Tetouan Adventure II — Herding Cats

Alia’s Statement of Accountability: As in yesterday’s post, all statements contained herein are my own and not those of anyone else. These are my thoughts, opinions and definitions of what and how I understand the experience I had in Tetouan on Wednesday, April 30, 2014.

Alia Third Week in Morocco

Alia Third Week in Morocco

What I learned in my community days of 20 years ago, when you want to travel anywhere with more than two people toward a single destination, is that you need a plan that would rival the most strategic military campaign. We had no plan in place when we left Aouchtam and by the time we got everyone together in Tetouan, it was evident that there was still NO PLAN for moving us from Point A to Point B. It’s amazing that 30 of us actually made it that far together.

THIRTY?? I thought there were Thirty-ONE???!!!

There were supposed to be 31 of us signing off on these documents and the RULES were that EVERYONE HAD TO SIGN ON THE SAME DAY OR “NO DEAL!”

Where is “X?” Turns out “X” was still at the Sanctuary, clueless that his presence (and passport) were needed immediately in Tetouan, 45 minutes away on a good day.

OOO things got a bit tense at that point. Heather could NOT alter the documents to remove “X” from the list. He HAD to come to Tetouan or “all would be lost.”

After some very persuasive persuading on Whitney’s part, “X” assured her that he was on his way in a taxi to the Government Building in Tetouan.

Meanwhile, each of us had been taking the five copies of our passports to the windows inside the Government Building where the lovely ladies behind the counter took great pleasure in stamping (equivalent to notarizing) them. Heather had told us that the Moroccans “love their stamps,” so each copy had to be stamped three times – one of them even had to be glued on and then stamped — and they SURE WERE PRETTY after that process. We joked that this is what we were doing to pass the time until “X” showed up.

Whoops! One more passport copy was needed (total of six) and three more stamps would be needed on that! So across the street to the copy place we traipsed and while we were there – “X” showed up! Then we all went back over to the Government Building to get the final three stamps and THEN –

In Line to Sign "Without Prejudice"

In Line to Sign “Without Prejudice”


Each of us had to sign our names in two registers and on three sheets of paper – in the correct places. Heather stood beside us to oversee each signature. I have heard her talk about signing “Without Prejudice” for over a year now but this was the first time I had ever signed my name that way.

The phrase, is a term used in commercial law to render a person unaffected from any undisclosed agreements (coded agendas) within a contract one is signing (Think “fine print” in any kind of contract.) Another way to say this would be that by signing “Without Prejudice” before my name, I am stating that any part of what I am signing that is not fully disclosed to me prior to signing, DOES NOT APPLY TO ME! –I am not prejudiced by it.

Because the “Powers that Were” created all their contracts in CODE (COnscious DEception) which were/are the equivalents of “spells,” they had to create a way to protect themselves from their own hypnosis. The phrase “Without Prejudice” was created for that purpose. Within the inner circles of Power on the planet, it was understood that you always signed your name with the preface “Without Prejudice”. Heather, having worked in the legal departments of international finance, came to understand this and began signing her name that way. She has been encouraging all of us to do the same since she made herself known to us in late December of 2012.

So yesterday, we all prefaced this contractual “protection” in front of our five signatures and no one ever questioned us about it whatsoever.

It will take about 10 days now for this Company, Apagnosis, to be fully registered into existence. After that time, we will be able to get a national identity card (equivalent to residency) buy a car (are you kidding?) take all our purchases as business expenses, claim any VAT (value added tax) back from the tax office, begin projects in-country for which we would be eligible for business loans and government-aid programs (for instance, we could use bulldozers and other heavy equipment for free, if we need to level the ground to put up a building.)

Why would we do this? Because we have many ideas among us for humanitarian projects and Morocco is open to our version BEing and DOing! Remember our OPAL Family motto: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for — AND WE’RE DONE WAITING!”

