making a positive difference in their neighborhoods and communities.

We have been living for three years now in the “new energies” of our Galactic journey after having crossed the ecliptic on December 21, 2012. Many people still maintain the position that “nothing happened” that day, that people are suffering more today than three years ago; that war and terrorism seem more pervasive and more people live in abject poverty than ever before.

In my personal experience nothing could be further from the truth. I took to heart that “crossing the date line,” as I call the December 21, 2012 marker, signaled the flow of energy into a completely new direction: one that supported (funded) a new paradigm of cooperation, unity, collaboration, flow, abundance — ultimately, unconditional love between all sentient beings on our planet, thus bringing Peace to our planet, once and forever. Continue reading

Building Critical Mass for the EVENT

a39d3-signAlia’s Comments: Why are the Weekly Event Meditations important? Why do we need to have a critical mass (144,000 people) meditating in unison, focused on a particular subject (The EVENT)? Why can’t I do this meditation any old time, at my convenience? Why is it important that I focus on this particular matter and not just simply meditate on peace for all beings, for example?

These are questions I have asked myself and you may be asking them also. I have recently renewed my commitment to these Sunday meditations, because I have come to understand that a critical mass (144,000 humans) of the surface population MUST request assistance in A UNIFIED VOICE, in order for the Resistance Movement (made up of Inner Earth and Off-World forces) to have our consent to take any action on the surface of our planet on behalf of Humanity. COBRA has reported previously that the Resistance Movement is  actually “under contract” NOT to operate on the surface UNTIL the time of the EVENT.

I know there are 144,000 Lightworkers and Lightwarriors out there — many times that number in fact — so achieving this should be a no-brainer. HOWEVER — we are a rebellious bunch — independent as they come — and so far, we have not pulled together to get this job done.

It’s time to UNITE and MAKE THIS A SOLID DATE ON OUR CALENDARS and SHOW UP every Sunday at 7 PM GMT until we trigger the EVENT!!! That is 2 PM EST, 1 PM CST and 11 AM PST in the USA. Continue reading