Readers Respond to “A Personal Apocalypse”

Supporting One Another in Love

Supporting One Another in Love

My last post struck a resonant chord with many readers and several replied by email (as well as in the comments section of the post) with heartwarming stories of their own experiences, past and present, useful suggestions and techniques for dealing with such dark period, including links to other sites and videos that had encouraged them and helped them in their hours of need.

I asked permission to use the relevant parts of the email messages for this post in order to “share the wealth” of information and inspiration that came to me as a result of my personal accounting of my bouts with periods of debilitating fatigue and (for lack of a better word) depression.

I also want to express my gratitude to Robin Williams who, in transitioning out of physical life, seems to have given an infusion of loving encouragement and hope to millions who are struggling with these issues.

My last “episode” that lasted four days brought me to a new level of awareness with my own energy field. I have had several opportunities since then to face off with and bar entry to (or banish energy from) my personal energetic space. Each time I have done this, I have gained more awareness of what my own energy feels like and I’ve come to understand the phrase “eternal vigilance” at a new and heightened level. Each time I have stood for my Self, I have been surprised to find that whatever discordant energy was vying for entry or attention – vanished without argument.

These are great gifts – to know, not only that I am responsible for keeping my energy field clear but that I actually CAN. And from you, Dear Readers, I received the great gift of LOVE coming in the forms of your support, helpful hints, prayers and accolades.

Without further ado, here are some of your gems that currently fill my treasure chest. Names have been withheld but the words are verbatim as they came from you. There is such rich abundance here for anyone faced with any form of “dark night of the Soul” syndrome. Please receive all of this bounty as though it were directed to you, personally. It is here for all of us. NOW, let’s remember to draw upon this rich store of treasure in our time of need.

~ ~ ~

“WowWeeee ,,, Can’t believe the timing,, Going thru the same cycle and you know of my karmic past*. Just got double confirmation in Kryon book 1 and 2, books are channeled by Lee Carol,, Thank you so much for sharing your struggles with us on the path to the light,, I’m am also canceling my karmic contact and ready to heal completely ,, Bunches of Love my dear sister Alia ,, We have escaped,,Living in God’s love and light.

“Yes, I feel the veil information helped me the most Thanks for your loving embrace to release this implant. going on the trail with friends . . . today.”

*Reader has family history that includes suicide and attempted suicide.

~ ~ ~

“Thank you again for this personal post. It was incredibly personal for me too. I could not figure out why I have been soooo suicidal lately! I am not usually that way, though I have suffered from depression in the past. It was a bombardment that scared my husband & son to the core! In the last 6 mos or so I have plummeted into very deep suicidal depression lasting days to a week. Then some paradigm-shifting revelations came to me also. Extreme highs, extreme lows. I, like you, do not rely on the Rx drug pushers – the medical field. Otherwise I’d be diagnosed with manic depression & taking a host of lovely meds. It was like I was watching myself unravel & could do NOTHING to stop it. “Oh no, here I go again”, I would say. I blamed myself for not being in Morocco right now. For not following my heart. For refusing to meditate. For not taking the info I’ve learned & USED it. For everything dark in my life. I began to actually make plans of how to take my life but lesson the effect on loved ones. Thank God this was a difficult thing to ponder as it’s not really possible – but I was going to get creative. This happened about 4 times recently. I’ve never considered suicide that seriously before. Then Robin Williams…your post hit home. I devoured every article, every word & can’t wait to keep going down that rabbit hole. Wow…just wow. I could go on & on but I must keep it short. In great gratitude for your service to Love & Light,”

~ ~ ~

“Thank you for your courageous post about symptoms that similarly plague via our own harsh judgement for feeling this way about inner demons. I too would like to cancel and anul this negativity from my physical, emotional and spiritual space.

“I have felt fatigued and devoid of positive initiative as well. I am also “averse to turning to the medical industry for help of any kind, especially Rx drugs. But also, I was ashamed to admit that somehow, during these times, I could not muster the energy, determination – whatever – to pick myself up by the bootstraps and just keep going” like others.

