My Own Experiences with Nature Spirits

Backyard Garden In Need of Assistance

Backyard Garden In Need of Assistance

After reading the message from Teddy in Yesterday’s post, encouraging us to playfully interact with “Elementals, Fairae, Devas, Elves, Trees, Flowers, Gnomes, Insects, Birds and Trolls,” I decided to invite them into our backyard here in Chefchaouen to avail myself of their innate wisdom in caring for the plants in this new and unfamiliar (to me) part of the world.

Considering that Tomas and I would soon be leaving to visit the States for up to two months, I tried to paint a realistic picture for the Spirits — full transparency, if you will — so I told them that I could not promise to safe-guard the energy of the garden at that time but I would truly be honored to work with them to whatever extent possible.

We have a walled garden with a dozen or more fruit trees in it. The soil is poor and there is no garden supply store where I can buy compost, steer manure, leaf rot or any of those common soil builders we have access to so easily in my other home. It was clear that some of the trees were struggling when we arrived here and Tomas and I had committed to pruning the fruit trees before we left on our trip. Beyond that, I wasn’t at all sure what I could do.

First Draft of Nature Spirit Doorway at the Base of the Olive Tree

First Draft of Nature Spirit Doorway at the Base of the Olive Tree

Then Teddy’s suggestion to create a Nature Spirit doorway and invite in the Spirit presence to the garden came to my awareness and I decided to go for it. I located a hollow space in the trunk of an olive tree that looked perfect for holding a door. We had lots of pieces of broken tile lying in piles in the corners of the yard, so I began looking through the tile pieces for a “door,” “steps,” a “pathway,” — I let the creation develop organically.

It was while doing this simple activity that I remembered my former partnership with the Elementals, mostly fairies and elves, that I had enjoyed as a small girl (4-7 years old) exploring my grandfather’s 100 acre farm. I had a whole troop of invisible friends that I played with, built with, climbed trees with and splashed in the creek with. Suddenly, all the joy and creative abandon of those early years came rushing back into my memory and I let out a delighted laugh of that little girl for whom this kind of partnership was a given, a natural way of being.

I put up a rough version of the portal and later Tomas glued a tiny abalone shell onto the door for a door handle. I spoke my intention to the ethers and invited the Spirits into the garden. Tomas did the same.

We were told to watch for a sign of acceptance — that it might come in some unusual way. Within only a few hours both Tomas and I were “visited” by birds. I was in the kitchen when my visitation occurred. A tiny black, white and yellow sparrow-type flew to the grill outside the open window and chirped a communication straight into my heart. He had to say it twice: once to get my attention and another time to land the message. It took me a moment to register that this was Nature accepting my invitation to partnership. Almost simultaneously, Tomas was visited by a large white bird up on the roof. These white ones are usually pretty wary of us and keep their distance. However, this messenger flew to the clothesline, directly in front of Tomas and stood on one of our red towels to deliver his acceptance speech. Tomas understood immediately what this was all about. When we compared notes later, we both got a big chuckle.

But the reality of Nature’s acceptance of our invitation came the next morning when I went down to the garden for a visit. The space felt completely different — warmer, somehow, although the temperatures are at their lowest this time of year. Hard to describe but the garden felt more “populated.”

Garden, Tilled and Pruned, Ready for Spring

Garden, Tilled and Pruned, Ready for Spring

Then, we experienced their assistance with the pruning. We felt completely guided with every cut. Tomas wielded the shears, while I pointed to the places to make the cuts. We conferred about options and each time, I felt the nudges of the “unseen ones” saying — “no, lower” or “yes, that’s the one!” We pruned all the backyard trees in only a few hours.

The next day, I received the message to begin mulching the fruit tress with all the leaves that I was sweeping up in the front yard — mostly olive and fig leaves, but also some apple leaves. It was more work to carry the leaves from the front yard to the backyard but hey — what else do I have to boost the soil with around here? So I did.

Grandfather Came and Turned the Soil for Us

Grandfather Came and Turned the Soil for Us

When the man we call “Grandfather” saw me carrying the pruned branches to the burn pile, he said something to me that I did not understand. The next day he showed up in our backyard and tilled under all the weeds (more mulch) carefully turning over each cut with skill. Unfortunately, he also cleaned up the piles of tile and took out the fairy doorway. I had warned the Spirits that I couldn’t guarantee full protection here — I was glad I had stated that caveat upfront.

However, the partnership exists. The space still feels wonderful. When we return in the Spring, we expect to find happy fruit trees shooting out new growth on their way to bearing figs, pomegranates, peaches and a few surprises.

Best of all, I picked up a “lost” thread from my childhood that has reignited the joy I felt when in the company of the Nature Spirits. I have always believed in fairies; I had forgotten the option of partnership.

Invite The Elementals to Partner with You and See What Magic Happens

Invite The Elementals to Partner with You and See What Magic Happens

Thank you, Teddy, for helping me remember.

For more information from Jean Rockefeller and the Watchers, please visit their website.

Here’s another source of information for Nature Spirit partnerships with humans that came in a recent update from Cobra 2012 Portal.


9 thoughts on “My Own Experiences with Nature Spirits

  1. Alia, thanks for sharing your magical experience. I felt myself transported with your words. What a wonderful practice to take time and commune with the nature spirits becoming a willing co-creator in the dance of life. Bless I, Sarah

    • You are welcome, Sarah. Nature is so ready to “come our way.” Indeed Nature has waited patiently for Humanity to return to its place within Nature, ever since we “forgot” our connection to Source/Nature/Self. This morning I found myself empathizing with a large, black bird who was trying to get into our balcony door. The neighbors behind us have been pruning their trees quite heavily and I think they rendered this bird “homeless.” So I told him (her probably) that she was most welcome to find another place in the garden but that this balcony was not suitable for nesting. She listened attentively and flew off. Anyway, we’ll see how she solves this problem but it feels wonderful to include these beings in my conversations. Blessings and love I to I Alia

  2. Lovely! You have a magical garden indeed. You an Tomas are literally stepping into a higher dimension, when you open the portal and partner up with nature spirits. How wonderful indeed!
    Your space does feel quite inviting, and peaceful. Thanks for sharing your uplifting experience. ♥

    • Thank you so much. Interesting that you used the words “stepping into a higher dimension.” We live on a hillside and must descend to go into “town.” Then when we come back home, we ascend back up the hill again. I’ve often felt as though I transit dimensions between the upper and lower levels of Chefchaouen on a daily basis. The change in frequency is quite palpable and gives me the sense that many of us are “going back and forth” across the borders. Or through the Veil. Hugs and smiles, Alia

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