Blue City 2.0 — How Did We Get Here?

Entrance to Our New Home in Chefchaouen

Entrance to Our New Home in Chefchaouen

I chose to form the above title as a question rather than a statement (i.e., How We Got Here) because the truth is I can’t say for sure how we did. I’ve had a good track record as an “above-average” manifestor throughout my life but the level and brilliance of our creation here in Chefchaouen exceeds all previous levels. And although I was aware of certain patterns of “thought becoming reality” along the way, the final result was so far beyond what I asked for or intended that it’s almost impossible for my linear mind to reconstruct all the elements that combined to bring it into being.

What was the order anyway? Tomas placed a very strong “order” for a “Sanctuary.” He was very clear: he wanted a living space that would allow us to enter more deeply into our inner explorations and continue to hold as high of a vibrational frequency as we possibly could.

I, on the other hand, was being shown a future vision of a “Center of Light,” a place for people of the West and those of the Arab world to meet and learn about and from one another. I was even given a name for this Center: S’bah Noor – Morning Light.

At first glance, these images/intentions/”orders” would appear to be counter to each other. Tomas was looking for peace and quiet and I was seeing a house full of people and discussion groups. However, we decided to move forward with our search for a new home in early August to see what would show up.

Our Aouchtam Landing Pad

Our Aouchtam Landing Pad

The Role of Gratitude

One of the themes that I tracked during this exploration was the gratitude that both of us carried in our hearts for all that we already had in Aouchtam. Of the nine apartments in our building, Tomas and I lived in the only one that was really suited to our particular lifestyle. Unlike western apartment buildings, where all the floor plans are cookie-cutter templates, identical to one another (unless the floor plan is reversed) Moroccan apartment buildings seem to follow an organic – make it up in the moment depending on how many bricks were delivered that day – kind of design.

For instance, we had the only apartment with a full window in the kitchen, allowing me (who loves to cook) the pleasure of watching the people and animals traverse the hillside as I did so. Both of our bedrooms had real windows that opened to fresh air on the outside of the building. They did not look upon the brick wall of the building three feet behind us. We enjoyed the largest balcony/terrace with room for Tomas to do his yoga each morning and weather conditions that allowed us to enjoy two out of three meals each day “al fresco.” Our position at the top of the building, south-facing (toward the cell tower) gave us adequate internet service most of the time.

This unit was “chosen” for us – we moved in “sight-unseen” — so we maintained an attitude of gratitude for this safe and comfortable landing pad that allowed us to get our balance and our bearings in a new country and culture. Plus, we were surrounded by English-speaking friends who were sharing the journey with us. When we were ready to search for the next place, our landing pad became our launch pad.

By August, the Mediterranean tourist season was in full swing, traffic was incessant on the highway in front of us (even in the wee hours of the morning, we only had a minute or two of silence between the waves of vehicles that flooded the only road along the coastline of northern Morocco.) We also began to have some water problems. We hadn’t been drinking the water from the tap but at least we’d been able to cook with it. Now the holding tanks on the roof filled with algae in the hot summer sun and made the water unusable for cooking. Tomas began carrying water from a nearby spring. At least we had water most of the time to take sponge baths, if not take an actual shower and we were able to hand launder our clothes Some of our friends who lived at the other end of Aouchtam were completely without water; blessedly, this was not the case for us.

Still, these were “encouragements” that sent us looking for an upgraded living situation. Chefchaouen is rich in water and we treated ourselves to as many showers as we desired during our forays there for house hunting.

The Role of Images

Outlying Area of Chefchaouen

Outlying Area of Chefchaouen

This was probably the most powerful element involved in the co-creation of our current situation. When Tomas and I hiked up to the Mosque on the Hill when we were here in May and I snapped a photo of what I came to call “The Outlying Area of Chefchaouen,” I could never have imagined that I was photographing our future neighborhood and home. NEVER! But it turned out to be so. Actually our house is just outside the bottom left-hand corner of this shot.

We have used images as desktop backgrounds on our computer screens to speed our manifestation process in the past. When we began speaking seriously of moving to Chefchaouen, we scrolled through our photos and chose the one that most closely depicted the feeling and frequency of the kind of place we wanted to live.

