The Seal of Solomon

Alia’s Comments: This post is Part II of a series of posts about humanity’s potential for partnering with the Natural World. Today, I am re-posting the part of Jean Rockefeller’s recent newsletter called “The Seal of Solomon.” If the title sounds faintly familiar, it may be because I posted this piece just before Winter Solstice. Amazingly, I received Metatron’s message and Jean’s newsletter within 24 hours. If you missed the first part of this series, you can read it here.

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Some of us have had the pleasure and honor of creating stone circles, medicine wheels, crystal altars, labyrinths or other sacred spaces out in nature. Several years ago, with a group of friends, I helped create  a medicine wheel in a forest glade next to a wild and scenic river in southern Oregon. Building this medicine wheel together was a powerful and inspiring experience. Afterwards, for several years, we gathered on Solstice or Equinox to drum together, meditate or simply sit and enjoy the magical, natural setting.

It was evident that the glade was alive with all forms of life, both visible and invisible. Frequently, we had messengers in the form of birds fly overhead or sit and call to us from the branches of a nearby tree. The ruffling sound of the river always lent a calming effect. Those among us who were adept at seeing between the dimensions, brought forth messages from “Grandfathers” and Spirit Guides who “joined” our circle on occasion. Serenity and deep peace came easily to all who sat in this sacred space.

In the story below, Jean Rockefeller describes her own process of creating a design of stones under the careful supervision of two of her other Watchers (not Jack the Horse) who guided her every step. What I love about this story is that it shows us the amazing possibilities for conjoint creation with the Natural World. Jean didn’t know what she was making; she just listened and followed directions. What resulted was both beautiful and powerful — and supremely useful for clearing energy.

Her reference to “the lost summer” related to a complex home move that took priority over blogging for several months. Jean’s suggestion for using the accompanying declaration at the Solstice was timely in December. Of course you can use it anytime that works for you.

The Seal Of Solomon

The Seal of Solomon Click for Photo Credit

The Seal of Solomon
Click for Photo Credit

Over the Lost Summer, Teddy and Murphie Leigh were insistent that I create an elaborate ‘something’ in my backyard. I named it, ‘”the crop circle”, because I didn’t know what else to call it as nothing came to mind. Teddy and /or Murphie would follow me as I made trips to the various places around my home and yard to gather supplies.

After a few weeks, my son, Ian, enlightened me as to what I had built in my backyard. “So, Mom…What’s with the Seal of Solomon in the backyard?”

 Eureka! The Crop Circle has been named!

I had built it in stages and it took a few weeks to complete. I was dutifully guided by my Watchers and I didn’t think to ask who, what, when, where, why or how. I just did, following my inner guidance and whatever direction Teddy and Murphie offered. I find when I just do and not ask why am I doing, my life is much easier. I eventually find out why anyway. The reason I built the Seal of Solomon in my backyard, according to Teddy and Murphie Leigh, was to assist the Plant, Animal and Vegetable kingdoms and most importantly, the Nature Spirits. The reason I am mentioning this is because, according to Teddy and Murphie Leigh, you can access this device through intention. Its capabilities are not limited by time and space and it can be used for any reason. The only stipulations are that the Seal of Solomon be used with an open heart, honor and integrity and the intention must ultimately serve the Highest Good of Gaia.

What can you do with the Seal of Solomon, you ask?

Let your heart be your guide…but here’s something to get you started:

During a quiet mind time, connect to the Seal of Solomon and recite the following declaration. It is intended to release patterning and energies contained within your being connected to negative familial cords, contracts and patterns. As well as contracts that you are honoring that are no longer relevant to your existence. You can also recite this declaration on behalf of your animal companions. You cannot use this declaration on behalf of another person unless you have their verbal permission to do so.

Consciously intend on connecting with the Heart of Gaia through the pictured Seal of Solomon. After connecting, say the following declaration out loud:

“I now rescind all cords, contracts and energies connected to negative familial patterning, negative programming, limited beliefs and invisible loyalties that hinder my well-being and prevent me from realizing my full and divinely planned potential. I declare that this be done as afforded me under my Divine Rights that are deemed by Creator and mandated by my Divine Birthright. I declare that these cords, contracts and connected energies be cleared in totality NOW, throughout my entire body, being, DNA and soul lineage-Past Present and Future and throughout all layers and levels of time, space and dimension. So Be It.”

If this declaration is pertinent for you, you will experience an energetic shift quickly, if not immediately. It is not necessary to frequently repeat it. If you have experienced a shift, then it is working. If not, then this declaration is not relevant for you.

The upcoming Winter Solstice also occurs during a new moon and this will be a very powerful time to recite this declaration. If you have already verbalized this declaration, repeating it on December 21, at the time of the Winter Solstice and the new Moon, will invite new energy into your being.

Inspector "Teddy" on the Job Photo Jean Rockefeller

Inspector “Teddy” on the Job
Photo Jean Rockefeller


3 thoughts on “The Seal of Solomon

  1. Wow i have much to catch up on, her seal of solomon is magnificent! Sorry to hear of Teddy’s passing, he sure was a cutie! I like how he’s inspecting the Earth pipe which harmonizes heaven and earth, calling forth the “sky sylphs” for their assistance during this time of transition. Thanks so much for sharing this, aren’t our animal partners wonderful! ♥♥♥

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