Heavenly Houses

I’ve often tried to imagine what our dwelling spaces and other buildings might look like in the New Paradigm. With the release of sequestered technologies, I expect all kinds of new materials that are Earth-friendly and durable to offer new options in this arena. However, there is an ancient Earth-friendly material that is coming online as a high option for building in tropical locations — bamboo.

Tomas and I recently watched this TED Talk, given by a young designer, whose family and “team” work exclusively with bamboo for building residences and public spaces. They are continually challenged and rewarded by their work with this amazing plant. The beauty and elegance of these designs is breathtaking and provides much hope and inspiration for a future filled with these same qualities. Enjoy!

Thank you Suzy for sending this my way.

5 thoughts on “Heavenly Houses

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    • Yes, incredible buildings! What I loved just as much were the creative solutions to design problems and the basic problem of how to treat the bamboo, non-toxically, so it could become a suitable material for building in the first place. Glad you enjoyed it!

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