A Vision for Free Energy

Jaimie Robitaille, Designer and Co-developer of the QEG

Jaimie Robitaille, Designer and Co-developer of the QEG

Alia’s Comments: My friend, Harriet, sent me this vision for free energy from the Vision Alignment folks. This is a particularly dear-to-my-heart subject and part of what took Tomas and me to Morocco — the possibility of assisting with the development of a free energy device, the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG).

The QEG is now being co-developed by about 70 different groups who are sharing data and discoveries with one another. Jamie Robitaille, the designer of the QEG, which is based on a public domain patent of Nikola Tesla, is confident that this device is very close to becoming self-running. Although he had hoped to achieve this result earlier, he sees the “delay” in a positive light. As all 70 groups are now at a similar level of production, this means that when the self-running stage is finally achieved, it will be achieved simultaneously by 70 groups of people who are located all over the world.

In other words, it will be available to The People under circumstances that would be extremely hard to suppress.

Hope Moore, Founder of Fix the World Project

Hope Moore, Founder of Fix the World Project

In a recent interview, Hope Moore (Jamie’s step-daughter and founder of Fix the World Project, the organization that sponsors the QEG) told us that the plans, which have been open-sourced and available on the internet since March of 2014, have indeed been downloaded by over 120,000 people. This alone is an extraordinary achievement!

In my viewpoint the QEG project has done more to raise awareness of the viability of We the People bringing this technology forth as a gift to all Humanity AND our planet than any other research or backyard development in this field.

The awareness of the QEG and its co-development by dozens of inter-dependent groups across the planet has informed the Quantum Field that “Not only is “free energy” possible, it is on the brink of being in use in every sector of human society.”

So as you read the Vision for Free Energy below, please know that there are many dedicated scientists, engineers and “just plain folks” who are currently working on a prototype for such a device. The co-development of the QEG serves as a powerful Hands-On Vision Statement that gathers momentum daily.

Please join me in affirming that this revolutionary technology is much closer to being implemented than most people might think.

A Vision For Free Energy

We envision ourselves living in a world where there is free energy for all, forever; where the sources of power we use to light and heat our homes, fuel our cars, run our appliances and machines, cook our foods, manufacture our goods and products, and so forth are non-proprietary; where all of the inventions that have purposely been withheld and hidden from us by those who would profit from our labors are revealed and made operational now; and where all of our energy systems are clean, non-polluting, and 100% sustainable.

In this world, our power sources are shared equally by all, for indeed, how does one pay the Sun back for the light we receive? How does one own the winds, the waters, the geothermal reservoirs? In a world where we truly care for one another, there are no charges, no exchanges of money; just thanks given for the gifts we receive from that which was already free in the first place.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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19 thoughts on “A Vision for Free Energy

  1. Hi, Alia. We purchased several solar panels this winter and are waiting to spring to arrive in Central Maine, USA so we can get started towards a more energy efficient and less costly alternative to the electricity that currently supplements our wood stove during winter and power outages. Shared your post on Twitter!

    • Good for you Bette! Solar will get less expensive over the coming years. I believe it will be augmented with other energy technologies that do not harm our Mother Planet, and in some cases may even enhance human and environmental health. Solar pays for itself, even if the initial investment seems great. AND it is quiet, unlike wind turbines. So we will have much to look forward to and it will be marvelous and ingenious, employ many and equal the opportunities among the peoples of the world.
      Thank you for visiting and following. You needn’t follow 13th Paradigm, as that blog is inactive. It has been replace with New Earth Paradigm. Glad to have you here, Alia

  2. Hi Alia,Tomas, Hope – thanks so much for the update, i’m sure the QEG groups are very close to becoming self running, how exciting!
    My intuition tells me over-unity energy is produced by the Casimir Effect of the EM toroidal field:

    I love the idea of THE VISION ALIGNMENT PROJECT, it’s difficult to find the signup page, but after some digging, i found it:

    Growing more hopeful (and grateful) everyday. 🙂
    Blessings Alia!

  3. Hi Alia, and Hope, thanks for posting this. I don’t mean to “rain on any ones parade,” however, something about the way Free Energy devices have been organized in the past always seem to create a dissonance in me. It’s not that I don’t want Free Energy, but the way to harness it feels a bit backward to me.

    I never really knew how to voice it, until Inelia Benz wrote exactly what I’ve been wanting to say in her new novel, Interview with a Psychic Assasin. Here is the quote:

    ” On our planet we are stuck thinking that the only way to generate energy in a useful form requires that we turn a mechanical, or kinetic device, to produce electrical energy. Even when we harvest energy from the Sun, we usually use it to heat something up, which then turns a generator that generates electricity. We are stuck in that mindframe, and any free power generators that are given the freedom to be developed work under this same model. Why? Because it is a model that’s old and ensnares us in a cycle of energetic codependency.”