“I am my own personal apocalypse…my redemption must lie in my own pulling up my bootstraps with purity, clarity, hard work, yoga, prana, giving to others, kindness and more. I do understand or believe the astrological pressures/archrons are my demons…just me being my own best demon by giving in to habits, laziness, selfishness and greed for personal pleasures. I PRAY but wonder to who and why…Seems like my best prayers are via asana and prana breathing. Just getting in touch with big self and the closest idea of God being the life within. I read history and I follow current events to understand and learn of life, culture, civilization, and ideas of philosophy, religion and God…but am lost often in unproductive depression.

God has given me so much wonderful experience and growing conscious evolution…I care to share, sing, dance, love, be and more. Hate it when I am uninspired, self-centered/depressed. Getting older does not seem to help! Need to be more gracious than ever and will keep trying.

So, even though I did not resonate with archrons as my dark forces  I did resonate with YOU. Thank you for sharing and for helping.”

 ~ ~ ~

“EVERY powerful person I know has been under attack in one way or another since birth and you are no exception.  I applaud your bravery for tackling this head-on.  You will help innumerable people who share your story but have felt it a personal weakness and have hidden it in shame.  This is the great ruse…blame the slaves for their condition (you’re not spiritual enough, powerful enough, you don’t eat right, say enough mantras, blah blah blah…). We’re experiencing more intense bombardment than even because the clock is ticking, the human DNA is upgrading and the train’s leaving the station (and they’re not on it).

“You know I love you, my friend and think the world of you. Your bravery and insights and courage are helping many, whether you’re aware of it or not.  I send all my love to you.”

~ ~ ~

“good for you, dear One!  Regardless whether we are Chirons or the Acherons or whomever are affecting us…it is great and important for the many of us who experience fatigue, depression, resistance to being unstoppable …. that is is likely NOT a personal failing and that each time we say, “No!”  to believing our challenges are failures or are reflections of an insufficiency….that is all good.

Blessings to you and your victory:
Ya, Hay! o-oh, a-a-oh, ah, oh oh, hey yay yay yay hay yay!”

~ ~ ~

“Deep, deep, deep….those of us who resonate on the Light frequencies totally understand and appreciate what you’re sharing. Let me begin by applauding you for the courage to share, to release and denounce the demonic programming, and to be a portal of Light and Liberation. A thousand times Brava to you!

Again, this is a time when self-care is of utmost importance – like what you did taking the walk by the sea—-all kinds of alchemical shifts are occurring at the cellular level within you and others at this time…you must be compassionate, gentle and loving to and with yourself.”

 ~ ~ ~

“Hi, Alia.  I’ve been following some of your posts as I’ve had time, many very interesting, but this one in particular caught my eye.  I had already received the email about Robin Williams and Chiron and the archons.  I wanted to tell you that — rest assured — you’re an absolutely wonderful person and a real bearer of light.  And I do love your honesty with yourself.

Also wanted to tell you that my spiritual teacher many years ago told me about what she called “entities” and said that many of the thoughts we humans think are actually implants from those entities into our minds, trying to cause all sorts of trouble for us down here in the lower planes.  CS Lewis had a great book called the Screwtape Letters that you may have read — sort of the Catholic version of these things.  I for one certainly believe in them.  To protect from those entities, our teacher taught us to envision and call for the tube of light around ourselves each day without fail, a practice which I have continued.  She also said when you feel especially burdened you could use a stainless steel knife and cut the air/either all around you (including top of head and soles of feet) to help sever their ties and free you up energetically.  She also said they don’t like pine sol or sage, which is how you can psychically “disinfect” a room or space when there’s been a sickness or great misuse of energy.”

 ~ ~ ~

“Thank you, my dear for sharing your story.

