A Personal Apocalypse — Unveiling/Revealing

Amen, Sister!

Amen, Sister!

This post will not be for “everyone.” If you find yourself not resonating with the content, please come back later. However, I know there are some of you who will find this information a welcome relief and an accurate description of symptoms that may similarly plague you. Perhaps you have banished these “demons” long ago. Wonderful! Bravo! For me, it has been a 60+ year journey during which time I have suffered greatly under my own harsh judgment that “something must be really wrong with me for feeling this way.”

What I am referring to is a certain ”pattern” or “syndrome” that would come upon me suddenly and inexplicably (and most inconveniently, I might add) wherein I would feel so fatigued and devoid of any positive initiative that all I could do is take myself to bed (if possible) and amuse myself (usually reading) until “it” was over – normally about three days.

This has been a life-long problem, although I can’t remember it prior to my teen years. I have probably “lost” hundreds of days throughout my lifetime and every time this pattern would recur, I would heap more judgment and disdain upon myself. Since I came to Morocco, this pattern has intensified to the point where I just gave up relying on my body to support me. I never knew when or for how long I would be “down for the count,” “out of commission,” feeling completely “useless.”

Some of you are probably wondering why I did not seek professional help long ago. Part of the reason was that I am averse to turning to the medical industry for help of any kind, especially Rx drugs. But also, I was ashamed to admit that somehow, during these times, I could not muster the energy, determination – whatever – to pick myself up by the bootstraps and just keep going – “like everybody else!”

I believe I have finally recognized what was causing this. In bringing this pattern into my conscious awareness, I have broken the spell that I had unknowingly cast upon myself. Although I have had the information right in front of my nose for several years, I failed to apply the information to my own case. Silly me. But you “get it” when you get it, right?

And that’s why I’m sharing this, because it MAY just be YOUR turn to GET THIS and take yourself off the hook. Notice, I did not say that getting this relieves of you of personal responsibility, it merely gives you a context for ceasing to judge yourself for being “flawed” in some undetectable way.

Enter the Archons. Who the heck are they?

Basically, they are our opponents in this war between Light and Dark that has been raging on Planet Earth for the past many millennia. (This is the “base war;” the other ones on the surface are reflections of this one.) Several posts and messages describing “Archonic” mind control came to my awareness over the past couple of days. I will begin with the message that had the most impact on my situation and give you links to the full articles if you care to follow up.

When I read the sad news about Robin Williams “committing suicide” at the young age of 63, the alarm bells went off. Something did not seem right. “A-List” Hollywood actor, privy perhaps to certain things that go on in Hollywood that the Powers that Be/Were do not want the public to know? Caught between wanting to speak out about what he knew and wanting to protect his wife and family? Depression for over a year?

I suspected that a little Archon suicide assistance was at work in this case.

I got confirmation of my suspicions when I read the daily forecast, known as The Oracle Report (by “Wise Owl Cindy.”) Here is the link to the complete article, which spends quite a few paragraphs about the astrological pressures Robin was under at the time he took his life, as well as the “Archonic” pressures that were being pressed upon the general populace in addition to the already intense astrological constellations surrounding this particular Full Moon.

Here is the segment that got my attention.

“Commentary on the death of Robin Williams:  It is appropriate to honor the life of a Master, but especially appropriate to honor it here, a place where many of the “Chiron family” of the planet gather.  Robin Williams was a Chiron.  His natal Chiron was located at the degree of the Galactic Center and his Ascendant was in aspect to the Chiron Point.  His natal Chiron was in opposition to his Black Moon.  This means his soul carried the energetic signature of the Wounded Healer/Teacher.  Underneath his persona, he was a master healer anchoring great love on the planet.

“But the Sun’s conjunction with Mercury and the Black Moon at the super Full Moon on Sunday was too much for him as it made conjunction with his natal Pluto.  The archontic attack that accompanied the Full Moon inundated him.  His natal Black Moon in Cancer, along with his three other planets in Cancer, made 2013 a difficult year as the Black Moon transited Cancer.  Chiron has been transiting his natal Moon by conjunction and also his natal Venus by opposition.  He was overwhelmed by grief and self-loathing.

