New Focus for Our Third Year of the New Galactic Cycle

Welcome to Our Third Earth Year of the New Galactic Cycle

Welcome to Our Third Earth Year of the New Galactic Cycle

Since arriving in Morocco eight months ago I have been documenting my experiences and featuring them on my blog site: New Earth Paradigm.

Many of you have commented on how much you have enjoyed reading them. Thank you for that positive response.As I prepared to come here, I often referred to this as my “Peace Corps” experience. Though it is not officially part of any organized movement for peace, I truly believe that whenever one of us opens our heart to another culture and fosters genuine connection with that land and its people, then one is fulfilling a role of being an Ambassador of Peace. I believe, actually, that this is the most effective and efficient way to bring peace to our world — person to person interaction and connection.

Many of you have “traveled” with me through my posts this year and thus you have also opened your hearts to this country, its culture and its people. So consider yourselves “deputized,” because it doesn’t really matter whether we are standing in front of a real person or holding an image of a person in our minds. The important part is that we are opening our minds and hearts!

And that is what my blog has been about this year: Bringing Heaven onto Earth.” This is one way that we are doing it.

Beginning in January 2015 I will be changing the focus of my blog to reflect the new emerging reality by “Affirming Heaven on Earth.”

The Morocco Updates will still be posted but perhaps not so often. I will be encouraging my readers to look for the signs that Heaven is at last appearing in our physical reality. Our reality is shifting quickly — at warp speed, really — and there are many changes that are heralding this, especially in the natural world .

Remember — we began a New Galactic Year (26,000 years long) at the end of 2012, so the third Earth year of this new cycle begins December 21, 2014.
No one can dispute the signs of the crumbling of the old paradigm during these last (first) two years. But many still wonder when we will start seeing all the good things that have been foretold about the New Earth and our Return to Eden?

That’s what my blog will be about in the coming year — all those wonderful aspects of our Earth through which Heaven is now appearing.

Our open and compassionate human hearts are the doorway to Heaven. It’s time to open these doors and look with fresh eyes and see newly.



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