Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 9 – Additional Capacitors Arrive: Comments from an Engineer

QEG System Day 9 Photo by Julian Robles

QEG System Day 9
Photo by Julian Robles

Alia’s Comment: My friend and Community-mate, Justin Deschamps, of “Stillness in the Storm” has just posted an excellent update on the current status of the QEG. Thank you Justin for your fine work, and Julian Robles for your excellent photographs. Please share this information freely. Here is the link to the original article.



3 thoughts on “Status of QEG Build Morocco: Build Day 9 – Additional Capacitors Arrive: Comments from an Engineer

  1. Hi Christie — Thank you for your beautiful words and supportive message. Your love was passed around our circle this evening. Everyone but Bill (AK) was there. Love your enthusiasm!

    Why Morocco? Good question. I can only answer for myself. It appeared as an opportunity for me to do some energetic group work that I had been doing on my own but now I felt it could have more impact and greater “reach”, if I worked with other like-minded hearts. Also, for me, I felt that there were too many restrictions energetically in the US and I felt that it might be more of an open (freer) energetic environment in Morocco.. Everything I had felt or sensed before I came over here has turned out to be even more accurate than I had imagined. I love working in ceremony with a group (sometimes only one other, often more.) There is a simplicity of life here that is very natural and beneficial to mind, body and spirit. I am enjoying this experience and feeling more comfortable in this “foreign” land each day. The Moroccan people are very gracious and warm-hearted. Their whole bodies light up when they smile. Some are very poor but they are still happy. And healthy. We do not see sick people on the streets. Hope that answers your question, at least in part. Blessings ♥

  2. Hi Alia! I’ve been on your mailing lists for quite a while. At the beginning I really liked your writing, descriptions of the magical new cities, photos, etc. Felt a few twinges of “jealousy” wishing that I’d connected with a soul group, but that time is yet to come for me…in the process of frequenting many sites I consider to be positive, uplifting, supportive, wholistic & wise I am also pretty familiar with Hope Girl, American Kabuki, Heather TJ & free energy. Been on this path a long time & am an Energetic Practitioner – “Certified” lol – myself. When you began posting about your move I was thinking ” wow, that’s where Heather, Hope Girl & Am Kab (sorry, I tend to forget his name) are! COINCIDENCE?!?!? 😀
    So, to a question then: how was Morocco arrived as as the chosen place? I’m really enjoying your posts & sending all my love, support, admiration & joy to your endeavors! SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMONDS!! I feel honored just to be acquainted with you all.
    In Love, Peace & Unity, Christie B

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