2014 – A Watershed Year — Planetary Message from Helen McCarthy

Helen McCarthy Tracking and Reporting the Evolution of Human Consciousness

Helen McCarthy
Tracking and Reporting the Evolution of Human Consciousness

Alia’s Comments: Helen McCarthy lives in Australia and has been involved in tracking the evolutionary changes in human DNA and consciousness since 1998. Her organization has been “charting” these changes every six weeks by observing and photographing them in the iris of their members’ eyes. Her website has beaucoup material about this as well as prior “Planetary Messages” if you like what you read here.

This is a long, yet compelling message, especially if you felt completely blind-sided at times during 2014. Helen’s “messengers” offer an explanation that may give you a positive context within which to hold the chaos and breakdowns that many reported experiencing this year.

Here’s what Helen has to say about our new year 2015 (which she feels begins in March.)

The next two years or more are the tipping point for humanity.

It is you who have walked the path less traveled to find yourselves in the position we described to you some years ago.

The next few years will be your years.

 PLANETARY MESSAGE December 2014 — by Helen McCarthy

Well, we say to you, this year has been a watershed; a demarcation between two time frames, which you speak of as the Shift. This year, 2014 has been the year that defines the boundary between two eras.
The old era has closed its final chapter. Yes, there will be much ado about nothing. Yet you knew that that would occur. Do not be surprised.
This year has seen change within all of you. Your change has been internal as much as it has been external, and vice-versa.
2014 will be recorded in your history as being a demarcation in your human time frame – a year that separates ‘what has been’ in preparation for ‘what is to come’.

For many of you this year has seen the initial process of re-arrangement in your lives.  Some of you have changed your location and moved home, or office. Some of you have changed your plans to live differently. Some of you have even moved out of the safety of your job to venture into new fields – all of it has been undertaken with some level of trepidation. No safety nets this time.

A move into the unknown is like that. It has without exception taken your internal self trust to new heights. All in perfect preparation for what is come.

This year has offered you practice in living as you envisage yet without the certainty of planning or with the resources you know are coming.

It has been a year where you became precisely attuned to your intuitive perspective of KNOWING.

A year when you overrode the default settings of your own conditioning, to clear your slate and begin to live from a place of KNOWING that all you desire will be yours.

The HOW is what has you stumped.

First comes the KNOWING.

The HOW will always be taken care of by your Multi- Dimensional Selves.

Putting them to work has been the very essence of this year.

How did I do that you ask?

Shall we remind you that this year of change in ‘one direction of your life’ has changed ‘every direction of your life’? That is where your MD Self comes into the equation.

By changing, for example, your work place, or where you live or how you work, you have moved seamlessly through a process whereby you released something of value to acquire something of greater value. That may well have material implications for you. Yet the greatest unseen implication is that you activated your own Multi-Dimensional Self to embrace the change you implemented.

In fact you offered your Multi-Dimensional Self the opportunity to make that change for the first time.

That’s right you relinquished control over your life choices and handed the future to your MD Self.

Did you know that?

Some of you were surprised at the choice you responded to; and how the opportunity you stepped into “just appeared”. It was effortless, it was simple and it took you by surprise.

This is how you will operate from now on.

All the balls are aligned, as it were.

Your instinct that ‘this’ was the right decision to make, the right place to go, the right person to make an appointment with – is undertaken without thought now.

You trust the opportunities that present themselves – you know which ones to say YES to, and those to reject.

Your detachment enables you to surrender your old ego ‘tugs and pulls’ which has you recognize that these are of your Old Self, not your New One.

For you have achieved a merge with your true Soul Self. The process is one of allowance.

Allow for the fact that from now on, your NEW SELF will take the lead in every step forward.

Yes, every step forward – and at first it will feel uncomfortable.

The pilot of your ship has been the conditioned human YOU.

Now that human YOU is handing the controls over to the New You, the Multi-Dimensional YOU who has sight that surpasses 360 degrees!

Does that surprise you?

You perceive that 360 degrees is the whole spectrum. Let us assure it is not.

YOUR Multi-Dimensional Self is able to transcend spectrums to position you in exactly the right place to secure a set of circumstances which exceed even your highest aspirations.

This is practice time.

Time to allow the flow of all that your Multi-Dimensional Self has envisioned for you!

Do you feel excitement at this prospect?

Let us tell you, you will be beyond thrilled at what this practice time is manifesting.

