What? Three in One DAY???

I Do Not ConsentThese articles are a sure sign of progress. We The People are demanding that the Powers That Weren’t* deliver outcomes in a way that is “to OUR liking.

* my latest favorite title for these folks who thought they were in charge here and managed to make us think so too for a very loooong time.

This is coming in several forms; the links posted here are in two categories: “I Do Not Consent” and “Health May Be Profitable.” Either way — we win.

And for the record — there have been no signs of aerial spraying (chemtrails) in our skies for at least three full days! Hamdullah!

Yesterday, I was pleasantly shocked to see this article about the Richmond, California City Counsel voting to “ban the use of mind-control weapons and scalar wave weapon technologies” in their city, after evidence of such was reported by several residents there. How they will “enforce” this I have no idea BUT the “Quantum Voting Machine” is counting ballots with the City of Richmond’s strong statement of “We Do Not Consent.”

This morning I found two more reports that qualify as evidence that the will of the people is gaining strength. Both of these fall into the second category that “Health May Be Profitable” for the large corporations. Actually, in the case of DuPont’s closure of one of their facilities on Kauai, this may be more a sign that UN-healthful practices are becoming so UN-profitable as to cause downsizing within certain corporations.

Post Publication Note: After I published this, a friend who lives on Kauai confirmed that yes, DuPont is leaving Kauai but only to take their operation over to another Hawai’ian Island, Oahu. My immediate thought was that perhaps the folks on Oahu need the wake-up call now that Kauai residents have taken their stand to rid their island of all toxic and GMO forms of agriculture. How long will it take for DuPont to get the message that people don’t want their poisonous products anymore?

However, the biggest news of the day is this new orientation toward our animal companions by Walmart, who just announced it has adopted the “five freedoms” principles for farm animals. This is HUGE and gives us something to hold them to in their future buying practices. It also means higher quality food for those who shop at Walmart, which is most people in America.

Keep your Quantum Votes coming, as we are having an impact at these highest corporate levels, which previously have seemed impenetrable and untouchable to most.

And I’d love to hear your reports regarding the skies in your area of the world in the comments section below. Keep envisioning a world that benefits everyone and reflects the beauty of the soul of our Mother Planet.

7 thoughts on “What? Three in One DAY???

  1. Reblogged this on 1EarthUnited and commented:
    Hello Alia! Thanks for spreading awareness throughout the blogosphere, quantum field and beyond. I am very surprised to hear aerial spraying over Morocco?! I certainly DO NOT CONSENT to any nefarious activities that are harmful to all life on Earth. I’m aware that most pineapples and ALL papaya from Hawaii are GMO. 😦
    So glad to hear ppl are taking action against these rogue corps (corpse).
    I see even Walmart is shifting to higher consciousness for animals, there’s hope for humans yet!
    Infinite blessings dear one, say hello to Tomas for me! ❤ 🙂 ☼ *\o/*

  2. skies here on the coast of ecuador are always ‘trail’ free, but then there are few planes that ever taint the sky!~ i am always shocked when i return to the usa and see the abnormal trails that criss cross the skies. i am also shocked that most people have become desensitized to them and don’t even notice them anymore.

    thanks for a great post!

    • ugh.. about 8 days ago on a trip up the coast, i spotted a plane heading west/north west, and there was the distictive double line of ‘white clouds’ trailing behind it… i interrupted the conversation of the two others in the auto and said, ‘ uh, excuse me but i’m seeing something i’ve not seen here before and it’s disturbing me…’ they did not seem too bothered, but they are new to the country…


      • Dear Lisa — do not despair, we also had a morning of aerial spraying after a full four weeks of only blue skies, God clouds and “natural” weather. That was about four days ago and since then, we are back to skies free of trails and artificial clouds. My speculation is that the ones who order these perversions are dealing with severe budget cuts and can now only afford to spray sections of the planet at one time, instead of the whole sphere at once. It seems they are concentrating mostly on the US and Europe at the moment and thus, we are the lucky beneficiaries here in the “forgotten” parts of the world. Thanks for the update. Appreciate it, Alia

  3. oh, I forgot to mention about the chemtrails in my last email. It does seem that they have slowed down the last couple of days. Maybe in the last week. But the pattern here is that we get a week of little or not activity and then comes the blast. I am happy that the last week here has been lighter, altho I have seen evidence of the CT’s in the sky, all blown out and the whispy stuff is there. I am rejoicing with you that you are experiencing clear skies and clean air!! Praise be to God!

    Date: Sun, 24 May 2015 09:52:39 +0000
    To: pollioliver@hotmail.com

    • Still clear and gorgeous here in Morocco for about 10 days now. We have had two periods of what I would call natural rain, which seemed entirely different from what we’ve had in the past — more gentle. Actually, it is surprising to have ANY rainfall at all at this time of the year here. Keeping the faith that this trend will continue. The natural cloud formations are sooooo beautiful! Blessings and love, Alia

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