Joy, Presence and the Power of Blessing

Alia’s Comments: This post is re-blogged from WordPress Colleague, Jamie, over at Sophia’s Children. Thank you, Jamie for reminding us that our Joy, Presence and Power to Bless all of Life are the most precious gifts we can give to one another.

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In times of intense energy dynamics and epic shifts — for many, that’s pretty much right now — we can feel both catapulted out of our comfort zones, uprooted and unmoored, and stuck, as in Way not opening. At the same time.

A strange and confusing paradox, that, but it seems to go with this particular unmapped territory.

This and other stressors can stir up a seemingly mighty riptide of angst or funk, a.k.a. depression. Add the holidays or similar high-expectation times, and shake.

And yet sometimes the medicine for being off-kilter isn’t so much out there — thankfully, as we often have little to no control over what’s out there (yes, I learned that lesson the hard way!) — but rather the medicine is right at hand, as close as our own breath, as the scriptures say.

The Divine is not hidden, but as close to you as your own breath.” ~ The Acts of Paul

Ancestral standing stones at the Isle of Boa, Lough Erne, County Fermanagh. Photo courtesy of Jon Sullivan, PDPhoto and shared, generously, via Creative Commons.

I’ve learned lots of handy tools over the years — from energy hygiene practices to ‘mindset management‘ to timeless ancestral wisdom and intra- and interpersonal communication practices — both  thanks to dearly appreciated mentors and teachers, and lots and lots of practice … often under the ‘encouragement’ (I say wryly) of those aforementioned riptides of epic change and the tidal-pull of angst and funk!

But one practice that’s near at hand and can really help to shift the focus and thus the energy is a blend of presence (a great gift!) and blessing … and I guess we’d need to be present in order to be blessing!

Light in the Crypt of St. Wystan Church, Repton, U.K. [Photo via TripAdvisor]

If what we focus much on tends to magnetize, attract, and expand, this might be a powerful practice, indeed, and perfect for the Season of Lights that we’re in (wherever we are, and however we observe it).

Simple joy can be awakened by shifting our attention and collecting evidence for Grace, no matter how tiny (and thus easily overlooked) or great, and — here’s the real magic — setting the intention to be ‘blessing embodied’, showering blessings in all directions.

This is a form of shapeshifting alchemy, I’m convinced!

Continue reading about Joy, Presence and the Power of Reciprocal Blessing in the Wake-Up Juice archives, here.

May you feel the power of blessing rising up from the wellspring within you, bubbling over in abundant joy as a gift to all.

Big Love and Blessings on Ya!




2 thoughts on “Joy, Presence and the Power of Blessing

  1. Dearest Alia, I trust you have landed safely back o US soil and are enjoying some sort of warmth on a regular basis! Sending blessings your way. Love and Aloha, Polli

    Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2015 16:16:01 +0000 To:

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