The development of the QEG technology is just one of those projects. Along with that there are parallel interests in developing advanced, non-invasive healing technologies, advanced housing and food production technologies and more secure internet technologies, just to name a few.

Opening Our Bank Accounts and Getting Debit Cards

Opening Our Bank Accounts and Getting Debit Cards

Now for the really “crazy” part! Most of us then went to the BMCE bank and opened off-shore bank accounts. Again, signing everything “Without Prejudice.” The convenience of having a Moroccan account will be immediately useful at the ATM – no more fees. I’m sure that many more conveniences will be revealed shortly. Essentially, what Heather has facilitated for our group is a platform that allows us to make use of the former system tools (heretofore available only to the very wealthy/powerful) and use them to transition into the new paradigm, legally and safely. And I would venture to add that it forms a bridge for the players from the “former system” to continue to play with “tools” that are familiar and comfortable, while interacting with new paradigm players” — US.

She told us at day’s end that what we had just done was HUGE!!! That while we were signing off on the documents, one of the government employees had been reading the contents of the documents and had grasped the significance of it. Heather was explaining to them a bit about the energy device we are developing. The office was abuzz with excitement and amazement at what was transpiring and what it might mean for them and Morocco. The ladies began taking OUR pictures to put up on Facebook so they could tell their friends!

Heather then had to leave for Tangier to pick up someone returning “home” to Aouchtam. She promised to have a meeting with us “soon” and tell us in detail exactly WHAT had been accomplished and the impact of our DOing. She thanked us each profusely and profoundly with gratitude pouring forth from every cell.

Blue Star, Tomas and I were completely knocked out (having used up two days of energy in one) so we opted to buy a Moroccan roast chicken dinner and go home to our apartment and celebrate with meat and wine.

Mountains Around Tetouan

Mountains Around Tetouan

The taxi ride home was more convivial, with only four of us sharing the ride. Our driver accommodated a couple of stops – one to buy fresh fish beside the road, a photo op to catch the unusual fog pattern hovering between sea and mountains, and one to “roll up” the passenger-side windows with a wrench, because there were no handles to do it ourselves.

Fog Hovering Between Sea and Mountains

Fog Hovering Between Sea and Mountains

My personal take on what we actually did Wednesday?


We’ll see how long it takes now to bring over-unity (free energy) onto the planet in physicality.


7 thoughts on “Tetouan Adventure II — Herding Cats

  1. Such joy sent from one with the footing still in the system to one who is on the front lines of new potentials unfolding. I honor you and Tomas for such a choice to share your wisdom and experience in the holding of a clearer space for this to unfold within the creation in Morroco. I am very heart happy to see so many things in experiential action modeling the living of it.

    I don’t get too much into this area of our unfoldment through what I write on my little electronic sanctuary, but this is something that my husband and I are also very interested in living and supporting and maybe one day this will include a more direct home unplugging from the predominate system as well. In the meantime, back on the US home front, this is afoot in October 🙂 http://privateworkshops.wordpress.com/freedom-divinity-empire-october-3rd-5th-w-neil-kramer-spencer-barclay-nate-walton/

    Getting the ideas seeded in the heart every way we can. -x.M

    • Ahhh — a kindred soul who gets high on organizing! One never knows where one will meet another these days. Morocco is a wonderful place to meet people. And if you get down to the southern coast of Oregon and let us know you are going, we can alert a few of our friends there who will be happy to meet you. Blessings

  2. As several of my friends told me today – May the Fourth be with you! 🙂 I am so impressed by Heather’s BEing and DOing. Wow. Love to you all!

  3. Thanks for doing the legwork on behalf of the planetary Ground Crew that is manifesting the new paradigm. Our gratitude is with you for stepping up and stepping into the ever-expanding possibilities..we’re in your back pockets! J&J

    • Thanks J & J — We’re still not fully sure about what we did but we signed “without prejudice” so we should be OK. Appreciate the grounding affect of you two in our back pockets. Helps keep our feet on teh ground. Lots of love, Alia

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