12 thoughts on “2015 — A New Paradigm Timeline

  1. Thank you for your inspirational message. Yes, I’m very much with you on this. And finding it ironic that as we exsist more fully in heart-space, that only then do we truly comprehend how it’s been there all along. I now finally understand what the Hopi Indians mean when they say: “We are the one’s we have been waiting for.”

    • Thank you! What a wonderful awareness you brought forward — everything is “there” but out of our awareness (our consciousness viewing spectrum.) Once we become aware of something “new” we simultaneously realize “it was always there.” Language is really inadequate to make these points but our attempts are good for laughs anyway. Blessings to you as we experience more and more revealings within, Alia

  2. Thank you so much — this will be the year that the tree “fruits.” 2015 is an “8” year in numerology = harvest, power and success! Today 1-1-2015 = 10 = New Beginnings. How often does this occur on January 1st?! Last year 1-1-2014 = 9 = completion. Well, I think we can all take a bow for “completions” during 2014. Much love to you Dear Heart ♥

  3. Reblogged on metaphyzgirl. Thank you so much for your inspiration and for all your wonderful posts. Happy new year.

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