The Journey into My Heart — I

Six Virtues of the Heart

Six Virtues of the Heart

I have been dancing all around this series of posts in which I will share my personal process of working with and cultivating the Six Virtues of the Heart, according to the Lyricus Teachings of the Wingmakers. I have been referencing these six virtues in previous posts and posting examples of what these qualities of the heart look like in action. However, I have resisted sharing with you my personal journey of the past couple of months, which has taken me deeper into an inward exploration at a level I had not discovered — until now.

Today, I will share with you my first journal entry that I made in late April, accompanied by a “progress report” from early June. I trust that the right people will be impulsed in the perfect ways through these sharings.

I have long held a vision of Heaven on Earth in my heart. I now firmly believe that this Heaven will emerge from within me. From my Soul. I believe there are many people on the Earth at this time being called “Home” by there Souls. As individuals, we are answering that call, each in our own unique way. Gradually, we are forming a Collective of Love-Driven BEingness and DOingness that is transforming EVERYTHING. Not from the outside, but rather from within each of us. This is very hard to describe in words; I had to experience it myself and make my internal exploration a major priority, in order to verify it and reap the benefits.

This is nothing new. I am not doing anything special — all the great Masters have shown us these things through the ages. Many great sages have experienced this and written or taught it to their followers.


And on the chance that some of you may also be venturing into this inner adventure of YOURSELF, I humbly offer my reflections that they may encourage you to keep investigating, keep following your own unique trail that leads you steadily toward your true Home through the cultivation of your own qualities of the Heart. As you will read, the rewards are GREAT!

April 29, 2015
For the past week to 10 days, Tomas and I have been studying (line by line) the introduction to the Six Heart Virtues, an essay written by James Mahu of the Lyricus Teaching Order. James states in his introduction to the heart virtues that he had resisted defining them, as they are to be personally explored and experienced by each traveler on the path back to First Source.

However, he did finally write some material about these fundamental qualities of the heart that comprise the “textures of Divine Love.”
The Six Heart Virtues are: Appreciation, Humility, Valor, Compassion, Understanding and Forgiveness.

Before I began to read James’ material, I began trying to contact and feel these qualities within me. They all felt about the same, with the exception of Valor. The other five virtues shared a common quality of “openness” when I contemplated them and I realized that one needs to be open (open-minded and open-hearted) before one can perceive any of these subtle qualities within.

My mind had plenty of ideas about these six virtues. When I first began to contemplate them, my mind kicked into gear and began reciting all the mental definitions I had learned about the “concepts” of appreciation, humility, etc. Once I began to read James’ descriptions, I had to admit I’d been swimming in very shallow waters with regard to some very deep and profound qualities that comprise my connection to Divine Source.

Upon this background, Tomas and I began our deeper investigation and cultivation of the Six Heart Virtues, reading one each day and often sitting together in silence, listening for what might come through us that would further inform us about each one.

After a few days, I noticed that I was now feeling them quite distinctly within me and could easily identify their individual characteristics. I also noticed that I mostly felt them together, as if they were braided into a strong column that ran up my spine – adding moral substance to my personal posture as I carried myself through my day and into my world. James had remarked that this was how they worked, as if braided together, strengthening each other and seldom “showing up” singularly in response to life situations.

Last night I realized that I was beginning to personalize them as well. I think this is what James was referring to when he spoke of his reluctance to define them – that each of us may feel them in different ways and hence we should not get too stuck on his definitions.

So I began to orient toward “Understanding” more in the light of James’ description of “Appreciation.” Perhaps, at some later time, I will return to holding it the way that James introduced it but for now, this interpretation feels correct to me.

June 3, 2015
I have now been consciously cultivating the Six Virtues of the Heart as taught by the Wingmakers in the Lyricus Teachings authored by James Mahu. Five of them are working strongly within me now and Valor is the only one that is “lagging behind” in development (IMHO). I am continuing to appreciate and acknowledge the expression of Valor in myself and others, when I become aware of it.

I have noticed an increase in my ability to express Kindness – both to myself and those around me. Although Kindness is not one of the Heart Virtues, per se, it reflects the development and blossoming of those qualities (especially Appreciation and Compassion) and validates my cultivation of them over the past couple of months.

I am slower to judge myself or another and quicker to offer acceptance, based upon my internalization of the Understanding that “We are All One with First Source/Creator.” Also, I notice that my mind more readily offers the idea that “each of us (including myself) is doing the best that we can, given our circumstances and level of consciousness.”

When I am lying awake in the night with my mind churning away on some subject (often my Moroccan Arabic studies) I am able more quickly to redirect my mind to constructing a vision of the Six Heart Virtues braided together around my spinal column. This visualization brings immediate respite from the mental churning and allows me to sync with my breathing, thus calming both my body and mind. It is not new for me to be able to do this but having this visceral connection with the Six Heart Virtues makes the quieting process more efficient — truly, only a matter of seconds for the turnaround to happen.

I notice myself smiling more, accepting changes more easily (very challenging for a Taurus) and stopping to enjoy and Appreciate the sounds, smells and feelings in my environment. Again, this is not a new behavior but a more frequent one now.

Tomas is continual in his expression of Appreciation of a “new beauty” even “radiance” that he is witnessing blossoming forth from within me, affecting my face, my posture, the way I walk and conduct myself at home and in the world. His praise is effusive and sometimes brings up self-consciousness in me but in general, I am able to receive his Appreciation of this quality of beauty that is coming from my Soul and expressing through my physical vehicle, what Lyricus refers to as the Soul Carrier.

Personally, I am impressed with this much visible evidence for two months (and lifetimes of background preparation – lol) of diligence.
Because I am enjoying this process of my own cultivation of the Six Virtues of the Heart, I decided to revisit this journal and share my perceptions of this work from this point in my journey. And so it is.

The Lyricus Teachings regarding the Six Virtues of the Heart can be downloaded HERE.

There is a wonderful introductory article to the Wingmakers, AKA as The Central Race HERE.

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