“About a month ago something shifted for me, as I am always listening on the inner for I AM insights as well as higher frequency influences around our mountain. And now is a highly influential time of the trinary star system, Sirius, rising with and ahead of the Sun amplifying essential light codes from Source, until the September equinox. Anyway, I had been feeling bored, listless and if I didn’t have a cat to feed each morning, I might stay in bed half a day, which I knew was a red flag. Thank goodness for my beloved cat companion.

“One night, one day actually, I felt profound Grace and Wisdom flooding my field. Little tweeks of insights about my health and well being came in as loving ‘ahas’, and that night I said outloud to my I AM Team, ‘Let’s wake up tomorrow morning refreshed, alert, and happy.’ I woke up exactly has I’d set forth.

“And the next night I added one thing: “Let’s wake up refreshed, alert, happy, and completely healed.” I figured since I was being causal, I’d add completely healed to my creation. I am not putting any ‘what does that look like to me’ on it. I just know something good is happening. 🙂 And some wonderful sense of confidence and having come to this conclusion all on my own, or rather without anyone ordering me to change my thinking or anything, and feeling the full support, love and joy of my Infinite Self (IS), has been a wonderful shift for me.

You know that saying, “It is what it is.” Well try this one: IT IS IS (Infinite Truth, Infinite Self Infinite Self). 🙂 Ponder that. Two Infinite Selves…

“Self-loathing is very debilitating, and it is a huge marker for shift possibilities. I honor and applaud your shifting with your thoughts and feelings and with as much “pissed offness” as you mustered. It is a privilege to know you, all of You, and know there are many, many of us out there, in here doing our work and enjoying our triumphs and the ease with which we are changing our moments. As my yoga friend would say, ‘wahee guru!’, which I think loosely translated means, ‘way to go, I AM.’

“Raining big amounts of continuing love and respect,”

~ ~ ~

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Alia!! . . .  My baby sister, like Robin {Williams} took her life 9 years ago, and I wonder now, after reading your words, what aspects drove her to it.  She left 2 children behind.  She too, was the “biggest” light/person in whatever room she entered. She is greatly missed.
In our home recently, we were “under attack” you might say.  What we have done that has helped us (in a more permanent way than our usual clearing of the house) is to together with both hands (my partner and I) bless a handful of stones from our backyard, with these words:
In the name of the light, We infuse the power of protection and deflection into these stones of the earth.  As long as they are present, no other dimensional being or energy force can be in this  house.  And so it is.”
There is now a rock in every room, and we are feeling so much better, clearer.  This was a few weeks ago.  In this house, our kids understand about the “interference” you wrote of, and know what to say to clear their rooms, or the house themselves.  There is only one of our sons living home with us now, and he is starting college. As they all got older, and were up all hours of the morning, well, they had to take care of it themselves cause mom and dad were asleep!  😉

So again, I appreciate you and what you are doing with your blog.  It feels like family when I read it. “

 ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~     ~ ~ ~

 One of my readers is a fellow WordPress blogger who goes by the name “SeeingM.” She referred me to a post, “Random Funk,” about her similar experience earlier this year. I pass it along to you. So many wonderful suggestions for how to navigate dark waters! Thank you “M”.

~ ~ ~





5 thoughts on “Readers Respond to “A Personal Apocalypse”

  1. Great, Alia! You have obviously struck quite a chord with many, many beautiful souls. Two years ago I awoke to the fact that I had been living with an “out-of-the-box” version of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. …in fact, it was not what I would call “chronic” = continuously ongoing. Instead, my version looked like 2 week-long episodes about twice per year. And, therefore, once the exhaustion was gone…being human, I promptly forgot about it. Then, one morning, after having met my beloved soulmate, I saw that my chronic fatigue had gripped on and not let go for 4 months! And that morning I awoke to the deeply buried fact that more often than not—Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (and Fibromyalgia) are the body’s way of dealing with childhood sexual abuse.
    And, of course, since we almost always are given the tools we need…I had been told twice in the previous days to go see a certain healer who practices The Emotion Code…also referred to as The Body Code by Dr. Nelson ————-(I forget his last name). To make a long story short….I had several healing sessions within a few weeks. And my chronic fatigue completely lifted. Now, 26 months later…it has not returned!! I learned that although I had no conscious memories…there were 2 incidents of childhood abuse for me…1 at age 10 with my brother and 1 at age 3 with my uncle.
    Alls well that ends well. Blessings of enlightenment and healing to all.

