Update from Jack the Watcher

Alia’s Comments: This update came in yesterday from Jean Rockefeller and her animal companion, Jack, “The Watcher.” I found this message extremely informative about the energetic nature of the next few months and how we can take measures to navigate this purportedly even more intense time. As some of the other messengers are telling us — discernment, discernment, discernment — stay out of judgment, especially self-judgment. Jack invites us to call on the porcupine for wisdom regarding protecting our vulnerability, while enjoying our life in a most playful manner. You can visit Jean and Jack at their website HERE.

Vulnerability and Protection

Jack the Watcher 2015The porcupine embodies many spirits of energy but we will need Her protection and playfulness to carry us through the next few months. The Porcupine bumbles joyfully through life with the security that Her spines will protect Her. She is well aware that few predators will have the courage, strength or knowledge to expose Her belly. With Her power center protected and spikes of armor on Her back, She can playfully and confidently proceed through danger, real and perceived. She knows that She is safe. However, if provoked, She can throw Her darts or curl tightly into a ball until the danger has passed.


The Porcupine is now one of our guiding energies and will be with us until late September.

Over the next few months, large pulses of celestial energy will bombard the Earth. This will bring much needed and long awaited, Bio mechanical upgrades. This is partially due to the eruptions that are occurring around the Earth, Mother Goddess of the Earth most notably (Mount Everest). Her release of energy is now allowing access to new and higher levels of understanding and knowledge, which is intended to rock the current belief system to the core.

You may feel these effects as well and if so, I encourage you to move forward, undeterred. You must do so in order to carry forth, onward and upward.

To ease your ascent, invite the energy of the Porcupine to assist in circumnavigating through the land mines that will appear during this time. By keeping a smile on your face, Joy in your Heart and Playfulness in your path, all will be easy and effortless. If, during this time of integration, you find you are vacillating between alignment and disunion, call in the Porcupine and ask Her to ease your journey.

The veil of illusion has been thin for some time now, yet many still fail to see what is right before their eyes. Your own world may now affected as what you once aligned with and thought to be Truth, may now show to be merely darkness parading as Light. Do not be dismayed if this occurs. Instead embrace this new perception with Gratitude, as you are now seeing the world through a sharper perspective, a cleaner ego, and aligning more with your Higher Truth.

At times, over the next few months, It may feel as though one has been stripped of their bark; their protective covering. Feeling as though the unprotected areas of the being are exposed and one is vulnerable to attack. This will be more perception than actuality. Nevertheless, Porcupine will be available, if needed, to lend extra security during this time.

Porcupines do strip bark from trees and if this is what is needed in order for you to move in a positive direction, She will gently, yet powerfully, assist in stripping the false protection/perception that you have cloaked yourself in. True and real protection comes from within; A Knowing and a Trust, created by a clear connection to the Heart and Higher Self.

 Over the next few months, expect subtle interferences and turbulence in all modes of communication: Physical, emotional, electronic, etheric, etc.

Your words may be misinterpreted by others.
Your intentions may be questioned.
Perceptions may be skewed.

Unusual and foreign emotions may surface.
Guidance may come that is not aligned with your Heart.

Pay attention to chance situations, circumstances and events that invoke fear. Everything does not always happen for a reason as sometimes “false flags” are presented by energies that desire to keep one grounded in fear.

Now is truly a time to re-examine your Truth. Allow previous perceptions to be stripped away by always keeping your mind and your Heart open. This will release the fear and false knowing from your being, promoting growth.

Truth is evolving and you can always find solace and safety in your Heart and Higher Self.

It is the Ego that is now shedding its skin. You can allow its transition and healing to be effortless by knowing that Help is always with you.

Your authentic self is now gaining power and its voice is becoming more audible. This stems from a true connection to the Heart and Higher self. Because the ego is experiencing a “death”, it may try to interfere with this connection. If this occurs, you will now be given an opportunity to distinguish between reality(truth) and what your ego has been creating as truth in order to pacify your realm. Now is the time to trust your Heart as your Heart always knows what is real and what is Truth.

The following declaration will assist in cleansing the ego, releasing fear.
During meditation or a quiet mind time, recite the following:

“I request the energy I need at this time to clear my ego of all negative programming, limiting beliefs and negative behaviors that hinder my ability to align with my Heart Consciousness and Higher Self. I declare that these energies be cleared Now, throughout my entire physical body, energy bodies, DNA and soul lineage; past, present and future and throughout all quantum fields; past, present and future and throughout all layers and levels of time, space and dimension. So Be It.”

Jack, The Watcher

To schedule a personal healing session, for you or your animals, please email me at jeanrockefeller@comcast.net

4 thoughts on “Update from Jack the Watcher

  1. Loved this passage from the ever-relevant Jack: “She can playfully and confidently proceed through danger, real and perceived. She knows that She is safe. However, if provoked, She can throw Her darts or curl tightly into a ball until the danger has passed.” What a great way to live life! Thanks Jack, Jean and Alia!

    • I loved that part too and also the part about her “bumbling joyfully” — I often find myself bumbling about joyfully. Never thought about myself as a porcupine, although I have been pretty good at throwing those darts around. Trying to stop that now. Much love, Alia

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