Team Spirit

Alia’s Comments: Pat Cegan at “Source of Inspiration” is one of the most prolific poets I know and she always has the most amazing images to accompany her poems. This poem speaks to me of the shift we need to make in order to achieve unity consciousness. We’ll start with “team spirit.” I love the line “me,me,me needs to be turned upside down into we, we, we” This is the bottom line, my friends. How many of us will (or even can) do it?  Thank you Pat for throwing down the gauntlet on this one!

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Team Spirit

loving others 8

Team spirit
willingness to put
the good of the group
ahead of our own desires.
How difficult this is to do.
me, me, me
needs to be turned
upside down
we, we, we
knowing that until
all are free
we remain enslaved
until all are fed
0ur hunger is unsatisfied
for all are part of the whole
into eternity.


7 thoughts on “Team Spirit

  1. Yay! Thank you-I to all. This has also clarified and stated so eloquently for me, my honoring of individuation while simultaneously honoring the whole. It’s that magical word, “simultaneous,” that is the Unity Consciousness key holder.

    The thing I feel about living in community is that I would need to be with others on similar wavelengths, life style habits, and a resonance of deep connection, like family. That’s not to say that there will be others of different resonance popping in, but the Core group of people would need to be in an energetic agreement of resonance, and similar in way of personal evolution. The reason I say this is because home life style is primarily where one spends most of their time ( at least in my reality) and I know I’ve been in odd living situations with others not on the same wavelength. Things just get weird, and then somebody leaves. But if your family with people, usually family gets over stuff, and people are understood, honored and respected without trying to force opinions on others or try to change the way the other perceives reality. Everything just IS, plain and simple, and life goes on.

    Another thing about living with people is that you see all sides to people, nothing remains hidden. So if there is something that bothers you about someone, and you just can’t seem to get over it inside yourself, then I wouldn’t recommend living with that person, cause it could end badly. But if the connection is true resonance, and a heart to heart conversation could happen, absent expectations of either party wanting to change another, then there could probably be a good chance of both growing from the experience. The thing one would need to get over could be a) their need to be “right” or b) their own (perceived) imbalances, and then laugh at how rediculous it all is. 😀 it’s like the ultimate practice of non-attachment

    I love I

    • Yes, I believe the core group of the community needs to cultivate harmony and resonance. This does not mean homogeneity but a willingness to work out the ruffles. This did not happen in Morocco — every horse was pulling his/her own way — even us! So I cannot fault anyone outside myself for community not happening there. We accomplished what we really went there to do — very refined energy work as a collective. But honestly, I think we did most of that in our sleep. No kidding! Anyway, that work was done by June of 2014 and Tomas and I moved on. We landed in an already formed community of Moroccans who have been “working things out together” for generations. Go figure. God’s Plan is always the best, once we let go and open our hearts and minds to it. Thank you for adding to this discussion/process of what it might look like to bring Unity Conscious into existence on Planet Earth. Blessings and love, Alia

  2. Hi Aaron — my comment reflected my experience of what “got in the way” of the forming of the community that Tomas and I went to ‘join” last April in Morocco. One of the “reasons” that community never got any traction was because of this “Me,Me, Me” position each of us was tenaciously holding.
    I remembered 40 or 50 years ago when I, as a “co-dependent love addict” was learning to stand for myself. Any attempt to do this felt “selfish” to me, as I had perfected “deferring my needs and wants to others” to the level of art form. I had to get beyond my feelings of being selfish in order to learn to set strong boundaries and stop selling myself out.
    Now, I see that Humanity has come to the place where we may need to focus more on the WE of things for awhile in order to come into balance. We have all become masters of the ME experience over the past few decades. Anyone who has achieved “unity consciousness” — more and more people are — will tell you that within that experience of Unity, the Individual is always felt and represented — as you said — holding them equally.
    I was commenting from my own experience that for me, right now, I believe that we need to be willing to “subordinate” this knee-jerk reaction of Me in the interest of strengthening our experience of WE. I believe that Humanity is now ready to explore this unified consciousness, or acting as a collective, while still retaining full knowing of one’s individual position and contribution to the Whole.
    I thank you for raising this question, as it gave me a chance to explore more deeply the unspoken statements behind my comment. Much love to you and Sarah, Alia

    • Alia, thank you for considering my question and clarifying where you are at. I see you have much experience dealing with the we/me points of view and I honor your perspective. I have to admit that I myself am guilty of preferring one side over the other and this interaction has allowed me to examine my own imbalance. Thank you for being a clear reflection. Much love to you and Tomas, I feel blessed to have the pleasure of getting to know you both! -Aaron

  3. Alia, thank you for sharing this idea. It seems to me that this poem is about celebrating the we and suppressing the me. Is that your perspective, too? How would you feel about honoring both the we and the me as equals? – Aaron

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