The Journey into My Heart — II — Understanding

Six Virtues of the Heart

Six Virtues of the Heart

Continuing with this series of inquiry into my own inner Universe, I am sharing my first thoughts about the Heart Virtue, Understanding. Part 1 of this series can be found HERE. The Lyricus material can be downloaded HERE. This particular text is excerpted from an e-paper by James Mahu, called “The Art of the Genuine, A Spiritual Imperative.”

April 30, 2015 – 2 AM

I awoke in the middle of the night after going to bed very early and sleeping soundly for about three hours. I had been awake for an hour and began to put my attention on how the six heart virtues are feeling within me. Tomas and I had read the sixth virtue (Forgiveness) last evening, so I went to bed with a sense of all of them operating in a strong braided fashion.

As I lay awake just a few minutes ago, I felt them all as a strong, unified moral core that overlays my spinal column. I’ve heard the saying “He has no spine.” I think this is what is meant by that – that a person is “spineless” — when he has no orientation or awareness of the heart virtues within himself and is unable to respond to life’s situations from a strong moral ground, in partnership with First Source. It is as if there is nothing holding that person up. He/she is unable to stand up to what life presents, because he/she has no understanding of the underlying connectedness to First Source that provides an unending supply of Divine Love to each person through the Virtues of the Heart. (Note: I suggest that what has often passed for moral strength during much of this patriarchal age has been the use of force — or the abuse of power — rather than a stance of power from knowing one’s connection to Creator/Source.)

The great 19th Century Indian sage, Ramakrishna, used to say: “The wind of God’s Grace is always blowing but man has to lift the sail in order to catch this wind.” In his essay on the Heart Virtues, James also speaks of the “emotional coherence” of the six virtues acting like a sail that can catch the “wind” of the new energetics that will “quicken you [and] in a sense, you will time travel to another You.”

That is a provocative statement! It infers that through the development of emotional coherence, which is gained by cultivating the Virtues of the Heart, that there will come a moment when the Soul fragment is transported (quantum leaped) into an expanded version of Self. I believe we are approaching this critical moment as a species.

April 30, 2015 – 10 AM

In my earlier morning inquiry and journal entry, I revisited James’ description of “Understanding.” I found that I immediately agreed with his presentation as a foundational understanding of how our Universe works and how each Soul Fragment/Soul Carrier is related to First Source. So, within two days’ time, I have reversed my position and I now agree that this description should stand. However, I am going to put Understanding first in my order of thinking, as I see all the other virtues flowing from this quality. I have indented James’ teachings below.

Understanding: The world of form, just as the formless worlds, is composed of energetic structures beneath its denser expression. In a real sense, everything in the multiverse is energy with incalculably long, energy-based lifespans. Energy is transformational; that is, it can alter or shift into other states of being or, in the case of humans, consciousness. The human energetic structure is often described as the chakra system or electromagnetic body, but it is more than these components. The energetic structure is a form of light, which in turn is a texture of divine love.

It is a fact that we are composed of love at our core structure, and it is this love frequency that is the basis of our immortal consciousness or soul. All of the lower densities are shadows of this light and operate in time and space, which provide a sheath of density and separation from this core love frequency. The worlds of time and space alter or dilute this connection we feel to the core energetic structure we all are composed of.

Herein is the paradox of being human: our innermost structure is divine love and our outermost structure is a means of experience for the innermost structure, but we have become entrained by the outer vehicle to the degree where we identify with it more than the occupant—our true self—inside.

All of us feel this dissociation with our true self and over-identification with our vehicle (human instrument); perhaps only in degree is there any difference among us. Understanding is the aspect of heart intelligence that recognizes this dissociation from the love frequency is a necessary design component of the larger blueprint that is occurring on the planet. In other words, it is not that humanity has fallen from grace or is tilted irrevocably toward sin. Rather, we have simply accepted the picture of reality that is dominant, and its dominance is not by accident but by the designs of First Source.

There is a well-known phrase within Lyricus that roughly translated says: “The elegance of time is that it unravels the structures of space that have sealed love from itself.” The structures of space, in this case, refer to the human instrument. Only time can break down the rigid barriers or subtle membranes that prevent or diminish the love frequency from exerting its wisdom in the behaviors of the individual.

If time is the variable of importance, it stands to reason that everyone is on his or her way to this realization; it is simply a matter of time before they achieve it. Thus, time is the differential that separates us. In a sense, we are all time shifted from one another. No one operates in exactly the same time relative to unsealing his or her love frequency from the world of form.

Realizing this helps you to understand the relation of unity to reality, and in this realization you are able to accelerate time for yourself and those with whom your life touches. It is the true purpose and noble definition of time travel.

June 4, 2015

One month after making the above journal entry about Understanding being at the “top of my list of Heart Virtues” it still remains my “default.” Understanding has become my “go-to” Heart Virtue and when I do my Heart Virtue visualization, I begin by imagining Understanding as a protective sheath surrounding my spinal column and providing a “conduit of Understanding” that flows downward into the core of my Mother Planet and upward through the top of my head and back to First Source/Creator. Although I “lose” my conscious awareness of this connection many times a day, I can always find my way back to it with speed and ease. This, for me, is a miracle.

Understanding my connection with All (‘All My Relations’ in many Native traditions) – even as a mental concept – has affected how I move in my world. I am becoming much less afraid, for instance.

During this past month, I have finally become comfortable walking about Chefchaouen without Tomas at my side. With the help of my Arabic teacher, I have even become comfortable going into a shop and interacting with the shop keeper BY MYSELF. I had always let Tomas handle the money part and use his French to interface with the merchants.

While I cannot make a direct connection between this changed behavior and my cultivation of Understanding, I have an intuitive sense that the two are, indeed, related. It is quite a remarkable process to witness oneself blossom before one’s inner eyes.

There is a wonderful introductory article to the Wingmakers, AKA as The Central Race HERE.

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