Celebration Cannot Co-Exist with Obligation

Alia’s Comments: I am posting this week’s message from Brenda Hoffman that discusses a new way of relating to celebration and holiday traditions.

For years I have been “stepping” back from participating in holiday traditions. First to go were the Christmas cards and letters. Next, went the decorations and the tree trimming (that was facilitated by living in an apartment where there was no room for a tree.) Then went the parties and the huge dinners, unless I joined with others to make a co-created feast.)

I’ve been letting go of doing anything for the holidays “out of a sense of duty or obligation” for enough years that when I read the message below this morning, it didn’t even feel as though it applied to me. I almost did not post it.

But then the thought came that maybe some of my readers might benefit from the information here, so I am posting it for any of you who are caught in the celebration – obligation syndrome and may be re-thinking the merits of keeping up certain “traditions” even though you feel little connection with them.

Personally, I try to do only those things that are joyous. Baking and sending off holiday packages used to be my thing! I loved it! But having moved to Morocco (where Christmas is not celebrated in the Western way )I still find myself wistfully imagining keeping up my baking traditions, although I have no oven or most of the ingredients needed to make what I used to make. So I’ve created the perfect situation to look at what my mind is still caught up in, regarding holiday traditions and those last remaining vestiges of obligations.

If some of you are wondering about the parts of this message that suggest that this is the last holiday season that we’ll be celebrating this way, I will give you my interpretations of these statements. I think that we will still be celebrating next year but without any sense of duty or obligation but rather with pure joy, gratitude and shared hearts. And not just for the commercialized two months between Halloween and New Years! We’ll be celebrating each day for “no reason at all” for the shear pleasure of feeling our new-found freedom, abundance and joy of having stepped into a New World of our own choosing and co-creation.

Here’s Brenda’s message: “Are You Gifting Everyone but You?”
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Dear Ones,

This holiday season may be difficult for you. Not because you are not filled with love, but that society dictates what you should feel and do.

This is likely the last holiday season that 3D shoulds invade your being to this extent.

Some of you have moved beyond expectations and rituals created in your 3D world. Others of you continue to struggle with a continuum of shoulds from: “I wish I could share this loving season with someone.” to “Why do I play roles I don’t believe in?”

It is not bad or wrong to express love during this season – if you truly feel it. But to create sensations just because you should is confusing for many. You have moved beyond most of your 3D shoulds and beliefs and yet, this season pushes you into your old life.

This is indeed a wonderful season for love is expressed and shared in many ways. But this season lasts just a few days. The societal message is that you should turn on a love button during this season and not be that concerned or interested in love the remainder of the year.

Perhaps this is a harsh assessment for some. For you love the holiday baking, shopping, tree trimming, candle lighting and loving get-togethers.

Yet, love does not reign for others during this season. You feel a duty to bake, cook, decorate, purchase, gather with family and friends, maintain your 3D existence, as well as adjust to Universal shifts. It is too much. You are on overload and cannot wait until the holidays pass. You are not sharing a loving experience, you are merely sharing another 3D work experience. You should do this, feel that and remember everyone but yourself.

It is time to also gift yourself.

Perhaps such is not possible this year for you have already committed beyond your energy levels. This is the last year you will do so. For the shifts of the next few months will pull you further from 3D thoughts and obligations.

You have recently welcomed new segments into your being who wish to experience your 3D world. By doing so, the remainder of you is better able to play with new frequencies, time travel and dimension hopping.

By this time next year, your 3D segments will have adapted to new you and there will be little need to feed the shoulds of your 3D world.

But for now, for this year, your new 3D segments are confused and dismayed. They are not certain how they should act – pieces of this holiday season do not seem harmonious. Why are you expected to give money to others during this season and neglect them the remainder of the year? Are you giving gifts, time, energy and money because you should or because you feel joy doing so?

Your new 3D segments are bathed in love. So this ‘hit or miss’ holiday season does not compute for them.

And as the remainder of new you is called back into your 3D being to explain and coach, you are frustrated and not a little angry. The net effect is not necessarily one of joy, but of shoulds and have tos.

Such is not true for all. For indeed, many of you have cut back or cut down on your holiday festivities. Others of you have designated this time to share love.

But to believe that as a loving soul you must give and give, is to revert to 3D thinking – where giving is divine and receiving is selfish.

The new you – including your new 3D segments – wishes to share love.

Even though for some such has always been their holiday experience, many find themselves so exhausted, financially depleted or angry that it is not a season of love, but a season of shoulds. Give. Give. Give.

Few have yet addressed the complete continuum of giving and receiving.

But then, this is most likely your last year of emphasizing giving and ignoring or negating receiving. Claim yourself and your worth. And so you shall more and more with every passing day.

This holiday season is the cap as it were, the closure of 3D shoulds you have accepted for so long. So be it. Amen.

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