Help from the Natural World – The “Watchers”

Alia’s Comments: I hope you’re not alarmed by the title We’ve become so used to surveillance stories lately, the covert ways in which humanity is being “watched” and our activities monitored by government agencies using seemingly benign devices, like telephones, social media platforms and other common gadgets we use daily in our homes, cars and offices.

The term “Watcher” as used by Jean Rockefeller (now it’s getting REALLY suspect, I admit) is the name the Watchers use to describe themselves — a member of the natural world (mostly animals but also includes plants and even minerals) who have embodied physically to assist Humanity in our evolution.

You may have been blessed to know an animal Watcher during your lifetime. They are usually the ones we call “pets” who draw such remarks from their people as: “My dog thinks she’s human — won’t eat dog food, only whatever I eat.” Or maybe — “My cat has an uncanny habit of showing up whenever I’m emotionally upset. I always feel so much better as soon as she comes over to me.”  Or my own favorite: “My Aussie shepherd understands everything I say and pretends NOT to understand 90% of it.”

All animals, domestic and wild, have the potential to be Watchers, according to Jean Rockefeller, animal communicator. Her most famous Watcher, Jack the Horse and she have been companions through many lifetimes. You can read their bios here.

I learned about Jean and Jack last summer and used Jack’s message to Humanity about using the “Pumpkin Ray” to release our fear of scarcity, a prerequisite, according to Jack for receiving abundance. Jack and I did some fine release work for several weeks, along with one of my own former Watchers, Max, a hefty long-haired American black beauty cat. After I released my fear of scarcity (a several lifetimes mantle I had worn proudly but it no longer served) Tomas and I received the blessing of our beautiful Moroccan home and our abundant life in Chefchaouen. Thank you Jack and Max!

I will leave it to those of you who have the interest to know more about how these marvelous helpers are assisting us and Gaia in our Ascension process to explore the information on Jean’s blog — sign up for her newsletter — or even book a reading with her and the Watchers.

The next few posts will feature articles and messages about how WE Humans can Partner with the Natural World (of which we are a part) to accelerate our evolutionary process and enrich our lives overall.

Today, we have the latest message from Jack the Watcher, as received by his human scribe, Jean.

We Are More Powerful Than We realize!

Jack The Watcher

Jack The Watcher

Hello Fellow Earthlings! I am feeling better than I have in years and I’m hoping that you too are reveling in the magnificent energies that are now available. I have comfortably settled into “farm 3” and I am effortlessly utilizing the power lines that surround this farm. I am able to send and receive energy easier than I could have ever imagined. Most importantly, I am “cloaked” by the energy emitted by the power lines, which enables me to do my work at will. In other words, I am safe. I am working more but expending less energy and it has elevated my spirit to new heights. I have a renewed sense of Joy and I am so thankful to all of you for your support, appreciation and gratitude. Jean and I return it to you 10 fold! You have allowed the Watchers to continue to work while, at the same time, giving them a voice and an outlet for the power that the animals have held in check and silence for a very long time. Our awakening (The Animals, Vegetables and Minerals) adds power to Gaia, which elevates everything on this planet.

You are also a crucial part of this process and your role in Gaia’s Ascension can not be be understated…

images human head

During pivotal times in your journey, you have been guided to build, create, write, attend, interact, connect, deposit and gather. You may not have understood why but you nevertheless followed your Heart, Higher Self and Inner Sun. These innocuous actions, most likely, synchronously occurred during powerful times in Gaia’s development. As time passed, you realized that these actions or interactions beneficially changed the course of your path. Understand that these Events of Chance are part of a very large, convoluted and complicated game of chess in which we are all pawns. There are no kings, queens, knights or rooks, only pawns. We are all the same and equally important. Only the ego will add importance to one’s position, happenstance or role. Pause here… and ponder the Events of Chance that spurred positive change in your life journey. Give a heartfelt Thanks to those beings and events that facilitated change in your evolution…

Events of Chance are validations that you are participating in the creation of your own reality. Shaping your reality is built upon the foundation of focus and desire, forged by Gratitude.

Focus solely on what brings you Joy and fuel Joy with Gratitude. Some events in your life will shift quickly while others may take time. If you are anxious, angry, depressed or mournful- respectively refrain from continually supporting these energies with people, places, circumstances or events that invoke negative thoughts, words, emotions or reactions. Now, more than ever, you have a choice. You can choose to release yourself from old patterning. Shift your focus, Count your Blessings and choose to be Grateful for what you have. You are the Master of your domain and you can choose to release yourself from what hinders your ability to experience Joy.

A caveat applies: Negative emotions connected to a specific situation, circumstance or event may be needed to spur you into positive action.

A fundamental rule: “Fear and Gratitude can not be experienced simultaneously.” If you are fearful, focus your thought and emotional energy on Gratitude and the fear will quickly dissipate.

I asked Jack if he could be a little more specific and supply some useful tools and suggestions:

If you encounter a negative person, circumstance or event that you are unable to move away from-choose not to be an outlet for such energy by accepting it. Instead, center yourself and counter by emanating Kindness, Compassion, Gratitude or Love. Stay centered in the moment of the here and now, as this will draw in your power and allow you to remain focused and calm. This will diffuse the heavy energy.

Angry, fearful and miserable people desire to share these energies with willing participants. If you choose not to feed their dark emotions, they will soon find another outlet for their energy. Become aware of your own thoughts as you may be unconsciously targeting others with negative thought and emotional energy. Fundamentally, if you want others to think kindly of you, you must think kindly of them.

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