Love Has Won — A Message from James Gilliland

Alia’s Comments: James Gilliland is well-known for his UFO sightings and contacts, particularly at his ranch near Mt. Adams in southern Washington. He regularly invites groups to gather and spend the evening watching craft appear and hover in the sky.

James always seems to have something positive to say and I found this message particularly encouraging and refreshing. I also see it as further evidence of our progress toward the full shift in power that is currently taking place globally. This is the more esoteric side of the transformation of human consciousness that is moving us steadily toward a full visible shift in our physical world, jettisoning Humanity (seemingly overnight, although it may takes some years) several centuries into the future via the advanced technologies that have been withheld from the surface population for the past 100 years.

I have always felt that when our collective consciousness is ready to handle these technologies in a peaceful manner, the Shift of the Ages will occur. James’ message is a marker of our progress.

James Gilliland ~ Hang In There, Big Shifts Coming

I have been observing consciousness shifts as of late on a grand scale. There has also been a lot of movement on the ground with the White Hats. It is like the Titanic is sinking, the rats are jumping ship and saving their own skin by testifying, giving depositions that will be the foundation for the dark hearts demise. The hidden and nefarious deeds of the past are surfacing for all to see. The arrests will escalate all the way to the top.

The collective pulse is saying how did this happen. How did this get so dark, so corrupt? Many are saying I no longer want to participate in this world. There are those who are really feeling the collective consciousness and being overwhelmed by it.

The collective consciousness is going through a major shift. Everything is coming up to be dealt with and those who are sensitive are finding it overwhelming. The trick is to catch yourself and say, “Not Mine”.

We also have to let go of all that which no longer serves us, humanity or the earth. Know there is a grander force pushing everything up to the surface and into the light.

Use what ever clearing techniques you have to clean up the personal and collective energies. Get out in Nature, take a walk with your shoes off and recalibrate with the Earth.
There are Angelic Guides, Ascended Masters, Spiritually and Technologically advanced Off Worlders here to help in this process.

The prophecies are being fulfilled. The beast is dying, consuming itself. No rock is being left unturned and all the iniquities are being shouted from the rooftops. There is no more hiding. No more shoving everything under the rug, no more denial. Tyranny is coming to a close. The ignorant, self serving separation game is coming to an end. It is no longer frequency specific to the evolution of Earth.

Where will you be in this process?
Which side of the fence, the prophecy line are you on?
Are you in service to humanity and the earth?
Do you serve the beast?

These are questions that will have to be answered with brutal honesty and impeccable integrity. Lies and denials will not fair well in this process. It is a process that no man can stop, the forces are far beyond the grasp of the dark hearts who have in ignorance and arrogance overlooked an immutable law called Action/Reaction, “Karma”. Nothing has gone unseen.

Drop into the heart, clear yourself, get out of the mind and feel what is best for you. God is a feeling. The soul sits next to the heart, it is the connector to Source. Make your decisions from there. Get out of the monkey mind, the collective chaos.

Be well,

James Gilliland


4 thoughts on “Love Has Won — A Message from James Gilliland

  1. Hello lovely lady… great post you are sharing, slowly its all coming out for others to read… IAM wondering if you would like to join my february challenge and write a post about your own unique awakening experience… you can read more about it … let me know and IAM excited to have you as my new friend (I know seeing m but haven’t heard of heard to a year now, have you?) she participated in my challenge last time… love to you, Barbara

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