    • Thank you so much for adding this piece to our conversation.Bless you for finding your path to freedom in the face of your symptoms. I honor each one for his/her unique circumstances and resolutions of same. Together, we are helping each other identify and disengage from the traps and challenges we ourselves constructed to make our journey more fruitful (one way of looking at it.)

      I have read that the archons are allergic to loving relationships between men and women, so the increase in your symptoms, upon meeting your beloved seemed more than coincidental in a couple of respects.Early childhood sexual abuse has been more commonplace that most realize and so this is all coming out into the open now, so we can see it and release it and heal. Blessings to you for your courage to see, release and heal, Alia

    • Thank you Lisa — no, I was not aware of any other comment coming from you but glad you are here now. These posts have become a gathering place for many to rally around these issues that have been buried in shame, guilt and general darkness. What a treasure trove of support we have garnered for healing here. I am so grateful to be “used” in this manner. Love to you, Alia

  2. How joyful to find your courage to share is giving such a connection point!!! I am very pleased to be publicly known as Maren of seeing M 🙂 .

    The particular funk post I linked may seem a bit light to some who at the moment are in the thick of rereaallyy looking the depth of darkness right square in the eye, but it is a post born out having lived through my own terribly challenging versions which took me to the edge of wanting to actually wanting to die only to decide (with the help of a fur family member) to stick around to take the next breath thus gaining the wisdom and power in allow allow allow. I am so glad I made that choice as it is a fact that those very dark states in our current moments will pass into new ways of being IF we meet them now with surrender into our courage dressed only with love for ourselves and the whole process.

    I am willing to face whatever I am asked to bare if it is a necessary part of what it is I came here into human form to understand. I will continue to bow an bow and bow and witness along with all who are currently suffering. The details and players bringing the experience of darkness are unique and different for us all, but the outcomes of unflappable hope and empowerment without the need to suffer ever again will be had for any who set has set that as their intent.

    A bit about the dynamics of archonic suffering are summarized in a wonderful little link here: This is NOT a post about promoting religion, but rather a place to look at some tools that I actually had found elsewhere earlier in my life, but found summarized really well by Thay.

    Another wonderful tool in the moments of almost unbearable pain, is to look deeply in with the intent to find the beauty available in our burning along with the Balrog. John O’Donohue is a huge hero of mine for ideas with helping with that. WONDERFUL interview with him here:

    ALSO, for me, I found great help and support during my inner storms in THE REMINDERS AND POWER OF THE EVER CHANGING SKY:

    From the fullness of the bottom of my heart, I would not take one moment of suffering away from anyone reading here because we absolutely need to go through what we go through until we learn what that pain and suffering is there to teach us …removing it from another or protecting another may give some momentary relief, but this is not lastingly helping those we love (including ourselves) giving the ability to learn to FEED OURSELVES NOT THE ARCHONS 🙂 . HOWEVER, I stand and will witness with any who are currently in the deep funk and so can tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE, EVER. Where much darkness pools, it has been my experience it is because we are at a point of remembering how to collapse polarity in our interactions on this planet, which at the end of the day leaves only light. Welcome to sh*t hot earth school you PhD level deep dark dancers you! Don’t give up. Every step we take is important and can be beautiful when we remember. We are NOBODIES psychic food when we empower ourselves enough to take responsibility for our role in the creation of the emotional meals we send out to the world around us.

    – – – For whatever reason I am feeling inspired to close with a little love song to ourselves from the one self…never alone as it is our one true face we seek to remember when OUR specially tailored archonic presence gives self a direct living bump on the dance floor of human earth life.

    May I humbly ask to share this dance with you dearest Alia, and all other funk soul family who care to join the polarity party?


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