Partnering with the Nature Spirits to Assist Gaia

Alia’s Comments: If you missed “Teddy’s” message yesterday about how humanity’s use of drilling and biotech engineering technologies have and continue to devastate our Planet, I recommend you read that first here.

Today, “Teddy,” Jean Rockefeller’s Watcher Cat (recently departed to the world of Spirit) shares with us how we can partner with the Nature Spirits to help care for the natural world. I noticed Teddy’s caveat about the temperament and ways of the Nature Spirits:

“They are fickle and shy beings that have been dismissed and abandoned by most of humanity. I would go so far as to say that some are distrusting of humans but their trust can be re-earned.”

The first step for humanity is to believe that these helpers exist. That will go a long way to reassuring them that we’re serious about the partnership to assist our planet.

Tomorrow, I will be sharing my personal story about working with the Elemental Kingdom, particularly fairies and elves, who were my constant companions during the early years of my life. I, too, am in the process of regaining their trust.

Remember the line from “Peter Pan?” If you believe in fairies, clap your hands. Let’s give a round of applause for the Nature Spirits who protect and preserve the vitality of the Natural World.

Now, the good news…and how you can help turn the tides.


My special guy, Elmer

Housed within the energy known as the Nature Spirits, is the capacity to transform much on this planet that is denoted as pollution. When I use the word pollution, I am referring to any energy or situation that inhibits Gaia’s ability to easily move energy.

You can assist the Nature Spirits by inviting them into your space, acknowledging Their presence and most importantly, honoring Their work. They are fickle and shy beings that have been dismissed and abandoned by most of humanity. I would go so far as to say that some are distrusting of humans but their trust can be re-earned.

The energy of the Nature Spirits encompasses a vast amount of beings, including but not limited to: Elementals, Fairae, Divas, Elves, Trees, Flowers, Gnomes, Insects, Birds and Trolls.

I cringed a little when Teddy mentioned Trolls and he gently scolded me.

Your reaction is in response to conditioning related to negative information rooted in fairy tales which is not based in fact. Despite dwelling in caves and other dark and dank areas, Trolls are immensely important to Gaia.

In order to re-assert the power of the Nature Spirits, They must be acknowledged and appreciated by humans. Encourage them to come out of the dark corners and into the Light as doing so, empowers Them, which ultimately will empower us All.

Invite These beings into your space, encourage Their work, honor and recognize Their accomplishments and feed Them with Love. Doing so will benefit you and this Planet, immensely and immediately.

If you decide to work with the Nature Spirits and they choose to work with you, you will be given a sign of their presence. This will come as any unusual sign that causes you to pause, wonder and even laugh.

Mine came in the form of a big white feather which I found in my dryer and then I found another one in the vegetable drawer of my refrigerator.

Begin by regaining Their confidence. You will then you be guided as to how you can work with the Nature Spirits to enact real change.

If you’re feeling crafty, you can create a fairy/ Nature Spirit Door. Use your imagination, glitter, bright things or natural products. As you collect these items, do so with purpose and intent. You can create a fairy door out of wood, poster board or anything you want. Place the doors in your home or yard. Make certain to include a path to the door! This will literally open the door to invite the Nature Spirits into your environment. For more ideas, you can search “fairy doors” on the internet but anything you create with an open heart will do…

Although October is the beginning of a New Year numerologically, the total energy is not felt until the end of the calender year. For that reason, from now until the end of this year, many will experience undulating energies both internally and externally. Emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, depression etc may be uncharacteristically experienced. This is nothing more than a clearing of outworn energies as we move into the New Year, the year of the Sheep

More information about Jean Rockefeller’s work and her communications with the Watchers is available on her website.



5 thoughts on “Partnering with the Nature Spirits to Assist Gaia

    • I think we are in for such learning (or re-learning – remembering) how to work with sacred geometries, “paint” with energy, heal with sound and vibration, do ceremony and hold council with animals in our circles! What fun! What joy! How fascinating life can be! Not long now until it is the new normal. ♥

  1. Such a heart-warming story! Glad you had enough internet juice to share it here. I have found the natural World to be so forgiving. If I take one step towards them, they com four in my direction. I’m happy you enjoyed these posts. Give your stalwart tree a little kiss from me. ♥ Alia

  2. am writing on battery and with slow internet… loved the past two posts, which made me think of eliot cowan’s ‘plant spirit medicinie.’

    just yesterday i had an emotional silent conversation with a young tree in my care.. i rescued it about three years ago before a bull dozer scraped it away.. it’s been coddled in a pot in my house (it’s a ceibo tree) … so this week while moving things around while working/r&m in the house, i broke one of its fragile limbs… yesterday i put a splint on the branch and apologized for being so careless…

    it has a strong spirit, and one of these days i’ll find the right place to plant it in its rightful place.. but until that happens, it watches over the house and the river and me.

    (if only it could amplify my internet signal!)

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