The Journey into My Heart — V

Six Virtues of the Heart

Six Virtues of the Heart

Just in case your mind is wondering how long we are going to stay on the topic of Understanding, the answer is this post and one more. In my experience, Understanding forms the foundation for my exploration of all six heart virtues and it continues to be my “default” virtue that brings me back to center the most quickly when I find myself off-balance.

It is my hope that some of you may be impulsed to begin your own journey into these heart qualities and you may find that one of the other virtues becomes your foundation or entry point. Perfect! James (Mahu) stated in his introduction that he was reluctant even to describe the virtues for fear that his words would be taken as absolute and that would curtail others’ explorations. Not so in my case, as I have said, James’ words launched me into realms I had never before considered. And so be it with my words. May your own inquiry take its own unique flight path and may your journey be blessed by your own unique discoveries and insights.

For those of you who are joining this adventure newly, you can find Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 by clicking on those numbers. Additional links to this source material are given at the end.

May 6, 2015

There is a well-known phrase within Lyricus that roughly translated says: “The elegance of time is that it unravels the structures of space that have sealed love from itself.” The structures of space, in this case, refer to the human instrument. Only time can break down the rigid barriers or subtle membranes that prevent or diminish the love frequency from exerting its wisdom in the behaviors of the individual.

I remember telling Tomas some weeks ago that he might be witnessing me coming “unraveled.” I used that particular word, although it is not a word that I had used commonly until then. Synchronistically, this was about the time that we had begun looking into the Wingmaker’s material. As these weeks have rolled by and we have deepened our study of these teachings, I have felt that I am unraveling more and more each day. In a good way.

Lyricus’ use of the phrase “the elegance of time” particularly caught my attention, because I have always felt a great affinity with elegance, while at the same time feeling quite “captured” or “bound” by time. I found the suggestion that this unraveling is an elegant process most fascinating.

Time, according to the Lyricus teachings, is the means by which the “structures of space” (i.e., the human instruments) are “unraveled” or perhaps you could say, “melted away from,” those rigid, barriers that we have mentally constructed that have kept us from knowing our Divine Center. As this unraveling occurs (over time) we are gradually reunited with our Soul and are more and more able to express our divinity through our human soul carrier. That is apparently the purpose of this human existence – to fully express our Divine Self through our human vehicle. I believe that that is what all the great teachers have come among us to demonstrate – the capacity for each of us to fully express our divine nature through our human instrument. In each case, their teachings have been formed into a “religion” whose followers have been taught to worship the teacher as someone “special” whose behaviors cannot be achieved by “ordinary people.”

The image of the silk cocoon comes to mind. The worm spins the cocoon, strand by strand, building up the layers of gossamer thread until there appears to be a solid, safe place in which to “rest” while transforming into a moth. Most of the cocoons are plunged into boiling water (killing the worm) and unraveled, so that the threads can be made into silk, before the worms get to be moths but the metaphor is still apt.

I have found that this personal unraveling process is quite gentle. I guess I could say that I’ve already gone through the plunged-into-boiling-water stage (perhaps many times over) before I reached this point of being “elegantly unraveled.” What I’ve noticed, though, since working with the Lyricus/Wingmaker’s teachings is that ever so gently, ever so softly, I am experiencing a new level of love within myself – a love that is easily shared with and freely given to myself and others. It is a subtle yet definite shift.

This is an amazing process to be the witness and experiencer simultaneously!

I have further noticed that others (most particularly Tomas) are also noticing this shift and responding to me in kind. The result is that Love is being magnified in my sphere of influence. This is helping me to relax, trust, appreciate, forgive and feel the other Heart Virtues more easily and fully within my human vehicle.

June 10, 2015

This is still one of my favorite images: “The elegance of time is that it unravels the structures of space that have sealed love from itself.”

The sense of coming unraveled, however gently, has subsided within me. However, I am keenly aware of this process happening with regard to the matrix system that has kept us imprisoned within a holographic illusion of our own making for eons of time. I see this unraveling process accelerating daily, sometimes hourly and I just smile and Understand that indeed, this is the elegance of time at work.

I no longer feel so bound by time. My days flow – sometimes rather intensely – and are filled with wondrous activities of my choosing and pleasure. I wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on ALL possibilities. By 5 in the afternoon I often feel unexplainably tired and, like a newborn or small child, I lie down on the nearest flat surface and fall deeply asleep. Sometimes I have a hard time coming back into this reality after those Cosmic naps but eventually I do get myself fully back “here” and then restart my activities with renewed vigor and balance.

I have so much compassion – for the people I see on the streets, for stray cats, for a ram being pulled through the market obviously against his will, even for flies in the house that want to “go out.” We are in amazing, unprecedented times and I feel incredibly blessed to be awake enough to appreciate this transition (and all the components of it) in “real time” – lol) and bear witness to the process, while simultaneously playing my role of “boots on the ground.” What a masterpiece we are co-creating!!!

Link to Winkmaker’s website HERE.

Link to downloadable material HERE.


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