“For all Chiron people, the proportion of one’s healing abilities is relative to the amount of pain one has experienced.  In this way, we see the great depth of Robin’s pain and the accompanying ability to heal.  His performances in Good Will Hunting and What Dreams May Come? – among his many others – heal the heart.

“Robin Williams knew he was battling demons.  But he thought the demons were part of him.  If he had known about the parasitic mind infection of the Archons would he have viewed things differently?  We will never know.”

Perhaps, because I was in the FOURTH day of my fatigue syndrome, these words finally sank in. I finally had the insight, the strength and the courage to declare my body, mind, emotions and spiritual space an “Archon-Free Zone!” I told them in no uncertain terms that they were NOT ALLOWED TO BUG ME ANYMORE! And while I was at it and “had their ears” I revoked my pre-birth contract that said I had to play by their rules while I was here on Planet Earth. NO WAY! NO HOW!


Today I woke up early and followed the little voice prompt within that has been suggesting to me for a couple of months that I take a walk by the Sea while it’s still cool in the morning. I had a lovely time.

Then, I opened up my computer and found a second message that gave me a little more insight about the Archons and what kind of tricks and treachery these bad boys have cooked up to keep Humans from being free and creative, as Creator intended us to be. The link to this message is not available at this time; I will post it later.

The site that I’ve learned the most about the Archons is Portal 2012 Blogspot. A particularly good post is called “The Veil.”

In this post (in addition to describing the Archons and how they came into being) the writer enumerates different “interference” programs that that Archons use to diminish the capacities of different groups of humans. I found a perfect description of my pattern in Number 2:

2) Blocking of free will and of positive initiative. This program is maintained with etheric infrasound technology. Part of that sound precipitates towards the physical plane and some people can hear it as a very low frequency hum. This was the source of mysterious sounds that people heard in the beginning of 2012 and not the destruction of deep underground military bases, as some sources erroneously reported. Infrasound blocks certain centers in the physical brain and this blocks positive initiative. This infrasound is also the cause of unusual tiredness that many people experience without any apparent reason.” (Emphasis is mine.)

So I withdrew my support. I pulled the plug. I retracted my consent. I tore up the contract.

I offer this post as a sharing of my process that I have struggled with for most of my life. If it helps anyone else, I have succeeded. If it helps no one – I HAVE STILL SUCCEEDED!

Victory to the Light within each one of us – however that occurs.


13 thoughts on “A Personal Apocalypse — Unveiling/Revealing

  1. Hmm I was not willing to take the leap that it was an Illuminati Sacrifice as soon had said although the timing of his death made me think something was up. What you shared made sense.
    I felt a lightness at the 8/8 Lion;s Gate Portal and the next day he is found dead, and everyone is sad, including lightworkers, and seekers.

    It reminded me of the period from 12/12/12 to 12/21/12 when we we Metaphysicians were to stay light and envision the world we wanted, and what happened, Sandy Hook and children were killed. Now everyone is sad and angry. I do not watch the news and I ignored it but I felt this one with Robin Williams.

    What you did revoking their contract is good. I have often done an Anne Brewer Creaking of Vows and Contracts.

    I do not follow Cameron Day anymore as he No Longer calls himself a lightworker but he has a good post on the Archons and who they are, here.

    Sending you love sister. Good post.


