Update from Jack the Watcher

Alia’s Comments: Thanks Jack, this explains a whole heck of a lot!

Jack The Watcher

Jack The Watcher



Over the weekend of January 2-5, Gaia received a large influx of energy which Many of You physically experienced and may still be adjusting to. Immediately following the energy pulse, Gaia released energy from the depths of Her being which resulted in earthquakes, some of which occurred in areas that do not normally experience them. Texas, the root chakra of the United States, experienced the most change in frequency which permitted waves of release of long held heavy energy throughout the Earth. Due to the magnitude of the energy that was introduced into Gaia, Her inhabitants are currently experiencing a reset.

Personally, during this time of reset, you may feel out of sorts, plans will fall through and you may feel an overall sense of disconnect. Some of you may have felt “ill”, experiencing unusual physical and emotional symptoms.

Timed to occur just on the cusp of Mercury going “retrograde” only lends support to the overall experience. Mercury retrogrades on January 21 and emerges 3 weeks later. Once mercury is “direct”, the new growth that we are currently experiencing, will be realized.

We are gaining in strength, we are gaining in power and we are becoming one with our voice.

Many Abundant Blessings!
Jack, The Watcher

You can visit Jack at “Jack’s Corner” on Jean Rockefeller’s  website.

2 thoughts on “Update from Jack the Watcher

  1. Thanks, Alia. I find it helpful to know when Mercury goes retrograde. Its fabulous these days seeing Venus and Mercury paired together in the evening sky. Have a magical journey. – Aaron

    • I agree Aaron — always helpful to know when Merc goes retro. We have reached Chicago — had breakfast in Madrid and will sleep in Seattle tonight. I think physical bodies are not meant to go through so many time zones in such a short period of time. We’re feeling it but we have a soft landing at my sister’s house. Thank you for your support and loving wishes, Alia

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