The Magic of Love

Alia’s Comments: “Dear Human,” So begin the beautiful Letters to Humanity from Sherri, who writes to us about everyday aspects of being human — in a divine sort of way. Today’s message I borrowed from her blog and it reminds us that love and magic are highly related. Thank you Sherri! As always, the image you chose is magnificent too.

~ ~ ~


Dear Human,

It’s always about LOVE. LOVE is the ingredient that makes EVERY life experience easier.

It makes pain tolerable. It makes shame and guilt overcomable. It makes peace instead of war. It makes grief heal more quickly. It makes suffering tolerable. It makes loneliness flee. It makes life beautiful.

It would be so good if we practiced love with everyone. Not just those who are loving.

If there were converting to be done, it should not involve religion. It should simply be to change the unloving into lovers.

Just my opinion.


Photo Credit: Google Images

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