The Journey into My Heart — Forgiveness

Six Virtues of the Heart

Six Virtues of the Heart

This is a continuation of my inner process using the material of the Wingmakers/Lyricus Teaching Order. Source documents and links to prior parts of this series can be found at the bottom of this post.

May 16, 2015

Today I will contemplate the other twin – not the evil one, the other one – Forgiveness. I do feel this Virtue of the Heart follows my offerings of Compassion so quickly as to qualify for “simultaneous expression;” hence my reference to Compassion and Forgiveness as “fraternal twins” in my journal entries above. However, let’s see what James has to say about this key quality of Divine Love.

Forgiveness operates out of the construct that each of us is doing the best we can under the circumstance of our life experience and the degree that our love frequency saturates our human instrument. When a person operates from the heart virtues and the rich textures of its authentic frequencies, forgiveness is a natural state of acceptance.

I remember using those exact words to describe my “reasons” for offering Compassion to my fellow Humans – “each of us is doing the best that we can” given our life’s circumstances and to the degree that we have developed our capacity to respond from love instead of being emotionally reactive. This is the reason I feel that Compassion and Forgiveness go hand-in-hand; they are subtle distinctions of the same flavor, much like “French Vanilla” and “Vanilla Bean” are derivatives of the basic flavor “Vanilla.” Of course, the basic flavor here is Divine Love, so we could say that the Six Heart Virtues comprise a set of sextuplets! However, to me, Compassion and Forgiveness seem the most similar to each other, when considered from among the six.

In this first paragraph the phrase: “. . .the rich textures of its authentic frequencies ” strikes me as a beautiful description of how I experience the sum of the Six Virtues within me. I feel them as fine, gossamer layers of Light that together form both a comforting cocoon around me as well as a steel rod of moral fibers that supports my spinal column. Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers and yet it is also one of the finest and most delicate. Light and Love are finer yet and even stronger than any material known in physicality. This is what it really comes down to for me – I am developing the qualities needed to live in a finer, yet stronger reality of significantly more Light and Love. My cultivation of the Six Heart Virtues is one of many paths I can take (and have taken) toward this end.

“…forgiveness is a natural state of acceptance.”

Again, I attribute this state of acceptance to all the virtues but I think that acceptance is particularly relevant to Compassion and Forgiveness. When, through my Understanding, Appreciation and Humility I arrive at a place of Acceptance, then Compassion and Forgiveness naturally flow from that state.

When a perceived injustice enters our experience—no matter how significant or whether we perceive ourselves to be the cause or the effect—we may initially react with the sharp emotions of victimhood or annoyance, but this emotional clutter and distortion can be quickly transformed by experiencing understanding –> compassion –> forgiveness –> appreciation. This is the equation that transforms the murky turbulence of victimhood or co-reaction into the crucible of light, leaving behind only the purest frequency of love stripped of all purpose.

I have noticed subtle but definite positive changes in my behavior since working with the Six Heart Virtues. One of the most visible changes is in my ability to shift from my initial “sharp emotions of victimhood or annoyance” into an experience of Understanding – Compassion – Forgiveness – Appreciation. This shift is getting easier and easier; it is almost (not quite) automatic.

Forgiveness is really the outward expression of understanding and compassion without the heavy sentiments of duality (i.e., good and bad) that typically introduce the presence of judgment. It is a neutral expression without design or purpose other than to release yourself from the clutches of time, which is similar to energetic quicksand, entangling you energetically to a time-based emotional state.

Many years ago I heard an explanation of “Forgiveness” that felt very accurate to me. Imagine that a description someone’s “transgression against you” is written on a chalkboard (or whiteboard.) The description is of someone else’s behavior that has affected you negatively. Now, imagine that you take an eraser and erase the “transgression.” At that point, there would be no evidence that it had ever happened. I took that example of Forgiveness to heart and practiced it as much as possible ever since. When I am truly able to forgive myself or an “other,” it is like the deed never happened.

And then once again, James references the role that “time” plays in keeping us entangled in our emotional states. When we carry our judgments forward from one moment to the next, we become trapped in “energetic quicksand” of our own making. We become energetically entangled by our attachment to our judgments and until we take that eraser of Forgiveness and wipe the board clean, time continues to keep us bound in its clutches, returning us over and over to the same lesson that lies beneath our un-forgiveness.

Fortunately, by that same element of “time” we are unraveled, slowly and gently, until the layers of judgment that keep us from forgiving are peeled away and we find that space within that easily offers Compassion and Forgiveness. There is no rush; we have all the “time” we want or need. However, our conscious participation can accelerate the process and cultivating the Six Heart Virtues is one means of acceleration.

July 2, 2015

In recent days I have been applying these teachings about Compassion and Forgiveness to myself. I “goof up,” “fall short,” remember an incident from my past that “makes me cringe.” Self-Compassion and Self-Forgiveness are the right tools for the job.My ego is harsh and rushes to criticize and “harp on” the most trivial transgressions.

“Charity begins at home” and being charitable toward myself first is where I often find that I have the most resistance to applying this teaching. I am seeing progress, though — less resistance, easier application. Self-acceptance is a grand act of self-love. I believe that this is the pathway to loving and accepting “others.”

The ones who have committed the most heinous crimes (name your favorite villains here) are sometimes deemed “unworthy” of forgiveness. Yet, the more that I forgive myself, the easier I find it is to forgive even these who have played the darkest roles in our human history. And yet, the one I find the most challenging to offer my forgiveness to is often “little ole ME.”

A Course in Miracles teaches that “forgiveness is the key to happiness.” In this respect I hold the key to my own freedom. If I can remember to turn that key and unlock the love I have bound within my own heart, then I have opened the gateway to Heaven on Earth, regardless of what circumstances around me might be occurring. Remembering to use the Virtues of the Heart when the heat is on is the nature of my spiritual path at this moment.

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One thought on “The Journey into My Heart — Forgiveness

  1. This one seems to be central to this time we are in as so many are being confronted with ‘transgressions’ of others against them and the disclosure process will intensify this factor for all of humanity. James’ statement “Forgiveness is really the outward expression of understanding and compassion without the heavy sentiments of duality (i.e., good and bad)” gives us our homework: gain understanding and then allow compassion. Your post hits the nail on the head, that the key is forgiving ME.
    Thank you, My Love!

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