Cops for the Homeless

Alia’s Comments: This is an example of the city of Houston, TX addressing the needs of the homeless. Instead of seeing their homeless population as an annoying problem, the Houston community saw the opportunity to work through their police department to find shelter for its homeless members. I’m posting this heart-warming video as an example of potentials that exist everywhere for living in accord with The New Timeline going into 2015.

Below the video is a quote from Peggy Black about seeding the Quantum Field. What we give attention to —GROWS!!!  Let’s give our attention to that which we want to expand and develop in our world. And let the rest dissolve into the dustbin of history. The Universe is only “funding” the New Timeline. Let’s give it our full attention as we head into the waters of our New Year.

Each moment in your day, you have the opportunity to sculpt the events in your personal life and add to the shift in the collective consciousness. Begin to envision your personal experience and the global events from a place of empowered awareness. Acknowledge that your thoughts and emotions join other like-minded, awakened beings in this neutral quantum field of manifestation.

Envision that those who are hungry are fed, those who are sick are healed, those who are homeless are sheltered. Envision that divine truth, well-being, love and light embrace all of life. Envision waves and waves of peace-commanding presence, surrounding all areas of conflict. Envision humans respecting one another for their uniqueness.

Envision methods and solutions for clean energy. Envision methods and systems that support the health and well-being of all. Envision the reality of abundance and equality for all living beings. Envision wise leadership that befits your global connections.

–Seeding the Quantum Field by Peggy Black and the ‘team’

(Bold emphasis above is mine – Alia)


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