Signs of a Turning Tide

I Do Not ConsentOn the same day that I posted the inspiring video about Native Hawai’ian courage on Mauna Kea, I also found a great article about the progress being made in the “I Do Not Consent to Poisoned Food” (non-GMO) movement.

I strongly believe that we will be seeing much more evidence of the tide turning against the old-paradigm structures and toward the New Paradigm, the farther we advance into the New Galactic Cycle, which began on or about the end of 2012.

I like to think that from that point forward, the forces of the Cosmos decided to Fund a New Platform that was beneficial to All Life, not just the elite few. I also like to think that the old paradigm has been “running on fumes” since then with little or no new energetic funding.

This turnaround was a massive undertaking and we are still in the transition. However, we are about two and a half years into the new cycle at this point and the results of this new “funding program” are beginning to appear more frequently. Even in the main stream news!

Further, I believe that we are seeing evidence of the increasing difficulty of Team Dark to get their agendas passed. Take note of the recent vote to fast track the Trans Pacific Partnership. It was defeated by Democrats, working against the wishes of their own party’s President! Maybe for the first time in his administration, Obama is being SUPPORTED by Republicans!!!

I am including only links to these articles. Check out the ones you like and celebrate the rising tide of Freedom that is beginning to flow into our lives.

Here is the link to the article about our progress in eliminating GMO food products. Thank you to Kauilapele for posting this one.

Here is a short video from Russia Today that shares the uphill struggle that the promoters of the TPP(A) are having getting this corporation-oriented legislation passed. Thank you DT of Stage2Omega for sending this one.

And finally, fellow WordPress Blogger, Stuart Bramhall, has posted a great article, based on a report in The Guardian, that expands on the uphill battle Team Dark is facing to keep their TPP(A) anti-Humanity agenda going in spite of “no funding.” Thank you to “The Most Revolutionary Act” for bringing us this excellent news.




3 thoughts on “Signs of a Turning Tide

  1. Great article, Alia, keep rockin! I sent over to FB Land with this intro “On the “up” side of things…have u noticed there are more “ups” happening lately?” Much Love!

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