Incoming Wave of Energy — A Channeled Message Through “Denise”

I am posting this message with the caveat that  you use discernment and feel within yourself to see if this resonates with your understanding or corroborates other information you receive from other sources.

This message does corroborate information I have recently received from Dr. Simon Atkins who has been speaking about an energetic wave of electro-magnetic particles that is due to reach our Earth about the same time that this message proposes. He calls this wave “Wave X.” If you are new to this information, you can watch this recent interview from in5D radio.


Because this wave of energy is of a vastly higher frequency than our current system is composed of, it will seem to increase the chaos in these structures to the point that they get more and more unstable. Government, Banking, Education, Electrical Grids — all of these systems that were set up to limit us and ultimately control us — may not be able to handle the “load” of higher frequencies that Wave X is bringing to us. Chaos is to be expected as a result of an overload of information pouring into a system that is too small and too outdated to handle it. So this chaos is GOOD NEWS!


Here is the message that Denise received on July 20, 2015. Thank you to our friend Bill of American Kabuki for bringing this message to us.

Hello dear one; it is with joy and love that we say to you well done.  

This is not an easy task for you and your hesitation is well noted.  

There is so much that we must convey however, and there is little “time” for prepare humanity for what is to come. 

Indeed we said to you privately that the “wave” is scheduled by our calculations to arrive at the end of your July and the early August.  This means for you in 10 to 15 days, there MAY be a lot of chaos because of the misunderstanding of the energy of the said ‘wave’ this new frequency. 

It is not a wave of water as you know, it is a wave of energy; and as you stand in your ocean and watch a wave arrive, you never quite know how strong it is and how tall it will be when it reaches you and how much pull it will have when it recedes.  

Unlike the ocean wave, this wave will not recede.  It will flow over and past you , earth, and beyond into the far reaches of your solar system and then galaxy and then past the edges of your known universe.

There is nothing to fear in this wave in that it is not physical, it will not have a ‘storm’ associated with it. It will be a building up of energy; of frequency with a major crescendo at the middle and then as it leaves, the energies will not dissipate, rather they will settle into every ‘nook and cranny’ possible – that is every cell and fiber of your very being.

This is not a negative event.  This is the buildup to the “show” that we have spoken of.

Your military cannot stop it; your scientists do not even know about it; your leaders are awash with worry.  This is why we insist that you share this message.

There is nothing more that you can do to prepare for this than to be in your heart.  We say “be in your heart” and this causes confusion.  You must remain on the frequency of love; not fear, worry, or anxiety. 

There is only joy, love, and abundance that follows on the cusp of this wave; beyond all that there is nothing else. JOY, PEACE, LOVE, ABUNDANCE, and a most magnificent, beautiful, heart-based physical reunion!

Our love and appreciation for you is never ending.  We know that you are hesitant to share this to cause fear and anxiety, but we would be remiss in not alerting our dear ones.

Again there is no fixed ‘date’ for the arrival of this frequency.  It approaches. We continue to calculate and monitor and will alert you to any ‘changes’ . It cannot be stopped; it will not be stopped.  It is the heartbeat of Source arriving on your shores!

With love and awe and appreciation to all, we end this transmission.

The Beginning Is Near

The Beginning Is Near


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