    Instead, what is proposed as an alternate energy source is simply using the energy in the Human Body. Essentially is it the Body that would carry the Vessel or ship, not the other way around. The energy would be sourced from the subtle body, emotions and feelings.

    Wondering if a healthy dialogue could potentially ensue here on this blog regarding this potential? I personally would rather pursue harmonic based technology instead of reinventing old inventions. Hey, to each their own though.

    And please forgive me if I may have triggered anything, perhaps something to look at?

    With love,

    • Hi Wyndstorm — Thank you for voicing your perspective. I agree with you in many ways. I, too, feel that folks are going about this in a pretty “3D” way. However, I have felt from the first time I observed the QEG workroom, that the REAL progress being made here is the raising of consciousness within the human collective that free energy is available and directly related to the increase in human consciousness.
      Here is the link to a post I wrote last spring on this very subject. Blessings and love to all participants in this dialogue. http://wp.me/p2BC2S-G8

    • I enjoyed your comment here Wyndstorm. I was really interested in free energy about fifteen years ago, and came across the work of John Keely. Not sure if you are familiar with him, but he was an inventor who lived in the second half of the 1800’s in Philadelphia and (it is suggested) learned to use the human heart to make devices that were “attuned” to the order of the heavens. Kind of like impregnating a metal sphere with pure love, and suddenly it cannot help but rotate because it is now “geared” through a heart connection to the Earth and Sun itself. It could no more be stopped than could the Earth on its own axis.

      I think this is perhaps similar to what you are describing. My realization after a few years of not knowing how to proceed, was that things will emerge, like flowers after winter, when the timing is right. There is so, so much readily available. It truly is about the awakening of the human heart. If we cannot find ways to be at peace, and to be happy with diesel engines and wind turbines, we will not be any happier with machines that make free power. And when we are happy and at peace no matter what, the means of energy production will be effortless, and simple. (So I have come to think…) I think that our technology, like our art, must be the exploratory expression of “what we know is so” and not the means by which “we make it so”…

      I love this topic, but after a while it cooled for me. It kept taking me into either technical discussions, where heart was missing or I simply couldn’t follow, or to moments where I perhaps didn’t yet have sufficient wisdom or grace to proceed further along the purest thread. Seems we have almost to let it come. I certainly support those who work on it. All efforts seem helpful and appropriate.


      • Wow! Thanks for that Michael! I had no idea about the heart based technology, how freaking appropriate! I too appreciate it all aspects of creating the technology, as long as the creators heart is in the evolutionary upward spiral. Thanks again.

      • Hello Michael — thanks for contributing here. I noticed that this heart “technology” was in development in the second half of the 19th Century, the same time period that Tesla was designing his wireless energy tech. There was much less emf “interference” from the elite at that point. During the 20th Century, the negative ruling elite on this planet focused much of their technological development on weapons that could be used to slow down the rising of human consciousness, which they knew was going to blossom and over-rule them at the end of the millennium. I believe they thought that they could stop this evolution but when they realized that consciousness was expanding in spite of everything they were doing (I will not name all those things here — there are other blogs for that) they did everything in their power to slow down the expansion of consciousness. In the process, they nearly destroyed our planet and this version of human civilization.
        The good news is that the Light in the Heart of Humanity is unstoppable and irrepressible! The negative elite is losing power rapidly, as people are seeing through their illusory schemes. As what I have come to call “the frequency fence” — the electro-magnetic grid that the elite constructed to surrounded our planet and been keeping humanity at a lower frequency for we’re not exactly sure how long — is dismantled (by the rising consciousness of our hearts!) we will feel true freedom for the first time in millennia. I joke with Tomas that when this happens, many people will suddenly find themselves “over-medicated.” I also believe that when we reach this point, the “free” energy technologies and tachyon healing technologies — and ultimately HUMAN inner-technologies (it’s all in our DNA) will burst forth upon this planet and be in common use by the populace, as they are on every other “normal” planet in the Cosmos.
        The latest reports from David Wilcock and Cobra sound like sci-fi but I think there is more truth there than fiction. It’s a lot to take in even for a person who considers herself awake and aware. This is the Chinese Year of the Sheep — as some are saying the Year of the Sheeple — so I think we’re in for some very positive surprises in 2015.
        Thank you everyone for participating in this conversation. I love what is being said here ♥ ♥ ♥ Alia

  4. Reblogged this on HOPEGIRL BLOG and commented:
    Amazing vision from our good friends here in Morocco. Thank you so much Alia for writing such a beautiful summary of what so many of us are experiencing with this breakthrough to a new paradigm on earth.

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