Wanna Play? Color Outside the Lines!

Alia’s Comments: This is such a fun topic — and who doesn’t deep down (somewhere!) LOVE TO COLOR? Grab your 64-pack of Crayolas and see how far outside the lines of conditioned living you can go and how colorfully you can get there. Thank you to Linda at “litebeing chronicles” for sharing this one.  This message was originally posted on January 3rd, so the “vortex intensity” she mentions has probably passed. However, there may be a new one by now but the point is — COUNTER IT WITH COLOR!

~ ~ ~

This weekend is an Astrological vortex of intensity with Sun square Uranus and Sun conjunct Pluto today. Then tomorrow’s Full Moon in Cancer engages Pluto and Uranus once more with Moon opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus.What a power-packed weekend!

I have been spending my time doing intuitive readings on my FB page and working on astrological chart interpretations for real-time ( in person) clients next week. This is work that ain’t really work and it helps redirect my stubborn thought forms.

Life has been stranger than usual lately and I will get to that later. Still gearing up for my 2 year blogiversary and integrating all the newness. I am putting it all aside for another time and another post.

Because now it is playtime!

Please print out these poetry coloring pages. I found them here and want to share them with all of you!







I know that getting out of my brain and into my heart leads to joy and abandon. Perhaps some color will assist you in riding the waves of this emotionally charged weekend.


header image credit: freerangestock.com


3 thoughts on “Wanna Play? Color Outside the Lines!

  1. thank you for sharing my post here, very very cool! You are correct that that some of that energy is past, but we are gearing up for another Pluto Uranus hit in March plus a powerful New Moon today and Mercury retrograding in Aquarius tomorrow so there is ample opportunity to counter chaos and uncertainty with play 🙂

    love and light always,

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