The Journey into My Heart — Understanding — Conclusion and Summary

Six Virtues of the Heart

Six Virtues of the Heart

This post concludes my exploration of Understanding, one of the Six Virtues of the Heart, as presented by the Wingmakers/Lyricus Teaching Order. Over the past couple of months, my inquiry has uncovered many blessings and benefits, one of the most valuable for me has been my increased stability as a “frequency holder” in the midst of increasing chaos.

One of my teachers spoke to me about chaos being an outcome of too much information flooding a system that is too small to contain it. It results in busting the old system (paradigm) apart. That is exactly what I see happening on our world; the flood of incoming Light = Information is resulting in the turmoil and chaos we see around us. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we hold our center of Light in the midst of what appears to be certain destruction. And it is, for that which no longer serves the Whole.

Simultaneously, this increased Light (which each of us carries within our body) is laying the etheric foundation for the New Paradigm which is emerging from the ashes of the old. Many of us are noticing the evidence of this as well. However, the act of holding a stable, high vibrational frequency in the current times cannot be underestimated — it is truly HEROIC!

Tomas and I were speaking this morning of the blessing that this increase in stability has brought to our partnership. To all of you who are the Keepers of Your Own Flame — hold the course. And Thank You for diving deeply within to bring forth this miracle of birth that we are witnessing and experiencing at this momentous time on Earth.

May 7, 2015

If time is the variable of importance, it stands to reason that everyone is on his or her way to this realization; it is simply a matter of time before they achieve it. Thus, time is the differential that separates us. In a sense, we are all time shifted from one another. No one operates in exactly the same time relative to unsealing his or her love frequency from the world of form.

This statement is another interesting piece of information about “time.” I have heard from many other sources that each of us is on our own timetable/timeline with regard to our awakening and ultimate return to Source. However, the way that it is stated here finally got the point across to me that there is nothing I have to do (or that I can do) to accelerate another being’s path. Each of us will experience our own unraveling process in the course of “time.” Some will hurry along and others will drag it out but eventually, we all “get Home.” This Understanding “took me off the hook,” so to speak and increased my compassion for my fellow humans, as well as my ability to forgive them when they seem to be “slacking off,” “messing up,” or “shooting themselves in the foot.” (IMHO)

Realizing this helps you to understand the relation of unity to reality, and in this realization you are able to accelerate time for yourself and those with whom your life touches. It is the true purpose and noble definition of time travel.

“Realizing this helps you to understand the relation of unity to reality. . .”

For about a year now I have been contemplating this relationship between unity and reality. The term “unity consciousness” is spoken frequently these days, as though the latest spiritual goal is to unify Humanity into one cohesive entity. No one seems to know what this means, exactly, nor how to achieve it, although many talk as if they do know.

The above phrase triggered something within me, whereby I began to understand that the Unity must be recognized within ME first before I can unite with anyone else. This is achieved by allowing the unraveling process to occur within me, resulting in the experience of the reunification of my Soul Fragment with my Soul Carrier. Once I do experience the unity within me, that is what I will see looking “outward” – that we are, indeed, already UNIFIED, that we are all part of the One Whole. But it begins within – the last place that most of us think of looking. As the saying goes – you always find “IT” in the last place you look. The ultimate cosmic joke!

 Summary of thoughts on Understanding:

  • Everything in the Multiverse is energy, whether in form or formless.
  • Energy can transform and take different shapes or no shape.
  • In the Human energetic structure, energy can become consciousness.
  • The Love frequency is the nature of this Universal Energy. Understanding this allows one to harmonize with one’s own Soul Carrier or any other being or situation.
  • This Understanding allows one to practice Co-creation rather than co-reaction.
  • This Understanding is the basis for cultivating the Six Heart Virtues and thus developing emotional mastery.
  • Understanding recognizes that First Source designed a blueprint that promotes the Soul Carrier to explore the “macrocosm” to gather experience for First Source. In the process of focusing on the “external”, the Soul Fragment becomes identified with the Soul Carrier and dis-identified with its True Self.
  • Understanding that this dissociation is part of the Divine Blueprint provides a means for practicing self-compassion, humility and self-forgiveness.
  • Time is the means by which the barriers between the Soul and the Soul Carrier are softened and unraveled.
  • The process of this unraveling leads to the reunification of the Soul with the Soul Carrier, allowing for a full expression of divinity to emerge through the human form.
  • Understanding the relation between Unity and Reality accelerates the process of reunification.

June 11, 2015

It is interesting for me to notice that during this past month, I have begun to sense that Humanity is BEGINNING to move more as a unified whole. I’m not sure I can give examples yet but I can report that my own internal sense of unity continues to solidify; I have a more definite sense of my own Wholeness.

As I mentioned above, I feel that this is the precursor to experiencing myself as part of the Greater Wholeness of Existence. I sense that many other humans are also feeling this within themselves. Comments on certain social media threads and articles in alternative news sources are documenting visible signs that WE the People are “getting our act together,” perhaps at the 11th hour and the 59th minute but nonetheless, we are headed toward our experience of Unity and Wholeness as a species. This is a great encouragement and motivation for me to continue my cultivation of the Six Virtues of the Heart.

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Link to Winkmaker’s website HERE.

Link to downloadable material HERE.



2 thoughts on “The Journey into My Heart — Understanding — Conclusion and Summary

  1. What a rich series of articles coming from your own direct experience with these wisdom teachings! Thank you for continuing to “do the work” required to clear our inner reality. This clarity is the foundation for our relationship to others – and in our case, for our growing love together. in Gratitude, Tomas

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