Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 29 – Effective Over Unity Achieved

Alia’s Comment: Once again, Justin and Julian from Stillness in the Storm blog have brought us an update on the QEG progress. Below their brief report is a more extensive one written by Dave Starbuck, a man from the UK who flew into Morocco with the equipment needed to take the QEG performance to the next level. His account is quite entertaining and his presence here was a gift. Dave is a “primo” human being. We’re drawing a lot of them here with this project. Enjoy this update. This historic event happened the day before my birthday and ranks as one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever received — right up there with the birth of my granddaughter 16 years ago.

We got word there was Over Unity achieved within QEG system the other day. We just helped Jamie film another update, with more data points than before, demonstrating this Over Unity Power being generated. 

However, this power can not be drawn out of the QEG until the circuit which pulls the power out can be completed. Jamie is en route to another QEG build location to finalize those designs and hopefully we will have a fully functional QEG with self running generator and power outputs at standard household rates soon. Jamie attempted to use parts from a Microwave in order to invert the power but this was not successful. 

The following was released via the Be-Do Forums by “Allegedly” Dave whom spent some time there. He share’s his take on the QEG and towards the end reveals the power output of 3kW. 

More Data to be revealed soon!

– Justin

Source – Be-Do

By Dave Starbuck Sunday, May 18, 2014

I, like millions of other people around the world, read the announcement of the open sourcing of a free energy device back in march with a little skepticism, (I’ve been banging on for quite some time that inventors should just ’put it out there’ rather than try and make themselves rich with their invention, and yet here it and I was still skeptical… go figure) but I have been following its progress with mounting excitement, wishing that I could be a part of this historic venture and no sooner than I got back to base I was. A package of test equipment needed to be taken over to Morocco and it was thought that the courier needed to be someone who could provide a little assistance to Jamie Robitaille the developer of the Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) and next thing I knew I was a plane to Morocco

I arrived in Tangiers, expecting to be met at the airport by a Moroccan friend of Youssef, the QEG team’s “Fixer”, I couldnt say that I was looking forward to a two hour trip with a man that I had no hope of communicating with, although, being met in Tangiers airport by a Moroccan driver holding a sign that read “Mr. Starbuck” would have been cool.

I had skillfully negotiated the surly looking gendarmes and their associates that looked for all intents and purposes like secret police, (not so skillfully, in hindsight, now that I know that I apparently look like a Moroccan) but now, with the exit gate a mere arms length away, I was halted by a border guard who seemed mildly interested to find out what was in the large instrument case I dragged behind me, filled with oscilloscopes, multimeters, high voltage probes and various other terrorist paraphernalia that would have whipped up American TSA agents into a frenzy and sent them scrambling for their tasers, rubber gloves and KY Jelly. Thankfully, I had been briefed on how to handle this situation, I was given the cover story that it was equipment for use in a humanitarian project to build a water pump to bring water to the impoverished village of Aoucham, and I felt confident that I could deliver a convincingly casual performance that would not arouse suspicion. The guard seemed so laid back that I probably could have said “Don’t worry mate, it’s just meters and shit” and he would have rolled his eyes and waved me through, but unfortunately the border guard began asking me questions in French and it was only then that I realised that my near fluent command of the French language, that I had enjoyed two decades earlier, had degenerated to the point where I could barely describe a monkey sitting in a tree (le singe est dans l’arbre… yeah baby I still got it :D)

I managed to explain through a combination of hand gestures and broken, schoolboy french that the case was sealed with metal tags that would require cutting off and that I had no hope of explaining what was in it and now the guard was starting to get agitated, his hand kept straying toward his radio and I began to wonder what life in a Moroccan prison would be like, but then I was saved, Jamie Robitalle himself and an american woman called Whitney (who spoke perfect French) had come to meet me at the airport, and even though, disappointingly, they were not carrying a “Mr. Starbuck” sign, they were able to have us quickly on our way.

Jamie is a humble, unassuming man with a seemingly perpetual smile and the gentle demeanour of a beloved maths teacher, and the three of us were engaged in easy conversation that evaporated our two hour journey to QEG headquarters, it was at this point that I learned that while the QEG had achieved resonance, it had not yet achieved over-unity, that is, it was still consuming more power than it generated. Even though my role was little more than a courier, I offered my services as Jamie’s assistant and silently stated my intention to see over-unity before I went home.

I arrived at “The Sanctuary” at 4:00am and a few hours later I was up and being introduced to the members of the community as an honoured guest, and since it was a Sunday there was not much work that would be done and so I found myself slipping into the easy flow of the community as I participated in their activities as if I’d always been a part of them.

