Waking Up in Heaven on Earth

Alia’s Comments: This is what you might call a “crossover” post. It features one of Tomas’ daily Moroccan morning rituals and it also documents and affirms his experience of Heaven on Earth.

Each morning, Tomas arises and begins his day with yoga and stretching for about 30 – 45 minutes. Then he makes himself (and me too — lucky me!) a splendid cup of coffee! Weather permitting, he takes the coffee, a notebook and one of his favored sacred texts out on our tiny kitchen balcony where he reads and writes and sips and savors all the delights of the new day.

Here is Tomas’ journal entry for Tuesday, December 23, 2014. Enjoy.

Tomas - Morning MeditationWill I implode to contain this ecstasy? Brilliant morning sun of North Africa in the depths of winter, too bright to behold! Hot strong coffee scorches my lips, my tongue with its richness, its strength. Covered in the think, woolen jelleba of the Mountain People, I sit at the foot of rocky cliffs, as the rushing stream speaks to me of the rocks in its path. Looking through the clear air, up the steep slope to the cliffs above, I feel the white bird traversing the wide space from one craggy outcropping to the next. I pull  the cool air deeply into my lungs like the hashish smoker his addiction. And from the throat of the matriarch-crone, who lives across the stream, comes the husky: “aji,aji,aji – djej,djej,djej!” (Come chickens.) calling her chicken family to feed. Yes, in the midst of teeming life that cannot be fathomed, we speak of simple things: food, air, water, sunshine, rain and love.

Simple Things: Food, Air, Water, Sunshine, Rain and Love

Simple Things:
Food, Air, Water, Sunshine, Rain and Love

Please visit Tomas at his blog New Earth Heartbeat, and check out what else he has to say under “LatestPosts.”


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