Teddy the Watcher Speaks about Gas, Oil, GMOs and More

Alia’s Comment: It can be excruciatingly painful to lose an animal companion, especially, if they are a “Watcher.” Sometimes these beings depart from our lives suddenly, which makes it even harder to deal with. I took my visibly ill Watcher Max into the vet one day and when I returned after an hour, Max had “left.” I was shocked and judged myself harshly for months for not staying with him while the vet examined him and did the xray.

Jean experienced a similar situation with her cat Teddy — one of the “supervisors” of her Seal of Solomon project. Teddy appeared quite healthy a few days before Halloween 2014 when he told Jean that he needed to “leave” before that magical day. And within a few days, he deteriorated and was communicating with Jean from the other side of the Veil.

Shortly after that, Teddy gave Jean this message to share with us regarding the real reasons why we should not be removing gas and oil deposits from our Mother Planet. Teddy also speaks to us about how GMO seeds destroy the soil — and much more information that was new to me.

Here is Teddy’s message about why drilling and spraying are so harmful. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a message about how we can assist Gaia by partnering with the Nature Spirits.

Gas, Oil, GMOs and more…

In the decades that encompass 1960 and 1970, the negative energies attempted to fatally injure Nature with the use of powerful pesticides and toxic chemicals. The Vietnam War supplied an outlet for the most powerful among them, Agent Orange. It had a purposeful and catastrophic effect on Nature, the consequences of which, linger to this day. Humans did sound an alarm and some of the substances were banned but the damage had already been done for generations to come. Nature was slow to rebound and still struggles to this day against the constant onslaught of devastation that is rooted solely in greed and power.

The extraction of Oil and Natural Gas, as well as the introduction of genetically modified plants continues to test Gaia’s ability to re-balance and easily move energy. The full description and explanation for these circumstances is beyond the scope and purpose of this publication and therefore, will not be explored. I will, however, offer information and solutions that have been deemed relevant and in accordance with the energy of the Watchers.

the north sea platform

wikipedia.org/ north sea oil drilling platform

One purpose of Oil and Natural Gas within the Earth is to assist in the process of seamlessly moving the terra masses. The extraction of these vital ingredients greatly decreases the ease in which these terra masses can be moved thereby increasing the likelihood of events known as Natural Disasters. Specifically, I am referring to earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons and volcanic eruptions.

Gaia must move energy and without the lubrication and buffering supplied by oil and natural gas, Her ability to do so is constricted and restricted.

Gaia is receiving assistance from outer Earth and inner Earth beings however, energy still needs to be moved. The easiest way for Gaia to release and move energy is through earthquakes and volcanic eruptions but these outlets have the most catastrophic effect on Earth dwellers and Gaia. Therefore, weather is the next best alternative for energy movement, resulting in weather extremes. Extreme heat, extreme rain, extreme snowfall, extreme cold, etc…


gmo free corn non-gmoreport.com

Another attack on Gaia has been the introduction of genetically modified plants. In addition to the negative effects experienced by those who consume genetically modified plants, Gaia and Nature are directly affected. These laboratory created plants are innocent pawns in which the creation of fear is sought.

All land on which GMOs are planted, is in essence, barren. In these areas, Nature has been interrupted and excused from the creation process, having a negative tertiary effect on this entire planet. In these areas, Nature is not participating in natural pollination and flowering; In addition, Nature is not asked when or what plants are ripe for picking. Resulting in Plants that are not only an insidious poison but offer little, if any, intrinsic nutritional value.

By dismissing Nature, we All are affected. The immediate fallout is felt by the insects and birds who are responsible for the proliferation of these plant species which, in turn, affects the animals that depend on these creatures for survival. In short, the introduction of genetically modified plants has resulted in a decline in all species of Animae on this planet.

As animals are responsible for the movement of energies over Gaia, a decline in their numbers has also had a direct declining affect on the amount of energy that can be moved.

For more information about Jean and the Watchers, please visit her website.


2 thoughts on “Teddy the Watcher Speaks about Gas, Oil, GMOs and More

    • I had heard before that the oil deposits lubricate the tectonic plates but I did not realize how vital the oil, gas and water veins are for helping Mother to release pressures and energy without having to resort to earthquakes, volcanoes and extreme weather. Another new piece for me was Teddy’s explanation of how GMO seeds destroy the soil. That aspect of devastation I hadn’t considered. I gain so much from reading these communications. Blessings to you, alia

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