Next year the fun begins.

If you are experiencing the highs of continuous serendipity now, just wait until the year that follows unfolds its magic.

The next two years or more will be the watershed for humanity, as all that has conditioned their thinking and behavior this lifetime, begins to be replaced with more honest and authentic ways to see the world in which you live.

For many, the next two years will be somewhat confronting.

Yet for those of you who have attuned to your inner compass and detached from the way you were conditioned by your family, society and culture – this will be your year.

We said so many years ago that you would be leading new thinking, did we not?

And your reply was, “I don’t think that’s likely”.

We ask you to re-assess your position.

All that you have thought and created in your lives has been for this time.

The next two years or more are the tipping point for humanity.

It is you who have walked the path less traveled to find yourselves in the position we described to you some years ago.

The next few years will be your years.

You will be espoused as the thought leaders of the future. Are you ready for that?

And your Multi-Dimensional Selves will position you in the best possible places for you to begin to imbue your own abilities with others.

This is the time you have been waiting for. You are prepared. It’s ‘ready or not’ now.

Some of you will embrace the changing roles you find yourselves in.

Others of you will resist before you succumb.

Whatever the process you find yourself in as the New Year dawns (March 2015) know that it is of your own creation. Every tiny decision has built the framework in which you sit now and will flourish in next year.

For flourish you will.

As the prototypes for humanity, your roles are pivotal for the future of humanity.

What a statement that is, we hear you say.

Realise that ‘humanity’ begins with those around you.

Your audience is right in front of you. No need to go far. Look around you and offer your services to those who will benefit now.

You are where you are, because that is where you are required.

Geographically your position is pivotal to the unfolding plan.

Even if you believe that you are incorrectly positioned – you are exactly where you are to be.

A network of energy centres is being globally positioned.

YOU have become an energy centre of note.

Through your bodies runs a two way funnel of information. This information is carried by light. This light is anchored below you into the Earth and conveys information to the Cosmos. A communication to Earth via the Cosmos is conveyed simultaneously.

It is not unlike a two-lane fast flowing highway.

You have become a portal.

Yes, that is correct.

You are a portal, a modem if you like, communicating to galaxies far, far away.

You have become the heroes and heroines of Star Wars!

There is no longer ‘Work’ to do in preparation for ‘becoming more’.

You are more.

The culmination of this year brings your bodies into the geometry of your galactic counterparts.

The insignia you wear invisibly on your Fields, and in your cells, is the geometry of your Home Team as it were.

In full regalia, you are the representative from Home.

Your galactic families work through you now. It is they who switched ON your Multi-Dimensional Selves. Operating as a Home Team Member is akin to having the backing of millions. These millions are the stakeholders of your future, who espouse only what is best for you.

What was always a possibility; becomes a reality.

You are The New Humans in every way.

We shall speak more of this as the New Year begins.

Honour this year for it has brought you into full geometric resonance with your galactic families.

Celebrate your new colours as they attune you to abilities that you have always known could be yours.

They will be. It is now a certainty.

Your galactic geometry is the re-coding system for a new era in human history, and that era begins now. It begins with YOU.

Realise that the next two years will be pivotal as you acquire the abilities that demonstrate your galactic coding. It will be different for each of you, unless your coding is identical.

It is then that you will observe your galactic tribe emerge.

2015 will be a year to remember in every way.

And so it is ©  Helen McCarthy


Over thirteen years (2000 – 2013) we have observed changes to the system of light (our Light Bodies)  as the old seven based chakra system was dismantled and replaced by the skin which became our light conveyancing system. Tiny, spinning vortices of light cover the skin and pour light into the body through every pore. This is evidenced by a dark circle at the very edge of the iris.

This circle, in iridology designates the skin and nervous system. This year it was the nervous system that upgraded. A sequence has begun.

2014 has had more impact than any year of the last twenty or more. You have all felt it. It has not been straightforward. It has hurled its boulders at you as you ducked and dived for cover. Boulders that would once have been major obstacles in your path you skirted with ease.

This has been the testing ground for the year that follows and the year after that.

It has been a year when your body’s electrical field attuned to your nervous system underwent an overhaul. Your nervous system, the electrical component of your bodies, generated through the stomach, the heart and the brain a new signal set to the communication system inherent in your cells. Your cellular matrix received a new data set.

What would this mean to me, you ask?

