“Positrons” May Be Assisting in the Reconciliation of Opposites


Alia’s Comments: I have been wondering for several years now how Humanity is going to “make the quantum leap” from our current fear-based social construct to a love-based one.

I have heard and read much about the “reconciliation of opposites” within us being a key to this transformation but until I read this article about positrons entering our solar system through our Sun and the incoming Cosmic Waves of Energy (which this blog has covered extensively) I did not have a clue how this might actually occur.

The paragraph below is from an article I found on the website in5D. It is turn gives a link to the original article that describes the work done by Professor of Physics, Gregory D. Fleishman at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

I found this science supportive of our continuing transformation into a species of loving, cooperative beings. As more and more positrons stream into our planet and integrate into our cells and consciousness, they are bringing a new balance to our negatively polarized (electron dominant) behaviors and beliefs.

I have noticed remarkable changes within my thought patterns and behaviors over the past several months. Part of this shift I can trace to my own process of increased awareness and diligence to releasing old patterns and welcoming new ones that represent a more loving model.

But could it be that these sudden changes in my attitudes and behaviors could have been made easier (or even possible) by the addition of positrons that acted as a natural balancer to the electrons within my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies?

If this is how positrons are functioning to speed our evolution as a human species, then we should be witnessing a gradual increase in peaceful outcomes to situations that have previously appeared  too polarized to resolve.

To my mind, the presence of positrons is a strong affirmation of Heaven returning to Earth. Blessed Be!

The Science of Ascension: Positrons Have Arrived to Transform Our Reality

This is the first time scientists have ever seen positrons being ejected from the SUN because it is the first time positrons have been ejected from the sun in this reality system. The Sun is now ejecting POSITRONS. A Positron is the anti particle of the particle Electron. This means the Sun is ejecting particles of its spiritual double. This puts a whole new outlook on being showered with CME’s Solar Radiation, comets, etc. We now know that every time we are having particles falling from the sky into our atmosphere, they are actually anti particles translating the particles into a new harmonic of spiritual quantum.

This is the link.


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