The Journey into My Heart — IV

Six Virtues of the Heart

Six Virtues of the Heart

Continuing on with my personal insights regarding the Six Virtues of the Heart, according to the Wingmakers/Lyricus Teaching Order materials, authored by James Mahu. You can access Parts 1, 2 and 3 of my series, if you missed them. Today, I continue my inquiry into Understanding.

May 4, 2015

Herein is the paradox of being human: our innermost structure is divine love and our outermost structure is a means of experience for the innermost structure, but we have become entrained by the outer vehicle to the degree where we identify with it more than the occupant—our true self—inside.

I have not thought about this before, nor have I associated this paradox with “Understanding.” The foundational energy, of which all structures and non-structures are composed, is, at its core, Divine Love. Ideally, the outermost structure that is the experience-gathering tool of that Love will express only that Love. However, the consciousness that resides within the outer structure usually cements itself and its identity to/with the outer forms and remains blind to the Light within that is its true Self.

For how long has this been my state! Throughout the past decade or so I have gained traction in recognizing when and to what degree I am identifying with the external world of forms rather than my inner Core of Love. With the help of these teachings I am accelerating this process of recognition and am now able with more regularity to shift my awareness and identify with my Divine Center, the direct offspring of First Source. My daily contemplations of the Six Heart Virtues have accelerated this process exponentially.

Understanding is the aspect of heart intelligence that recognizes this dissociation from the love frequency is a necessary design component of the larger blueprint that is occurring on the planet. In other words, it is not that humanity has fallen from grace or is tilted irrevocably toward sin. Rather, we have simply accepted the picture of reality that is dominant, and its dominance is not by accident but by the designs of First Source.

This was a revelation to me. I had long held the idea of the “fall from Grace.” I have found that is a rather entrenched concept and my mind is reluctant to let go of it. “What about Atlantis?” it wants to know. “What happened there? I thought we were genetically modified back then – that we agreed to an ‘experiment.’ What’s up with this ‘not by accident but by the designs of First Source’ stuff?!!”

OK – I can see that SOME kind of blueprint is needed to turn people around from the outward-bound expedition and onto the Homeward path. Seduction lurks in every nook and cranny in the “outside” world. The “experience gatherer’s” immense curiosity about what lies around the next corner, what would it be like to live in this place or drive that car beckons alluringly to keep the outward exploration going for as long as possible. Our acceptance of the “dominant reality” and continuing to travel unquestioningly the path along which we have always tread is seen as the only choice until our internal codes are “fired” and we begin to remember that perhaps there is another option.

But even then, the tendency is to continue to look outside for that other option. It is only when the level of exploration has reached a zenith that the consciousness within the Soul Carrier begins to heed the oh-so-quiet voice of the Wholeness Navigator to “Look within!”

What? It’s so boring inside me! What can I possibly find in there?

But just as the ripe fruit eventually falls from the tree, the gentle tugs of First Source eventually cause the Soul Fragment within the Soul Carrier to begin to investigate “inner space.” And in divine timing the Soul Fragment begins to respond to the call to return Home. The turnabout happens just as First Source has designed.

Although I can see now in retrospect that I have been on the return path to Home for most of this lifetime, it has taken me until now to begin to enjoy my inner journey and to appreciate the beauty and serenity within, as compared with the intensity and extremes of polarity that I used to think were my only options.

June 7, 2015

As I reviewed my journal entry above, it stands as written a month ago. I have continued to cultivate this blossoming awareness of my own inner being daily and continue to receive the rewards and benefits for doing so. As on any journey that takes one out into unknown territory and then returns along the “same” route, one tends to relish every curve in the  road, every roadside stand or fascinating “side trip on the outward bound leg of the trip.” On the way home, one tends to say: “Oh that was a great place but let’s not stop again; let’s just get home as fast as possible.”

Thus I think that once we turn around and head towards Home, the pace of our journey accelerates. At least that is how it seems to me now. Everything I do, I bring as much awareness to it as I can muster but I’m noticing that I have little desire to retrace former steps in the sense of expanding upon old desires or spending much time in daydreams about the future. My NOW is pretty much all-consuming and it is where I am finding the juice of life. As never before.

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