I’m Almost Here — Still Posting OPS (Other People’s Stuff)

Safe in Seattle Image: Google

Safe in Seattle
Image: Google

Hello Everyone,

Today is Monday, January 19, 2015. Tomas and I are  back in the States.  Our long journey from Tangier to Tacoma began a week ago. In the process, our luggage got separated from our planes and we were without it for several days. Saturday, they told us they had located ONE of the two pieces — was it the one with my clothes, or the one with all the gifts for our family? We found out Sunday when the airline baggage service delivered the one with the GIFTS! Later Sunday, we got the call that the second bag had been found and would be delivered by 11:30 PM that night.Staying up until midnight was not what I wanted last night but the bag arrived, as promised.

So now we have all our stuff with us and did not have to go through Customs or lug the heavy suitcases with us. How cool is that?!

This morning I awoke at a “normal” waking up time for the local Pacific time zone. I feel almost human. What an ordeal! We’ll do this differently in the future.

I’ll still be using some of the great material that my WordPress colleagues have featured recently — posts that are very much aligned with the focus of this blog — affirming Heaven on Earth. So check out the links on the side bar; this message will be “stickied” to the top here, until I get my land legs again and can resume my own posting. A few more days.

I’ve been enjoying your blogs through my WP Reader and very grateful to my sister, Lois and her husband, Dave, for their soft landing space here in a quiet suburb of Tacoma. Love to all, Alia


3 thoughts on “I’m Almost Here — Still Posting OPS (Other People’s Stuff)

  1. Enjoy Washington! Your pic of Seattle looks spectacular. I dream of visiting the Pacific Northwest, my heart has been yearning to commune with the energies of this region. I do understand the culture shock when we travel from one extreme to another. Look forward to interacting with you when time and opportunity permits.

    Welcome back to the US 🙂


  2. Dearest Alia, Just a quick note here. I’m not sure just how much time you will have in Madrid, but I think that the train station is worth seeing. I was only there when passing thru from France on my way to Barcelona. I was there for several hours and it was very interesting. There is a huge indoor tropical garden and there are vendors selling interesting things all around. It made the wait quite bearable and it was really worth seeing. Enjoy your time in Madrid whatever you do. Love, Polli

    Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2015 17:42:00 +0000 To: pollioliver@hotmail.com

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