Open Our Hearts — Open the World

Alia’s Comments: My blogging friend, Pat Cegan, of Source of Inspiration is an incredible poet and writer. In this recent poem,”Open the World,” she shares a subject dear to my heart — a world without borders, a world without strangers.

Another friend, whom I have had the great pleasure to meet in person, goes by the name, Brightstar — so perfect for her. She recently sent me her own thoughts on the topic of meeting new people and cultures with an open heart. I’m posting these two pieces together and sending my gratitude to Pat and Brightstar for speeding us toward a world of One People, One Planet, One Heart.

Take Down the Fences -- Open the World

Take Down the Fences — Open the World

Take down the walls,
get rid of fences,
ban borders, open the
world, open our hearts.

I walk freely among the
fields passing those who
are no longer strangers
for they are neighbors now.
We smile our joy, share a
cup of water pure, then
wish a fond farewell as
we go our separate ways.
This is the life we are
destined to have.

~ ~ ~

And now from Brightstar:

It doesn’t matter where we are. We are among strangers until we see them as part of The ONE. When we speak to them, they become a confirmation that we are all ONE.
Spreading my light to those around me is not an option. I think it’s mandatory. For me, anyway.
I don’t claim to have given up those character flaws that don’t serve me or anyone else. But, each time I realize I’m repeating that old behavior, and STOP, I’ve shallowed those crevices in my grey  matter.
Blessing all peoples allows me to embrace the diversities and let them live their lives as their guidance dictates. My job is to shine MY light and not to be concerned if their light glows differently than mine.  LIGHT IS LIGHT.

4 thoughts on “Open Our Hearts — Open the World

  1. Hey thanks for the poems…both great. Shinning our OWN LIGHT because that is the only light we can send out, as we only have one light within us… totally loved Brightstars idea. We have been programmed soooooo much in our lives to BELIEVE what others tell us as TRUTH, when in fact we must determine ourselves what is OUR truth, for US/ME, determined by Spirit connection to ME/MY true-soul….MY LESSONS are for ME. People that live their lives focusing on what others tell them WITHOUT QUESTIONING and getting in touch with their TRUE SOURCE withint them, are likely the ones CREATING WARS AND UNHARMONIOUS PLANETARY/HUMANITARY DISTURBANCES….and I AM JUST FED-UP with it all… is INHUMANE. We are after all living on a PLANET given freely to us…and ALL of the HUMAN RACE….yet some do not act like it. Do they want DEATH to others that have done NOTHING TO THEM? WHY?. Well I send out LOVE TO YOU ALL, EVEN THE UNHARMONIOUS/HATEFUL/INHUMANELY LIVING PEOPLE……and say to them…FEEL THE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, p l e a s e….xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoHugs and Kisses to all.

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