The Journey into My Heart – Compassion – II

Six Virtues of the Heart

Six Virtues of the Heart

Continuing with my series about the inner work I have been doing for a couple of months now, I conclude my comments on the Lyricus Teachings regarding Compassion. Links to source documents and previous posts in this series are at the bottom.

May 14, 2015

The last paragraph of James’ statements about Compassion once again pull back to give us the long view of the big picture. Although, to us humans, it appears that only our little world and our small, personal lives are the main event, we are reminded here that this is a Cosmic Plan, involving beings from across Universes. We are reminded that these times hold opportunities for accelerated spiritual growth, opportunities inherent in the transcendence process of a planet – we don’t get these opportunities in just any old lifetime – these are special times indeed and we clamored to get aboard to take advantage of them.

We are privileged to be part of the ascending planetary structure of earth’s nurturing spirit and universe importance. There is now present on earth an amazing diversity of cosmic beings sheathed in human instruments, but hailing from incredibly diverse sectors of the cosmos. We are here to witness and support this transcendence of earth over the densities and entrainment of the three dimensional intelligence and its artifacts. We are here to accelerate our spiritual growth in an order of magnitude seldom achieved elsewhere in the multiverse. This is a gift of the earth to those present on the planet at this time, and, in some small measure, the motive for our compassion.

The last statement expands my understanding of Compassion to include the idea that Compassion is a natural response of the Heart in these times of intense and immense transformation.

Understanding that everything we see and don’t see is comprised of the energy of First Source; Appreciating that we are cocooned in Fields of Consciousness that can be infused with our own (and others’) energy of love and gratitude; Standing Humbly in the Grace of First Source, knowing that my very existence is sustained only by the Love of Creator, I take my place in this evolution of planetary consciousness. As I feel the Virtues of the Heart braid themselves into a strong moral core around my spine, I find that Compassion is the natural extension of Love that flows forth. We are all in this crucible together and each one of us is “doing the best we can.”

As my dear friend and spiritual companion, Blue Star Deerwomon recently shared with me:

“Compassion has an energetic quality for me such as quiet, gentle and a warm embrace of the Mother’s arms. I sometimes visualize our Mother and I Am enfolded in her arms with my head resting upon her heart. I allow myself to melt and enjoy the surrender. Also when the energetics are enthused and I’m Lit Up I attribute that quality to compassion as I do to Source.”

I also experience this Heart Virtue as quiet, gentle and warm. Blue Star’s image of the Mother’s embrace is beautiful and adds a quality of tenderness that we often associate with motherhood. It is said that the Goddess Quan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion. She exudes the quality of tenderness in all the images that I have seen of her.

I believe that Humans are innately gentle creatures. We have been en-“cult”-urated to fight and compete – to express violence in our behavior. We have bought into the idea that this competition and violence are part of our base nature. This is not true; it is a line of deception, implemented to control us. In truth, we are gentle and peaceful by nature. These qualities are part of our Divine Blueprint.

As I cultivate the Six Heart Virtues, I am re-gaining these gentle qualities. Compassion and Forgiveness share this quality of gentleness. That is part of their twinly character. Next, I will contemplate this other twin, Forgiveness, to see what I discover about the fifth Heart Virtue.

June 28, 2015

Here in Morocco we are in Ramadan, the name of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, as well as the name of the 30-day period of fasting that Muslims practice every year. This year, Ramadan spans the longest days of the summer solstice, making the period of fasting about 17 hours a day. To forgo food and water for 17 hours each day for 30 days could be a grueling ordeal and yet it is taken on joyfully in a spirit of fellowship by our neighbors and townspeople. Tomas and I decided to do a modified version, taking a breakfast about 8:30 each morning and then abstaining from food and drink until the sunset call to prayer just before 8 PM – still about 11 hours.

I remarked to Tomas at the conclusion of Day One that as I withdraw my attention from the appetites of the body, then the appetites of the mind reveal themselves. For me, these mental “appetites” come in the form of irritation, impatience, complaining, frustration. I am finding that self-compassion is the antidote for these niggling mental cravings that clamor for attention, attempting to use lack of food and water as justification for their presence. I have had daily (sometimes hourly) opportunities to practice self-compassion lately.

I notice that as my compassion toward myself increases, so does my compassion for all “others.” Remembering frequently that each of us is doing the best that we can helps to shift that judgmental response of my mind into a more compassionate perspective. Right now I’m feeling that the most compassionate thing to do for myself would be to take myself back to bed.

For me, Compassion is the natural response of my heart to the immediate needs of myself or another. Giving myself the permission to respond from my heart is the first compassionate act. It reflects that gentleness that I have come to understand is innately human.

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One thought on “The Journey into My Heart – Compassion – II

  1. This statement “we are reminded here that this is a Cosmic Plan, involving beings from across Universes” puts a lot into perspective. I came across a similar one from Law of One: “…millions and millions of infinite universes.” It’s a Big Game! We do need to be compassionate perhaps in order to even get into the Game on a level broader than our personal ‘survival’ activities. I love your writing on this topic!
    ❤ tomas

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