    • Thanks Sindy — I hadn’t put together the Lion’s Gate “upper” and the Robin Williams’ death “downer” — good catch. I just knew that “something did not feel right about it.” Thank you so much for the links. I will check them out. I appreciate your love and support so much. Back to you, Alia

  2. Holy shit, this is amazing!!! I wrote something sooo very similar on Facebook about observing the negative self destructive voices that have plagued my mind since I was a teen. I used to think it was me… like something in my childhood messed up my psyche… but they have themselves away when they started showing me mental movies of me killing myself in so many graphic ways. I was like, hold up… I don’t want to do this to myself! I’ve been studying the ankle biters/mind parasites for a year, but just recently I’ve been in a life situation that is very painful and it’s like they’ve swarmed on me, dragging me down, and it’s easy to fall back into old patterns. But this recent attack on me has actually helped me identify them so much better… thanks guys, lol. (they don’t like love or laughter ^_^)
    Anyway, I’ve learned that I need to practice grounding myself throughout the day, because my Pisces moon has me easily detaching from my body, and that’s when they slip in undetected. Running has helped… Consciously feeling things in my environment helps also.
    Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this!!!! Turns out some of us lovely humans aren’t as crazy as they try to make us think we are.
    Viva la Clearmindedness!!!
    Love and prayers to you along your journey!!!!!! ❤

    • I’m sorry you have had to endure this kind of mental torture. Unfortunately, so many have. Fortunately, the “net” of mind control programming is about to come down forever in this world and those who have been “remote controlled” by fourth-dimensional entities or auto programs will be set free at last. Please stick around for the “after party” as it will have no equal in history or for a long time into the future. Blessings, love and laughter (thanks for the reminder that these set them fleeing. ☺ ♥ ♫

  3. We are asked to map the experience of humanity to the outer edges of our capabilities. You must be such a joy and a light to have the “dark” “void” come to call in such a deep way. Have you heard of John Lash and his work with the Gnostic texts on this? There also is quite a bit of archonic information sprinkled in what my husband publicly shares as well, but on this particular vein, it is not gathered anywhere into one good interview to refer you to.

    The ending statement for me is that silence and sleep in ones life is equal to consent for allowing what is happening on this planet to continue. Alia, you have stood up and with the very breath you draw, had the courage to awaken and to grow and to actively help bring new ways of being into the actual felt experience of being human on the planet. When we do this, it is as if a light a beacon light turns on the universal network and we then can come be checked out “dimensionally” by those who are interesting in studying living light in such dense form. We “heart on line” people are asked to develop our ability to become fierce with our application of love and these “forces” who figuratively come for a peek at us provide the opportunity for us to bring divine will into action from heart connection in a conscious way. Without will, the heart has no teeth to act. One could think about these times as cutting our spiritual teeth so to speak!

    I am closing my eyes sending you a massive “thought” bubble of light and love in this moment. It is going out from me here on the Oregon Coast on a beautiful soft pink ribbon of light which is to wrap around you AND what ever forces are making themselves present in your energy “configuration” giving a huge hug. You are not alone in this. You are loved. When you close your eyes, I am one who is there with you in that darkness reaching out a hand in support and solidarity.

    The minute we love with compassion ourselves as we experience these feelings/times AND love these “dark” forces that provide the polarity for experience, what happens to our/their darkness? It is so hard to feel so low, but being ok with feeling things just as they are in the moment they are with the enlightening and empowering mantra of: allow allow allow as this too shall eventually pass, has given me the ability to move through my “funk days” with more grace and ease (I read a lot too…I think it is the desire to get out of my uncomfortable body and into my head!!!…offering a bit of relief and grounding. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS.) Here is the share from my last bout when the ringwraiths (Tolkiens name for them/it) come riding into town: http://seeingm.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/random-funk/

    I have not heard this interview with John Lash, but I know Henrik and he usually does a good job:

    There are some things to discern about John Lash and his current personal development in application of accessing our “living light” in his private interactions past ego, but I think at the core, he is doing important work sharing what he has discovered. How to let the knowledge truly empower us in our lives rather than trap is information found elsewhere.