Our Agent and Friend, Mohammed Ajani

Our Agent and Friend, Mohammed Ajani

On our first evening in Chefchaouen in early August, we followed up a couple of leads that others had given us but they didn’t take us where we wanted to go. On the second evening of that stay we decided to hire a taxi and take a ride over to that “outlying area of Chefchaouen, just to get a feeling for it — to see if we were on the right track. Our taxi driver spoke only French and Arabic, which made it difficult for Tomas to explain to him where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. We hadn’t been in the taxi for two minutes when the driver pulled to the curb and Mohammed got in. “This guy speaks English,” is all that our driver said. And within minutes we were on our way to Harozim, a small village on the other side of the valley south of Chefchaouen, chatting amicably with Mohammed in English. Mohammed just happened to be a Chefchaouen-born “fixer” who has become our trusted friend and purveyor of all things needed here. He has also been a welcome translator throughout the house-search and rental process.

We got enough of a feel for the place that night that we left our “order” with Mohammed and returned to Aouchtam to await his call. And he called us within just a few days, telling us he had four or five properties to look at – “When can you come back?”

Harozim -- Beautiful Setting But Not Quite the Right Feeling

Harozim — Not Quite the Right Feeling

It took us two weeks to return – we chose the days very carefully, a Wednesday and Thursday. And this time we booked ourselves into the Hotel Chaouen, right there in the little village of Harozim. We wanted to be able to explore, walk about and “vibe” the area to see if it really was the place for us.

Turned out it was NOT. We started walking about and immediately felt like “outsiders.” We had been told that these were “Mountain People,” “Original People,” very traditional and in a sense much less open to people “not like them.” We got it. We also quickly realized that we’d be totally dependent on taxis to get us back and forth to central Chefchaouen. Secondly, the two days that we chose to be in Chefchaouen happened to be a Moroccan national holiday (the 15th Anniversary of the King’s Coronation) and the person who held the keys to the five rental units we were to look at had taken off for the BEACH! In other words, we had traded places. We decided to cancel our second night at the hotel and return to Aouchtam.

Abdul's House -- Our Assurance That Our Vision Existed

Abdul’s House — Our Assurance That Our Vision Existed

But before we left, almost as a consolation for not being able to deliver what he had promised, Mohammed pointed to a house close to the mosque on the hill, just on the outskirts of Chefchaouen and asked: “Do you think you might like to live in a place over there?” He knew someone who had a house that might be for rent. So we went to see Abdul and his family. Because it was a holiday, the place had been rented – but rented to family – so after a short wait, we were able to take a look. We were both astonished – the kind of place we had imagined actually existed. And what beautiful gardens!

Along with a continuous stream of gratitude for all the blessings and breakthroughs, our acknowledgment of the actualization of our visioning became a powerful tool that helped us refine and manifest our co-creation.

As it turned out, Abdul’s place was not the one for us. We noted his hesitations, plus there were certain features of the house that weren’t quite to our specifications – so we simply let go. However, Mohammed now had the image of what we were looking for in HIS mind. We returned to Aouchtam the second time, knowing that we had done our part and now it was up to Mohammed to do the legwork and more importantly, it was up to Creator to make visible the perfect place.

Three days later, Mohammed called us and he was so excited he could hardly speak. “I’ve found it! You’ll love it! It has EVERYTHING! When can you come?”

I was burned out on traveling, so Tomas went to take a look – and photos. He stayed in Chefchaouen for two nights and pretended he was living there. The house was indeed to our liking; Mohammed had gone door to door, asking the neighbors until he’d found it. I’ve never even considered letting a man choose a house for me before, but the two of them did a fabulous job and really all I needed to do was show up, give my stamp of approval and sign the lease – which I didn’t even sign, as it turned out.

We had heard some tales of terror regarding Moroccan landlords but our landlady, Fatna is a real treasure. She will be returning to France at some point and frankly, I’ll be sad to see her go. She’s welcomed us with open arms and cooked Moroccan food for us and gifted us with homemade “French” bread – we heard she was a cook in a hotel in France for many years. I hope to learn a few of her tricks before she leaves.

