Follow Up to the Keshe Conference in Italy — October 16, 2015

Dr. Keshe croppedAlia’s Comments: Friday evening, Tomas and I watched history in the making! We attended the online, livestream event in Italy wherein Mehran Keshe of the Keshe Foundation presented his Plasma Energy Units to an assembly of world ambassadors. We were on the edge of our seats and our jaws were dropped much of the time. I have to say that I am still a bit skeptical about the ramifications of this device, as it is purported to have so many benefits for Humanity that it is nearly beyond belief that so many blessings can exist in one little “box.” Results remain to be seen but somehow, I have the feeling that we’re going to be seeing those results shortly. The countries most represented were the African nations — those who have little to lose and so much to gain by implementing these versatile devices that not only produce power for homes and industry but also, food, medicine, vehicle propulsion AND supposedly can disarm the most sophisticated weapons systems on the planet, bringing peace and the opportunity for prosperity to the world’s peoples.

The following message is a “channeled” one so I advise discernment. I, personally, had a hiccup at the mention of Sen. Sanders but then I realized that they were not necessarily “endorsing” this candidate and my mind relaxed. However, this article does lend credibility to the Keshe project and allowed me to accept that this may just be the time that Humanity can accept a peace-based energy unity that has the ability to transform human society at such a fundamental level that will bring for the New Earth Paradigm that so many of us have been envisioning for so long.


hawaii-sunset-1A Message to Lightworkers October 16, 2015

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, on this most joyful of days!

You are increasingly aware of Dr. Keshe’s Peace Roadmap, and now, news of his free energy devices, being loosed upon the world today, October 16, 2015.

We wish to assure you that both innovations are far more than just one man’s vision, and an example of one man’s scientific prowess.

Far more than yet another hi-tech innovation, meant to separate the workers from the landowners.

This is both a powerful symbol of NESARA law’s enactment, and a part of that enactment.

For it is your freedom—your human sovereignty and self-determination—that Keshe speaks of when he speaks of the move from war to peace upon your planet.

The move from killing animals and other human beings to reverence, respect, and understanding of the Divine equality of all beings.

It has perhaps not occurred to most upon the Earth, previous to now, that in killing animals—those you consider to be beneath yourselves—and in killing those of other faiths, ethnicities, and nationalities [that we have also been trained to believe are “beneath us” – Alia’s note] that you have been signing your own death warrants, in one form or another.

Those acts of killing are acts of complicity with your (increasingly former) overlords.

They are a tacit acknowledgement of the “rightness” of their ways of hierarchy, oppression, theft of natural life and Earth’s own resources, and general suppression of your true history and your true place in this Universe.

And how has this gentleman managed to come forward in the world, against the wishes of the dark hats, to present his Peace Roadmap?

This is a technology that is able, as Keshe says, to “stop warships on the high seas, and decommission fighter planes of all nations on the runways, [and] erase the memory of so-called men of arms, that they shall not remember why they are carrying arms and what they were fighting for.”

He is for one, powerfully connected to his own soul purpose and human genius (set free from the usual matrix restrictions).

And he is also powerfully connected and convening regularly with his Galactic family and soul group, who are both aiding his efforts and protecting him and his family, not unlike the ways in which your US president and his family are being protected.

And so, enter the free energy devices—on this day in your increasingly upward-turning history—that have existed for quite a long time, and yet only now reach the light of day, in this time of increasingly higher Light frequencies being anchored upon your planet.

None of this is by happenstance, and none of it is merely a matter of technological innovation.

For this free energy device, drawing its power from plasma and sentient in nature, will not only reform how energy is used in all human homes and other dwellings.

It is the beginning—one that is noticeable to the general public—of a revolution in thought, realization, and the spiritual and physical evolution that is Ascension itself.


And so we celebrate with you on this most astounding and beautiful of days, and we welcome you again to rejoice with all of us in the Galactic realms—which you are increasingly joining and becoming conscious of now.

And we encourage you to demand the full, complete enactment of every single provision of NESARA law now.

Write your congress members and your president, and all other political leaders.

Tell them you are aware of NESARA law, that the time has come for its full unveiling, and that humankind can do no less than to live out and experience its full provisions now.

Yes, we are aware that you have been taught that your emails, your phone calls, and your tweets are generally useless for influencing those in command.

But allow us to assure you that this is a growing tsunami of energy and expectation, and one that is not of their design, and not of their planning.

For the energy expansion, the powerful expectation and celebration of NESARA—the true pattern of freedom that St. Germaine envisioned several centuries ago, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence—is the energetic wave that is able to spawn just the sort of revolution that your candidate Sen. Sanders has been proclaiming must now occur.

And indeed, it must.

For this powerful wave does not come to you. It is you—it is of your own making.

And if you desire to be free, your voice must be raised now—that symbol of your soul’s own energy and design must be flown at full mast—and your determination, your creation of your own freedom, prosperity, and joy, must be fully known to yourself and the Universe.

The rest of the story—the final dethroning of your former power structure—is a smaller story, compared to the declaration of peace and empowerment that must now create.

And so let it be known!


Continue to sign your online petitions. But as one fine Lightworker has brilliantly noted [see, after you input your name and email address, type into the comment section below:


Your politicians know well what this means, and that the power of the people is in speaking, standing, and demanding your freedom.

You are the only ones to create this.

Though we love and revere you and your brave choice to live upon the Earth at this and other times, we cannot do this for you.

No more than the parent or teacher can grow for the child, nor walk for them, nor function for them out in the world.

This is your declaration to make.

And so state it now, with the energy of your heart, your votes, your public and private declarations, your joyful expectations, and your requirement that the Universe now bring forth that Golden Age you have created in your hearts and visions.

You are not alone—and that is because we, all of us, have one another.

Namaste, friends! Know your power, and create all you have dreamt of having.

Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by reprinting it exactly as you find it here, and including the link to this original post. Thank you.


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