The following day Jamie explained how he had approached Timothy Thrapp from the WITTS “Christian” Ministry who, despite their altruistic claims of releasing free energy to the world, demanded $400 for one hour of his time. Jamie was able to get a basic understanding of this replication of Tesla’s work, but it was clear that he was leaving out a lot of information and being intentionally vague about what he did share, and when Jamie compared notes with someone else, who had paid handsomely for the privilege, there were several contidictions. It also became obvious that the intent was to seduce customers into repeated “donations” to the Ministry. Moreover, when Thrapp learned of Jamie’s intent to open source the technology, relations between them became frosty.

Then I had my first live demo of the QEG, it was loud like an power router, and as it achieved reonance there was a harsh sounding rattle and it did indeed perform distinctly under unity, Jamie showed me his meticulous records of trials of varying rotor speeds and capacitance values and explained his hitherto failure to find a “sweet spot” combination.

The QEG was, at this point, working at unity, that is, it was producing the same amount of power as it was consuming, which in itself is an astounding achievement since the generators that supply our power now consume something in the region of 18 watts in order to generate 10 watts.

Later, Jamie began a new series of experiments with much larger arrays of capacitors and testing the location of a grounding wire. My assistance largely took the form of getting in the way and asking far too many questions.

On my third day working with the QEG, I was privileged to sit in on a Skype call between Jamie and a German team who are also developing a QEG, some data was exchanged and an accord was reached to have closer ties and regular catch up meetings.

By the fifth day Jamie’s dogged persistence had paid off, he ran a new sequence where the QEG would initially power the load of six 100 watt light bulbs, he would the add a solar array inverter (high voltage input) to the load and once it initialised he would disconnect the bulbs and the QEG would be running the inverter, unfortunately the badly regulated Moroccan mains power would alter the QEG output and send the inverter into a diagnostic mode, and on the rare occasion that we successfully ran the inverter we soon discovered that the new Earth configuration caused a ground fault condition and would trip the main breaker.

Eventually this new configuration was tried successfully with all the new test equipment I’d brought hooked up, oscilloscopes were oscillating, meters were metering and high voltage probes were probing, the input power meter was showing that the QEG was drawing 600 Watts, the output voltage was holding steady at 380 volts and the output current was peaking at just under 2.4 amps… Jamie began muttering about adjusting the values of the capacitor array, but then my maths skills, that are as sharp as wet spaghetti, kicked in it was outputting just under 900 watts…. in other words…OVER-UNITY!

Not an awful lot over but over-unity nonetheless; Jamie smiled and almost reluctantly agreed. I suggested that since the inverter was now capable of running the drive motor we should aim at having the QEG running in self powered mode, Jamie however, was far more cautious, but he wired up the changeover switch nonetheless.

On day six, Jamie had been in communication with a QEG team in Canada who had some interesting ideas regarding treating the primary winding as the secondary and drawing power from that winding instead, we studied the new schematics but they didn’t seem to make a lot of sense, but then we mused about the tecniques and methodology one might employ to hide a simple solution, stretching it out so that customers would keep coming back for more, but without making it seem like the customer was being tricked and bled dry and we agreed that switching the primary and secondary might well fit the bill, so Jamie set about rewiring the QEG.

Day seven, my last day. Jamie had been up late the previous night talking to the Canadian team and he wasn’t around by lunchtime, so I went to Oued Lou, the nearest town with a group from the community, but by the time I arrived back Jamie had already finished rewiring the QEG and was already reporting a significant voltage in the primary in the 1-1.5kv range, and was busy adding a bank of capacitors to the primary winding as per the Canadian design, we didnt have a variable resistor to place in series with the capacitor bank as the design specified but Jamie tried it anyway. The difference was immediately noticeable, the QEG began to resonate at a much lower RPM around 1625rpm, the loud jarring rattle that had characterised the QEG at resonance had been replaced by a gentle purring as it ran far more smoothly and easily than ever before.

The QEG was drawing 500 watts, the secondary was still powering its 600 watt load of light bulbs and yet on the primary side we were reading nearly 2000 volts at 1 amp. If I had gone by Jamie’s furrowed expression alone I might have missed the fact that he had just achieved serious over-unity 500 Watts in and 2000 Watts out… I had to rouse him from his deep contemplation of how to reach his target of 10Kw to remind him to celebrate the fact that he had actually achieved 2.6Kw… I managed to get a high five out of him before he resumed his tinkering.

The QEG achieves Over-Unity!!

At this point, about 1:30 am, members of the community, sensing that something of importance had occurred began to gather in the workshop, more were awakened to witness the event, a rousing round of applause went up for Jamie and we all tucked into Over-unity cake, baked specially for that moment.

So the next step will be to make the QEG self running from the secondary windings stepping down the voltage using a transformer from a high power microwave oven.

Breaking News:
 Hot off the press!!!I just spoke to Jamie and he mentioned that he has now achieved 3kW output, that’s six times over unity!


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