Be Calm in Your Heart

Recently, Tomas and I have discovered the work of Dr. Simon Atkins, who, for over two decades has been successful at evaluating and “predicting” the level of risk posed by climate factors internationally. He has been consistently accurate in his assessments and recently has applied these skills (based in science and spirituality) to predicting certain trends and events that he sees coming in the very near future.

Although some people might hear his ideas as “doom and gloom” Atkins is one of the most upbeat, playful (and downright funny!) men I have encountered in a long time. His weekly radio shows on Skyaia Radio are a hoot and a half to listen to. If you want or need a good laugh, check out his YouTube channel: Simon Atkins.

In one of his recent interviews, Atkins shared a “mantra” he has created to keep himself centered in the midst of present and increasing chaos. It’s more of an affirmation, in my mind but it’s still lovely and I asked Tomas to create an image with a beautiful scene of the Albion Basin in Utah with an overlay of Simon’s words. This is what Tomas created.

Simon Atkins Mantra

Simon Atkins Mantra

 I am seated into my Heart Chakra, one with the earth and the cosmos. I am ever flowing, ever graceful and unmoved by any negativity. I treat all with respect, kindness and empathy and I serve my Self as a part of humanity, growing in the abundance field in the beauty of all sentient beings, now and forever more.

~ ~ ~

Simon also has a great mantra that is a handy tool for shifting into a calm Heart space quickly:

Be Calm in Your Heart

Dr. Atkins has a unique viewpoint, based on his work with using magnetics to predict shifts and changes in geopolitical and social arenas. If you are new to his work, a good place to get acquainted is  in this article and interview by the folks at in5D. Enjoy and remember:

Be Calm in Your Heart



5 thoughts on “Be Calm in Your Heart

  1. Thank you, Alia. This is such a beautiful theme … be calm in your heart … and the image Tomas created with Dr. Atkins prayer is beautiful, too. Thank you for sharing them! Blessings, Jamie

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