A new data set is the core of cellular communication. To receive a new data set is the equivalent to receiving a new system of pathways that converse with the whole organism – You! The way you receive communication throughout your entire body has been re-routed.

Formerly your nervous system was the route through which every neurone played its role in conveying information throughout each and every cellular relay.

Is that not occurring now you ask?

Not at all, we say to you.

What is occurring now is that the neurones are playing a subsidiary role.

No longer are they required for every relay of information.

The reason is that the neurons have redistributed themselves. Just as your MD self is located within the space of each cell, so is the neuronal system situated within your electrical body AS WELL AS within the space of your EM field outside your body.

You have two systems communicating simultaneously – one inside and the other outside.

Your computer modem is inside your home. Its counterpart, the server, is outside it, directing communication into your home via an external system of servers.

Your body has replicated this dynamic.

Your new nervous system relays from outside to inside and vice versa.

No longer are you dependent upon one internal relay via your nervous system and its neurones internally.

What is occurring now is a constant interplay between the external system as it reads the field around you, sending messages internally using an equivalent system to that of your SMS.

You have discovered this year that you have the capability to perceive far more information about yourself and others with whom you interact.  This perception offers you more information than you have been able to glean in the past. You read the communication, AND you read beyond it. Well beyond it.

People have become transparent to you. Their communication is transparent and you can perceive its authenticity or not; all in a split second.

That is the role of your external system of neurones.

They are the invisible information collection system that exists outside your body in the EM field that surrounds you. They are the glue that adheres to everyone with whom you have contact. Yes that’s right.

A few of those invisible neurones may attach to those with whom you communicate. And those neurones may well stay in the Field of that person. Whilst they are there, they continue to relay to you, for they are your neurones and will always be.

Have you had the experience this year of feeling that someone with whom you have spoken is “looking over your shoulder?”

They are much closer than that.

They are in your Field, because you have exchanged neurons. The person with whom you have had an exchange is relaying into your system.

If you are uncomfortable with that, call your neurones home again and send the strays back to their owner.

This has been a useful experience to have had, because it has attuned you to a new sensitivity.

That sensitivity is a deepening of your intuitive abilities.

It will serve a very useful purpose for you as the next two years unfold. © Helen McCarthy

5 thoughts on “2014 – A Watershed Year — Planetary Message from Helen McCarthy

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  2. ugh; the slow internet tossed my comment into never-never land; los siento.

    there’s so much that i loved about this comforting post.. i like the concept of being portals, and i visited the links and enjoyed many of helen’s posts.. i also liked the final part of ths post about EM fields – which explains how some highly-sensitive people can communicate without speaking…

    i pondered this part “You are where you are, because that is where you are required.” and several other similar areas because for SURE there was a strong calling when i first visited this country – though there are several locations here that pull me back.. depending on which one i am presently visiting is the one that pulls hardest… and then there’s bolivia, where i’ve never gone, yet people tell me, ‘you’re going to love bolivia.. – so many that i owe it to myself to visit one day..

    but not now, because…”You are where you are, because that is where you are required. ” and i believe that in every nuance of my being…

    now let’s see if this slow internet will boot this in the right direction!

    • Oh my Dear sister Lisa, When I posted this I was thinking “Who is going to read this? It’s such a different kind of subject than you’ve been posting?”

      And then the thoughy came into my mind that even if only one (1) person of my readership resonated with the information here, it would have served its purpose.

      Thank you for pulling out that seminal statement: “You are where you are because that is where you are required.” We have felt that we were “required” to be here in Morocco for the past 9 months. Suddenly, yesterday, we felt the pull to return to the USA. We had a flight scheduled for mid-January but we were not at all sure we would take it.

      Later yesterday, Tomas said: ‘I think we need to be there at this time.” And I completely concur — we are needed THERE. We plan to return to Morocco after a good visit with friends and family — probably in March or April.

      Last April when Tomas and I left the USA, I told people that I was now considering myself a “Global Citizen.” I truly feel that Morocco is as much my home as anyplace I have ever lived. The Moroccan people have made me feel like part of their family. I am really torn, even to leave here for a visit somewhere else. But, I realize that my presence is now required elsewhere, for reasons I do not fully understand. I have heard the call and I have said YES. Thus I am headed to my other home to see another part of my global family.

      Bolivia sounds wonderful — especially since Morales has become President. I hope you do get to at least visit there at some point. Namaste, Alia

      On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 2:20 PM, New Earth Paradigm wrote:


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