Kingdom of Hawai’i Flag to Be Honored Above the Flag of the US Corporate Government

Alia’s Comments: Here is a sign that new forms of governance are being brought into being by small actions on the part of individuals and groups, dedicated to setting things right, or “pono” in Hawaiian. These actions were taken non-violently and approved because the truths were self-evident and could not be refuted. I believe we will see similar results in other parts of the world in the very near future. Link to article here.

La‘akea Caravalho and other students from the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo met with theGail Makuakane-Lundin University’s Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Gail Makuakane-Lundin regarding their request that the Hawaiian Kingdom flag fly will no longer be flown below the American flag as it has since the occupation began on August 12, 1898, but will be flown on a separate flagpole of equal height to the American flag. Additionally, the Hawaiian Kingdom flag will be the first to be raised and the last to be lowered each day.

In the meeting, Vice-Chancellor Makuakane-Lundin told the students that the administration for the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo took their request very seriously, and after they met to discuss the matter the administration decided that the students’ request would be honored.

Big Island News Video reported:

The reasoning behind the action is evident in a letter written by students of the University of Hawai‘i to faculty and administrators, which began by saying the students have found the university has committed war crimes under the illegal occupation, specifically “pillaging” and “Americanization.” The letter relies on evidence presented in the recent “Memorandum for Ka Pouhana, CEO of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs regarding Hawai‘i as an independent State and the Impact it has on the Office of Hawaiian Affairs” by Dr. Keanu Sai.

After detailing the background of the war crime accusations, students wrote:

“In closing if you are able to refute the evidence in the Memo then assuredly the felonies—war crimes—have not been committed. But if you are not able to refute the evidence, then beginning on November 28, 2014, Hawaiian Independence Day, La Ku‘oko‘a, which has been celebrated since 1843, the United States Flag will no longer be raised over the Hawaiian flag from that day forth. We demand that the Hawaiian flag shall be raised first and be last taken down each day. The occupying United States flag shall be on a separate flag pole of exact same height with the flag flown as well at the same height. If no flag pole is provided for the U.S. flag it shall not be raised until one is provided by the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo and Hawai‘i Community College at no cost to the students. The none refute of evidence means that all State of Hawai‘i officials and employees, as well as We/Students are compelled to comply with Hawaii Kingdom Law and the law of occupation.”

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Harriet Tubman Wright The Wright Resort

Harriet Tubman Wright
The Wright Resort

One of my dear friends, Harriet Tubman Wright, made this statement, which I feel is reflected well in this story. Thank you Harriet.

“In solidarity with those seeking justice through peaceful protest: Understand that with a clear vision, positive attitude and focused plan of action, a group of committed individuals can transform the world; one family, one school, one business, one neighborhood, one city and one region at a time, until a vibrant network of love, peace and justice envelops and sustains the planet.” ~ Harriet Tubman Wright

2 thoughts on “Kingdom of Hawai’i Flag to Be Honored Above the Flag of the US Corporate Government

  1. Brava and Bravo to the students, administrators and ancestors for this peaceful and powerful act to restore a sense of equity, justice and responsible stewardship. So grateful that you shared this story…and appreciate knowing that my statement resonated and affirmed what is indeed possible and proven to be so. Signs of Deep Transformation, Liberation and Evolution are happening globally, for which I’m most grateful!

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