Let There Be Peace on Earth

Today is Christmas Day — a day that is celebrated by Christians around the world in honor of the birth of the one known as Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the Christ, Yeshua ben Joseph. He is also known as the “Prince of Peace.”

Peace is more than just an absence of war, although that would be a great start. Before we can have a “world without war” we each need to “stop the war within ourself” — to lay down our harsh judgments and criticisms that we render so quickly without even realizing the wounds they inflict, contributing incrementally to our demise. How many times to we chastise ourselves with something like: “You stupid idiot!” How many times to do follow that outburst with an apology to our inner being who may have simply made a mistake in haste or in a stressful moment of carelessness?

It is each or our responsibilities to make peace within our own hearts FIRST. From a peaceful heart and mind it is easier to extend that gift to others. Let this next solar cycle be remembered as the year that WE made Peace with ourselves and shared that Peace with our brothers and sisters in God, as Jesus taught us by His example, so long ago.

Here are three of my favorite Peace videos. The second one was created by one of my readers, Darla P. Thank you Darla.




2 thoughts on “Let There Be Peace on Earth

  1. Thank you Mihran — in the deep of winter (in the northern hemisphere) there are several holi-days that arrive close together — Hanukkah, Solstice, Christmas and Kwanza. They all speak to us the message of Peace, Light, Abundance, Joy and Love. They feature families gathering together. Although winter is often a harsh season, it can be a gentle, quiet, soft time that fosters contemplation, compassion and forgiveness of ourselves and others. Love to you in this gentle season, Alia

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