I have long believed that “God always gives you more than you ask for.” After this experience, I believe this more than ever. I will add this comment from my experience. Throughout this process I was keenly aware of the conjoint creation factor: Tomas and I were conjointly creating with Mohammed, Fatna, Abdul, the taxi driver, the hostel manager and CREATOR. The more I was able to recognize what was mine to do AND WHAT WASN’T – and let go and let God, as they say – the more divine blessings were able to be added to our original order.

Example: After living in the house for three days, I suddenly realized that the same colors I had personally selected for the walls of our duplex in Gold Beach four years ago were on the walls here in the same rooms – Light gold living room, green bedroom and even a pink bathtub! THAT, to me, represents divine play at a most capricious level.

And coming full circle, I now gaze up the hill toward the little mosque from which I took the original photo that brought us here.

Looking Back Up the Hill to the Mosque from Our Roof

Looking Back Up the Hill to the Mosque from Our Roof

We do have a beautiful Sanctuary, filled with peace and serenity. The Center of Light, for now, resides in our hearts. Each meeting, each touch point with our fellow townspeople throughout our days, is a center of light between cultures, a meeting place between human beings. We feel truly blessed, full to over-flowing and ever so grateful.

I leave you with some links to messages and websites that aided us in our process and outcome. I encourage you to dream big dreams. Trust that you can bring them into your reality, because that is what human beings are designed to do: create the dreams and desires of our hearts.

Working with Universal Law of Abundance and removing blocks to receiving using the Pumpkin Ray: Jack’s Corner

Brenda’s weekly messages helped me to believe in myself and trust the goodness of my creations:

Brenda Hoffman – Life Tapestry Creations

Stop Worrying and Start Living — Joy Is In The Air

Your New Role Is to Prove New Earth Is Reality

The Oneness material from Rasha helped me clear deeply held beliefs that were interfering with my ability to fulfill my dreams.

The Anastasia (or Ringing Cedars of Russia) series of books gave me the understanding of “Conjoint Creation with Joy for All in its Contemplation” (Book Four: Co-Creation)

Book Seven taught me about the power of holding images as a tool for manifestation.

Here is a free source for pdf texts for several of the Ringing Cedars books.

Smashwords is a source for low-cost editions of the books that are unavailable for free.


7 thoughts on “Blue City 2.0 — How Did We Get Here?

  1. Dearest Alia

    I have also been reading the Anastasia series and they bring me so much love and joy. I am so happy you are finding your joy where you are.

    Much love and peace

    • Thank you Dear Heart — Was thinking about you especially last week so happy to have you pop up here. Whether Anastasia is an actual person or not, her message represents all the Man originally was given by God from the beginning. We are remembering those God-given gifts in this time now and once remembered, never forgotten again. Enjoy the joy and love — it will get us all where we need to BE, Alia

  2. I have long believed that “God always gives you more than you ask for.” After this experience, I believe this more than ever. I will add this comment from my experience. Throughout this process I was keenly aware of the conjoint creation factor: Tomas and I were conjointly creating with Mohammed, Fatna, Abdul, the taxi driver, the hostel manager and CREATOR. The more I was able to recognize what was mine to do AND WHAT WASN’T – and let go and let God, as they say – the more divine blessings were able to be added to our original order.

    this paragraph was the operative message for me….conjoint creation factor….what a demonstration of the power of intention, co-creation, trust and surrender…..most inspiring and uplifting. I’m SO HAPPY for you and your ongoing saga of sacred adventures!

    • Thank you Harriet – this was also seminal for me, as well. Never before, have I seen so clearly that when my part of the co-creation was complete (at least for that moment) I needed to put my attention somewhere else and KNOW that my “partners in creation” were *competently* continuing to take the ball down the field toward the goal. I have never been able to do this (or be aware of the importance of this piece) in any prior co-creative project. This time I got it. So glad you found it useful. I credit dear Anastasia and her beautiful dissemination of certain information that Man has lost touch with through the eons. Blessings, Alia

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