Returning to Earth Stewardship

Alia’s Comments: I came across this post on Wodener-Spirit Hawk and am re-posting it today. Eons ago, Humanity promised to steward the Earth. Some of us remembered. Some of us are remembering now. Returning to the Sacred Path of Earth Partnership is the way of the past and the way of our future. But we must begin now for that to be so. Blessed Mother, we are your children, returning home.

The Rising…

[The U.S. government] was tired of treaties. They were tired of sacred hills. They were tired of ghost dances. And they were tired of all the inconveniences of the Sioux. So they brought out their cannons. ‘You want to be an Indian now?’ they said, finger on the trigger.” (Aaron Huey)


The Native American Indian lived in peace for thousands of years, living and working with Nature in a natural existence that respected the land and animals, mother-earth and in harmony with the great spirit.

This can also be said of many other tribal natives of the world.

Many of these wonderful tribes still exist, and even more are the people who have the spirit of the natives within them, however like many natives around the world they were slaughtered or made into slave’s the land and resources taken from them and so the decline and stripping of the Earth started.

The significant events which led to this holocaust started with the arrival of Christopher Columbus on the American shores, and within a very short time instead of respecting the native people and cultures, they started to exterminate them or make them into slaves, and forcibly converting them into the Christian religion.  America was then the new land of opportunity, the land waiting to be explored and divided up by the greedy European’s who at the time felt the world was there to conquer and exploit and sell.

The Christian (Catholic) system of dividing up the land, appointing landowner’s that serve the church and charging taxes was being introduced into the western continent, with devastating effect and started the revolution which created the problem we have today.

The King’s and Queen’s of Europe were exposed to the pressures of the church, since the Roman Empire, manufactured the religious system of control, and many of the war’s and struggles since have been as a result of the implementation of this control.  The the same King’s and Queen’s were sending expeditions from Europe in a race to claim lands not of their own and to start the struggle to convert to christianity and the economic trade system’s already in place throughout Europe since Roman times.

The Pagan tribes, towns and villages across Britain and Europe had been stripped of their peaceful nature worshipping practices and knowledge and all the treasures taken away, (most likely back to Rome?)  Elders/Wise people, witches were executed for their status, knowledge and healing practices and the European Holocaust was severe.

Fear was the technique used to control the people’s of Europe, and the commerce and taxes… The material world of man had taken hold and once again mankind became slaves… feeding the rich so-called upper and ruling classes, landowners and the christian church.

The order of the time was to bring so-called ‘civilisation’ to the tribal lands of the America’s and other atlantic and pacific islands, and the same Africa to eastern asian lands and the continent of Australia and islands around.

Was this the beginning of some kind of world domination?… sure looks like it!

As we have been born into this world not of our making and made to tow-the-line in the order of things, we are fed information and educated with the doctrine and dogma that has been set up to control and pacify us to believing all this is right and civilised and that we are free… However, the truth of the matter is quite different.  The History very different to how it was written.  The hero’s of the past celebrated for their victories in battle and rewarded with medal’s for killing and murdering innocent native people and their families around the world.  As we all know and have heard quoted before. “History is written by the Victors!”…


We have reached a new age in the history of mankind and the life of Mother-Earth and all living things…

Man in this material age has taken too much of Earth;s natural resources and not given enough back, and this imbalance of nature stands to be corrected, the process of this has already started.

Climate change, failing fish stocks and economic failings are now occurring, and whats needed is a huge shift in the way we all live to bring it back into line with nature.  Giving back to our Mother-Earth all that she needs to sustain life for mankind, all animals and earth’s creatures, bird’s and fish, trees and all vegetation, rivers and sea.

Unless we do this we will write our own demise into the forgotten realm’s of histories past, failed in our task of true wisdom and failed to raise ourselves into a higher realm of existence… Perhaps some will survive and succeed through all the pain and hardship to come, and having learned the nature of the true self, then ascend to a better existence?

But the stakes are very high now, for us maybe, for our children most likely, for our grandchildren – most definitely.  Do we want our children to be the sufferers of inaction now!… Not me, I would like them to have a better future, one which works with nature and one that produces real freedom and happiness and joy… Not in material things, but in the magick and appreciation of all life on Earth and in the Stars above.


Our very essence is of this Earth, and our spirit and life-giving energy is also of this Earth. All life on Earth is related and that makes all mankind each others’ brothers and sisters in spirit.

Let us all now wake up to the truth and let us bring true equality and proper real sustainability to mankind and nature.

We should learn and realise it is our everlasting spirit that will face the ravages of time and space and so we will reap what we sow.  Let us now sow the seeds of life and love and re-sow the land with trees and vegetation for all life.  Let us recognise the natives of all lands and cultures and release them from their bondage and allow them to return to the land which is free and not owned or sold by anyone!

The laws of the Earth should promote individual freedom and protection of all land from development’s which harm this Earth.  It’s not for sale or exploitation for profit… It does not belong to King’s, Queen’s, The Church, Corporations or any other financial company individual.  The Earth is free and so should we all.  We simply must follow the rules of nature and that whatever we do to live and survive, must be in accordance with that and to harm none!

Let not our children be born into slavery, let them be free and let them learn the way of the Earth and how we can all live in happiness, love and life with Nature as opposed to against it.

The old tribes of Britain and Europe did it, the old tribes of Australia did it, and the native american tribes of the America’s did it.  It’s time to let the past roll away into the mist’s of the dark era of mankind and now walk the path to the light.

The rising has begun, the people of this Earth, are reaching the point of awakening and they will rise and stand against any government and corporation that continues to exercise control using fear, violence and physical force, bribery, theft, destruction and murder.  There is no civilized country that does not have blood on their hands and unless we all change the circle will keep turning until we bring about our own demise.

We can all start the natural evolution of mankind by restoring the rights and lands of its native people around the world.  We can all start living in accordance with nature and start giving back the Earth’s resources of tree’s and vegetation, and restore the clean water’s and wildlife that is so under pressure. 


Let us all remove the fear from our minds and shield’s over our heart’s… let us all open up in love for our fellow brothers and sisters and help one another, give, not take… let us find the right path for mankind to take and leave the one which only leads to darkness and failure.  Remove the barriers, for if we all act and be true to ourselves and our Mother-Earth, then we can see a future, one that will provide joy and happiness to our children, and that of all life on Earth.  Only then can we ascend, only then can we realise true Love and Wisdom of all things…

Let Earth’s Tribes be recognised, let them unite in a common purpose and in friendship, as brothers and sisters.  Whether it be the tribes of Native America like the Lakota, the tribes of Africa, the Aboriginal tribes of Australia, The Celtic tribes of Britain and Ireland, the Nordic and Germanic tribes, the tribes of Asia and beyond…

Each of us can make the change, no matter how small it seems, we just need to find the courage within and the truth gives us this courage…

Yes, it may mean that many of the richer people of this Earth may need to give up their claims of mass land-ownership falsely given to their ancestors after it was forcibly taken from the native people of all lands, it may mean the complete change in the way we live and trade, and the dismemberment of all the big corporations of the world.  It may also mean halting any further developments that destroy or damage the Earth’s natural environment systems… No more depleting of Earth’s resources… There is so much to do… But let all us that wish humanity to release itself from the darkness be successful in our ventures… For changes will occur with us or without us… For our children deserve a better future, as do all living creatures, trees, vegetation, rivers and seas… Let us be the ones to restore the rights from wrongs and the true honest way of natural life on Earth.

Please watch and listen to the wise words in the video’s above…  Blessings… Peace, Love and Light …

indian 5



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