The Journey into My Heart — III

Six Virtues of the Heart

Six Virtues of the Heart

Continuing my series about my own cultivation of the Six Virtues of the Heart, I am posting my continued interaction with the virtue of Understanding. Part I can be read HERE. And Part II HERE. The quoted material is taken from an e-paper, authored by James Mahu of the Lyricus Teaching Order, downloadable HERE. These quotes appear in italics and are indented for easier identification.

May 2, 2015

My thoughts on “Understanding” since my last journal entry. I am choosing to place this Heart Virtue at the top of my list, as I feel that this is the fundamental Understanding of the Multi-verse:

The world of form, just as the formless worlds, is composed of energetic structures . . . everything in the multiverse is energy . . . Energy is transformational; that is, it can alter or shift into other states of being or, in the case of humans, consciousness. . . . The [human] energetic structure is a form of light, which in turn is a texture of divine love.

What an amazing place to start! Before I read James’ insights, I was limiting my thoughts about “Understanding” to the way in which I related to “others.” I thought I should be “understanding” of those around me and try to “understand” the world from their vantage point, as a way of harmonizing them with me.

The above statements sprung me loose from those ideas and opened a whole new world and “Understanding” of where the real harmonization takes place (or doesn’t.) It seems that the multi-verse is by nature in harmony; it is only disharmonious when human mental concepts (enculturated programs) dominate consciousness. In the case of modern day humans inhabiting this planet (myself included) that is most of the time. However, I have found great relief from my own disharmonious mentation through the contemplation of these thoughts above. When I catch myself spinning my mental wheels, so to speak, I can now easily apply the transformational quality of energy to shift the energy that is caught up in a rigid or cyclical mental pattern (program) to a more fluid and expansive energetic pattern that allows me to experience one of the textures of Divine Love, e.g., “Understanding.”

It is a fact that we are composed of love at our core structure, and it is this love frequency that is the basis of our immortal consciousness or soul.

If the core of our structure is Divine Love, as expressed through the six Heart Virtues, then for me, “Understanding” is at the core of the Core. When I Understand that the basis of all Reality is the same energy, then I understand that I am one with All That Is. There is nothing to fear; there is nothing “outside” of myself that is energetically different (at its core) from me. If I encounter a form that appears to be different or threatening, I have the Understanding that this form is an energetic structure that can be transformed or transmuted, according to the nature of energy itself.

So when I contemplate “Understanding,” I visualize and feel it surrounding my spinal column as a sheath of Light, forming the foundational texture of Divine Love, around which the other five Heart Virtues then “braid” themselves. This sheath of Understanding anchors the moral fabric of Divine Love within me, providing direct access to First Source, as well as the foundation for the expression of First Source through my personal Soul Carrier.

June 5, 2015

A month ago I found it useful to record my thoughts and insights about Understanding, as I cultivated this quality of the Heart within me. Just as a month of cultivation in one’s flower garden would produce amazing results, likewise my attentiveness toward the cultivation of Understanding over a month’s time produced some extraordinary results.

My favorite is an ability to switch rapidly between two perspectives: that of my current embodiment and my Sovereign Integral. According to the Lyricus teachings, a Sovereign Integral is a HUGE being, capable of maintaining thousands of soul fragments in different embodiments throughout the Universe. The soul fragments gather experience for the Sovereign Integral who is a direct link to First Source.

I recalled with new Understanding an experience from my childhood. When I was seven years old, I was able to “see the edge of the Universe.” I used to see myself with my inner eye, standing and looking out toward a place that I KNEW was the edge of the Universe. As the Lyricus material teaches, part of our human programming is to explore the Universe to its farthest edge – before being called back “Home” by our Sovereign Integral. About a month ago, I suddenly had the insight that perhaps (even as a seven year old child) I had been calling myself Home from the edge of the Universe from the perspective of my own Sovereign Integral.

For this past month, I have been able to look from either perspective at will. It’s rather cool.


The Wingmaker’s website can be visited HERE.

There is a wonderful introductory article to the Wingmakers, AKA as The Central Race HERE.

5 thoughts on “The Journey into My Heart — III

  1. Oh, Alia, thank you so much for bringing back to my attention The Wingmakers work. I was introduced to to them back in the 90’s and became deeply involved in the Manual and Artwork available at that time for about ten years. However, James has clearly expanded on those initial documents and I love hearing your ‘deep sittings’ on each of the Heart Virtues. Your Blog is always something I Flag and then take a quiet time to absorb, as I’ve done today. Merci Beaucoup, Namaste and Paix!

    • Thank you Riana, it seems that several other of my readers have been familiar and studied these works for a long time. That is wonderful, as the affect of working with them seems to be increased love and ability to have compassion and offer forgiveness in everyday situations, sometimes very challenging ones. I am finding that I am more easily offering kindness, comfort, forgiveness and solace to MYSELF — a major milestone for me. So lots of juicy benefits from engaging with these qualities of the Heart. So happy that you are enjoying my version of this Journey. Many blessings, Alia

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