    Hope this is helpful to you. Thank you for having the courage to share so directly. You will help many people by being so honest and direct. -xx.Maren

    • Also I think it is worth sharing that I, for myself, had a wonderful opening when I shifted away from thinking about what was happening on this planet as needing “warfare” and rather embraces the understanding that this experience of synthetic AND organic human reality could not happen (would physically and emotionally not be possible) as we need both + and – forces for the earth dimension to even exist! Why would I declare war on half of the process I am being asked to map? I made a switch to think about archonic forces as being the part of the “theater” where we cut our “love teeth” into living action to help expose the illusion…the place where we can look “evil” in the eye and not have love waiver. It is Gandalf on the bridge in the mines of Moria saying to the demon YOU WILL NOT PASS! And doing that, the grey turns white!

      I will leave this link also as a gentle road in for those others also reading here who may want to know more about empowerment as well. It is the gift of a man who edited together the voice of the amazing Neil Kramer (disclaimer: who I call husband 🙂 )…one who looks the archons in the face and does not flinch in being integrity with divine will in action to the best of his current ability in the way he actually lives his day to day life past the words he shares as well (for me this is important to know about anyone who is publicly sharing….can they walk their talk? and yes, I am married to him, but it is his ability to walk it in felt human experience that brought a yes to the ring to begin with!)


      Thanks Alia. If you would rather not have any links, please please please feel free to delete. -x.M

      • Thank you for that piece M. So much of our Light work has been described in “battle” terms and this is not really so. we are holding and raising a frequency of Love, staying true to that. And Love, being the only true force in the Universe is bringing home those who have fallen prey to the illusion. It’s a big sliding scale that includes everyone and only ONE. I so enjoyed your input on this post and topic. You have added so much to the conversation with your personal sharing, your techniques and links to related posts and videos. I so appreciate your support and love beaming from the Oregon Coast clear to Morocco. Ironic that we lived in the same general geographic area but did not really connect until I pulled up stakes and moved halfway around the world. Oh well — Divine Perfection does not always conform to my pictures. Many blessings to you and your husband, Alia

  4. I have been getting attacked more ( light worker) I relate to your story,today I banished them,i FELT a blanket of black energy..impending,and it blocks all creative thought,positive thought,and sucks you ( fatigue) its not me! I start in a good mood..it DRAINS people even if your not depressed. I said LOVE LOVE LOVE and it “crawled away” like smoke..
    Its so close because chemtrails also attach it electronically to us..( we are magnetic)
    I plan on doing mini banishing sessions all day,night. it also can drain sex drive,motivation,and life force . you need to amp up to kick it off..no amount of coffee or pills can do it its SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

    • Indeed, it is Spiritual Warfare. And we are spiritual warriors. Love is our greatest and most powerful “weapon.” (I don’t like using the idea of Love as a weapon.) But love and light are our greatest resources. We need to remember to use them but as you say, all the life force gets diminished and then it is hard to even identify what is happening let alone deal with it. Absolutely right — no amount of coffee, pills or anything like that can help — makes it worse, actually. Thank you for your contribution here and to our Planet and all Humanity. Blessings, Alia

  5. Hello, dear Alia, I’m sorry to hear that your struggling with that again. When I was reading it, I felt like I received a message for you, a simple one. That you should never punish yourself for this, It is happening over and over because you need to surrender to it. And rest and trust it’s in the divine plan, I just know everything is right on time and our life will shine and our health, and everyone else too. I’m sending lots of light and healing to you, Tell Tomas hi.
    With lots of love Sharen

    • So much love back to you Sharen — Yes the non-judging part has been a big lesson for me through all of this. Since coming to Morocco I have been better at the surrendering part. I thank you for your support and your welcome message. I know it will speak to many of the readers here as well. Blessings to you and yours, Alia

  6. Thank you, Alia! Words again are inadequate. You dont know (or maybe you do!) the impact of this post. I SO needed this knowlege & it was in perfect timing. I am in debt to your free flowing heart. Thank you.

    • Thank you Stacey — it came to me timely as well and impacted me so positively. I’m deeply grateful that it has assisted you in your moment. The debt is forgiven. Pay it forward, My Dear. Blessings and love, Alia

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