From Russia with Love

Red Square Where a New Spirit of Russia Was Revealed

Red Square Where a New Spirit of Russia Was Revealed

The rate of acceleration is increasing. In the past week I have found five extraordinary examples of positive changes that are visible in this physical dimension. I am referring to this phenomenon as The Revo-LOVE-tion. Humanity is building momentum for responding to crisis from a place of LOVE, instead of heaping on more vengeance. As we say in Morocco — Hamdullilah — Thanks be to God!

So after posting two examples of this yesterday, I am posting two more links today about the recent event in Moscow — and throughout all of Russia — honoring the 70th anniversary of the defeat of Nazism at the end of WWII. However, as the both writers chronicle, this event went way beyond memorializing the end of The Great Patriotic War and in fact introduced the world to a New Spirit within the populace of Russia, augmented by the presence of leaders from China and many other countries surrounding the Federation of Russia.

As these articles are both long, I am posting only the bios of the authors and a couple of highlights from each to support you to read further. This is soooo heartening! For such major world powers to be exhibiting such a public display of partnership and PEACE is near miraculous.

Thanks again Kauilapele for featuring these affirmations of Heaven on Earth.

F. William Engdahl, NEO 5-13-15… “Why I Wept at the Russian Parade”

William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

In an atmosphere of reverence and quiet, some three hundred thousand Russians, most carrying photos or portraits of family members who never returned from the war, walked on the beautiful, sunny spring day through downtown Moscow into Red Square where the President’s residence, the famous Kremlin, is also located.

To see the faces of thousands and thousands of ordinary Russians walking, optimism about their future beaming from their faces, young and the very old, including surviving veterans of the Great Patriotic War as it is known to Russians, moved this writer to quietly weep. What was conveyed in the smiles and eyes of the thousands of marchers was not a looking back in the sense of sorrow at the horrors of that war. Rather what came across so clearly was that the parade was a gesture of loving respect and gratitude to those who gave their lives that today’s Russia might be born, a new, future-looking Russia that is at the heart of building the only viable alternative to a one-world dictatorship under a Pentagon Full Spectrum Dominance and a dollar system choking on debt and fraud. The entire Russian nation exuded a feeling of being good and of being victorious. Few peoples have that in today’s world.

Lada Ray, Futurist Trendcast 5-11-15… “Destiny of Russia and Spectacular Show on Red Square”

The second article is from Lada Ray, who regularly writes about geo-political issues related to Russia. She has included a lengthy video of the gathering in Red Square and the Concert that took place there — plus the fireworks. YAY!

A word about [Lada.]: I was born in Russia to a Russian father and Ukrainian mother, and grew up in Odessa, presently Ukraine. Growing up, I observed the collapse of the Soviet Union. I also lived and traveled to nearly 30 countries on most continents, including Cuba, where I interviewed Fidel Castro.

4 thoughts on “From Russia with Love

  1. Hello Alia,
    I have missed your presence here on WP and in my orbit. For some unexplainable reason, your blogs do not appear in my reader. So I go to your blog periodically to see if some new posts have been published. Happily I see 3 new posts awaiting me 🙂

    Hope you and Tomas are well. I have been quite burdened of late, but working on transmuting the vibrations and healing myself. It is certainly healing to see that some positive shifts are occurring.


    • Dear One — Yes, I’ve gone “missing” in the WP World again. Taking four lessons a week in Moroccan Arabic and doing a lot of introspective work, as well plus three meals a day and sleeping kind of takes up a day or five or seven.
      I’ve missed you also and do love to peruse my Reader but of late, I have been barely keeping up with emails. The Reader “Blogs I Follow” can be edited so that you receive email notifications of blogs you follow. You could try that — or just come to the site as you have time.
      I’m sorry to hear that you have been “burdened.” The energies have been screaming lately — here I am up at 1:30 AM local time after dropping into bed exhausted at 10 and then lying there wide awake. And nowhere near a full or new moon. So I hear you on that one. Keep transmuting Dear Heart, we’re almost HOME. Love and hugs, Alia

  2. These articles are so uplifting! They fill me with hope for the positive changes that have greatly increased in momentum in the last few weeks so as to be unstoppable, IMHO! Thanks for posting these important reports.
    with love, tomas

    • Yes — Edgar Cayce said way back in the 30s that Russia would one day be the “hope of the world.” After watching the first half of the video of the pageant in Red Square, I am convinced that a new day has dawned and we will one day be dancing in the streets of America in the same joyful, free-spirited way that we are seeing the Russian people (especially their youth) express here. ♥ Alia

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