Community of Light — Liwanag – Cebu City, Philippines

Teresa Ruelas Cebu City, Philippines

Teresa Ruelas
Cebu City, Philippines

This is my first post featuring the New Timeline Communities of Light that are already taking root and beginning to reflect Heaven on Earth. This is a community with several locations in the Philippines. These locations are not necessarily physical places where members live on one property together and share work, meals and recreation — but they could be that or become that.

This particular community has emerged through its development of individuals whose ideals and goals are expressing a new vision for their entire country. Working through individuals — from the ground up — and addressing head-on the challenges (immense and messy challenges) that exist blatantly everywhere, these community members represent a new paradigm of “imaginal beings.” They are taking actions aligned with their visions of what is possible for the Philippines.

I recently received an invitation to participate in a global conversation about the movements that I am involved with or aware of in my sphere of influence. I am posting this invitation below and inviting you to join the conversation, if you are called to include yourself.

My contact within this organization is a dynamic Filipino woman, Teresa Ruelas, who lives in Cebu City, Philippines, where the next annual Liwanag conference will be held in September of 2015. You are all invited to come to that too. Meanwhile, the conversation for expanded global awareness and inclusion is beginning in about a week and your answers to the questions below will be joyously received and greatly appreciated.

When I expressed my concern about the very short turn-around time, Teresa assured me that they will gratefully accept my input whenever I can get it to them. Also, she indicated that even my contemplation of the questions will be “felt” by the group. So you have a couple of options for participating.

Here is the link to their website: Imaginal Mission.

Read their mission statement and prepare to be inspired.

Before I post the invitation, I’d like to add that I feel there are many budding or expanding Communities of Light on our planet, with many more coming into existence this next year. Please point me toward any that you know of so that we can envision their successful development together. Many people are looking to add their presence or support to such endeavors, so let’s discover where they are and what kind of support is needed for each organization to take its next steps. Please leave your suggestions in the comments section.

Here is the invitation to the Liwanag (“Light” in Filipino) conversation. Please email your answers to:

Invitation to Liwanag 2015

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